May 2018

Issue number: 186

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The alternatives to the Travel Icons

With the world’s most famous sights drowning in visitors, here are the crowd-free alternatives – just don’t tell anyone…

Argentina’s High Puna

Devil’s deserts, floating volcanoes, a town at the end of the world.. we explore north-west Argentina’s spectacular and surreal landscapes

Abu Dhabi

Behind the shopping malls and high-rises of Abu Dhabi a much wilder and more natural world lurks

15 Things to do in the United Arab Emirates

From flying with falcons to delving into Arabian art, we uncover the UAE’s secret travel treasures

Sri Lanka's Best National Parks

From leopards to elephants, whales to birds, your expert guide to the very wildest corners of the Teardrop Isle

On safari in Zimbabwe

We rediscover a wilderness where there are 200 times more elephants than visitors.

11 Easy(ish) Cycling Adventures

Great experiences that won’t leave you too saddle-sore

The Cotswold Way

Wandering through the wild views and wild history of this great UK walking trail

Plus... Top trips for Solo Travellers; Know your Red Fort, Delhi; 5 minutes with... chimp champion Jane Goodall; How to plan a rail journey; First 24 hours in Auckland (New Zealand); Short Break in Belgrade (Serbia); non-traditional cameras; and lots, lots more...

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Gear review: 4 of the best alternative travel cameras

When it comes to travel photography, most people opt for either a DSLR camera or their mobile phone. However, there are plenty of other options to get unique shots…

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Enjoy the ride! How to plan your first overseas rail adventure

From money saving advice to overcoming international timetable trouble, we share tips and tricks for making your first overseas train journey stress-free

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The world's best-kept travel secrets

With the planet's most famous sights drowning in visitors, here are the incredible alternatives you may not know about – just don't tell anyone...

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First 24 hours in Auckland, New Zealand

Many travellers skip the big city in a rush to reach the country's wilder attractions, but Auckland has plenty of adventure on its doorstep. Discover for yourself...

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On top of the world – but feeling under the weather? How to overcome altitude sickness

Altitude sickness can affect the most seasoned of travellers but, as our resident travel doctor reveals, a few simple tweaks can have you back in high spirits

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Beyond the city: How to explore Abu Dhabi's wild side

Beyond the shopping malls and high-rises that most experience, we discover the UAE’s wilder side…

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15 extraordinary things to do in the United Arab Emirates

From flying with falcons to delving into Arabian art, the UAE hoards plenty of secret travel treasures – here’s how to find them

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Walking with giants: Elephant watching in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park

After decades of instability, Zimbabwe is reinventing itself as one of Africa's safari gems. We rediscover a wilderness where there are 200 times more elephants than visitors...

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Busted! 10 incorrect travel health myths solved

There's a huge amount of misinformation handed down on the travellers' grapevine – not to mention over the internet. Dr Jane unpicks the most troubling travel health myths...

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Is this the most surreal landscape on earth? Exploring Argentina's Puna de Atacama

A land of "devil's deserts", otherworldly volcanoes, and a town at the end of the world: Lyn Hughes visited north-west Argentina in search of jaw-dropping natural wonders you never knew existed...

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Get outside! 11 easy-level cycle adventures around the world

Two wheels means twice the thrill – and best of all, none of these cycling trips are graded tougher than ‘moderate’, so you won’t be left saddle sore…

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Short break: Belgrade, Serbia

Behind Belgrade's hedonistic nightlife is a historic capital with a restless creativity, affordable prices and fantastic food, says Mary Novakovich...

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