66 october 2004

Issue number: 66

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Baja, California; Women travellers; Maharashtra, India; Tasmania; Stopover, Singapore; Yunnan, China; Township tours, South Africa; Oman

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Waiting for walruses

Bowhead whales in Canada, commercial whaling in Iceland and great white sharks off Mexico get Mark Carwardine all animated

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Tony Wheeler on Tokyo

Incomprehesible, but irresistible - Tokyo's fashionistas make a colourful spectacle for any traveller

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Kayak past skyscrapers in New York City

Make a splash in the Big Apple and see the city from a different view

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Walking in the wilderness, Tasmania

Australia's southern isle is wild, remote and perfect for hiking. Mix wildlife with creature comforts and world-class walks in the Tasmanian bush

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The end of Delhi belly?

Could a new vaccine, known as Dukoral, end our Delhi belly troubles while we're travelling?

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