58 june-july 2003

Issue number: 58

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Festivals and faith in Central America, Guatemala; Trekking, Vietnam; Ten great trekking regions of the world; Career break: plan your escape; Low-cost city breaks, Spain by budget airline; Ancient sites and sand dunes, Sudan; Travel blueprint, Japan; Bonding - make sure your trip's covered; Dubrovnik; Auroville and Tamil Nadu, Southern India; Chris Stewart, A postcard from the Alpujarras

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Dengue fever – the facts

The dengue virus is affecting more people than ever – Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth tells you how to avoid being one of them

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A design for life

A journey through extreme culture differences in Guatemala

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Exploring the Kingdom of Nubia, Sudan

Despite the vast emptiness of Sudan, Africa's largest country, the welcome you'll receive will be one of the warmest

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Dubrovnik: my fair city

Wondering the streets of Dubrovnik, it's easy to forget you're not in the middle of a fairytale

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