59 august-september 2003

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Donkey trekking, Kenya; Gauchos, Argentina; Essentials: Medical insurance and healthcare abroad; Travel Blueprint: Cuba; South Korea; Bison and beer, Denver; Sailing around the world; Ten great sailing destinations; Learning to surf; Chris Stewart, a postcard from the Alpujarras

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Glacier hiking: Argentina

Jasper Winn takes a hike through Argentina's impressive tumults of sapphire-blue lagoons, brittle-peaked mountains, glaciers as white and confident as toothpaste, and sunny, stream-scattered valleys

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A life on the ocean wave: sailing Australia

Jon Sparks remembers his time on the Peer Gynt II, from the Gulf of Carpentaria to Darwin

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Surfing the Gower peninsula, Wales

Move over Hawaii – Wales' Gower peninsula is a bracing spot for an all-girls' surfing safari

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Surf's up! The 10 best places to learn to ride the waves

Ever wanted to surf but worried where you could learn? From Cornwall to Australia we cover the ten best places around the world

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