61 december 2003-january 2004

Issue number: 61

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Bali, Indonesia; Travel Blueprint: New Zealand; Slovenia; Essential guide: departure lounges; Snorkelling, Honduras; Ten great: Snorkelling destinations; Family adventures; Chris Stewart: Postcard from the Alpujarras

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Health and travelling with children

Reckless or rewarding? Is travelling with children a danger to their health or inspiring? Dr. Jane decides...

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A new dawn in Bali

Take a sneak peak at Bali's more traditional beliefs and you won't regret it, says Mark Eveleigh

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Back to nature in Slovenia

Graced with luscious countryside and glorious mountain scenery - Slovenia is the nation to visit if green is your favourite colour

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Snorkelling and conservation in the Bay Islands, Honduras

Buccaneers above the waves, coral and kaleidoscopic sealife below – Utila and the other Bay Islands offer laid-back culture and fabulous snorkelling

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