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Most people think mountains when they think Nepal, but beyond the Himalaya lies Chitwan National Park the best place to see the one-horned rhino and go walking (not riding) with elephants

Expeditions by water

From touching the North Pole to reaching Antarctica, paddling Polynesia to winding Patagonia, we pick out the 24 best adventures that can only be undertaken on expedition ships

South America by train

Fancy some Andean highs? Coastal lowlands? Lush rainforests and ravishing ravines? You need our expert guide to the railroads that cross some of the most dramatic scenery on earth...

The real Andalucia

Want proof that southern Spain is more than the Costa del Sol? Join us in Andalucia to discover incredible architecture, epic scenery and Islamic history on an easy road trip inland

Sarawak, Malaysia

We enter the homes of the mysterious Iban - the most feared of all of Borneo's headhunters - to stay in the heart of the community in the traditional longhouses

Plus... How to travel solo with confidence; 5 minutes with... Ray Mears; reclaim your weekends - our pick of the best short breaks; First 24 hours in Accra (Ghana); Getting arty in Spain's Bilbao on a foodie and cultural combi 3-day visit; Checking out Portugal's Cape of St Vincent - once thought of as the edge of the world; best socks for travel, and lots, lots more...

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How to travel solo with confidence

Travelling solo for the first time can be exciting and terrifying. We've put together key points including safety advice and embracing your own company, so you can roam the planet alone and carefree...

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50 years on: celebrating Che Guevara

Recognised as a revolution socialist by many, known as a motorcycle and travel enthusiast by few. We look beyond the politics and explore the life adventures of Che Guevara, 50 years on from his death.

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Back from the brink: 7 good news wildlife conservation stories from around the world

It’s not all ‘bad news’ when it comes to wildlife conservation. From African elephants in Chad to Channel island foxes in the US, here are the 7 inspiring stories of species whose numbers are increasing.

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Wild Nepal: The best of wildlife in Chitwan National Park

Search south of the Himalayas and discover the magnificent wildlife home to Nepal. Watch as one-horned rhinos roam free, or walk alongside elephants in the conservation haven of Chitwan National Park.

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A land full of dreams: Overcoming fear in Sarawak

Malaysia's biggest state is home to the Iban - the most feared of Borneo's headhunters. But with times changing, can travellers still find an authentic Iban experience among the traditional longhouses?

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Short Break: Bilbao, Spain

The building of Bilbao's Guggenheim 20 years ago saw a change in fortune for the old industrial city. Sarah Baxter samples its perfect pintxos and medieval delights with this short break guide...

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24 spectacular expedition cruises around the world

From touching the North Pole to reaching Antarctica, some of the best adventures can only be undertaken by expedition cruise – here are some of our favourites

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First 24 hours in Accra, Ghana

As Ghana celebrates 60 years of independence from colonial rule, its historic coastal capital remains one of the undiscovered gems of West Africa, says Daniel Neilson

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Bright lights, big city: 5 after-dark photography tips

Renowned night-time photographer Lukasz Palka shares his top tips for capturing incredible shots after the sun goes down...

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Southern Spain as you've never seen it: Road tripping through Andalucía

Head beyond the beaches of the Costa del Sol to discover incredible architecture, epic scenery and Islamic history on an inland Spanish road trip

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8 unforgettable train journeys across South America

From Andean highs to coastal lowlands, South America's railroads cross some of the most dramatic scenery on Earth...

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Discover Greece: A land of culture beyond its capital

Known for its history and archaic structures, Greece is also home to an abundance of culture beyond its capital. Explore the rural north or soak in the sun on the Aegean isles for an authentic experience

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