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Sri Lanka

Voyage with is to the Bay of Bengal for a expedition charting Sri Lanka, the mysterious Andaman Islands and Bangladesh's tiger inhabited Sundarbans

World's Best Road Trips a week

From Costa Rica to Canada, Iceland to Japan, we pick out the epic drives of the globe sure to get your motor running...

Silk Road: Trip Planner

Your expert guide to one of travels greatest experiences, divided up into six easily achievable sections. Includes: Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and China

Switzerland's Grand Tour

Hairpin bends over Alpine passes? Check! The Swiss Grand Canyon? Check! Plenty of cheese, wine and chocolate? Of course... Jump behind the wheel to take in the country's greatest hits on a weeklong adventure


Trek with us into Congo-Brazzaville's northern rainforests on the jungle trails of Odzala to make getting to the famous gorillas part of the adventure

Hidden North Kores

Discover volcanic peaks, hidden hikes and secret beaches in the 'unofficial' wilds of the most secretive country in the world

Plus... How a motorhome could be key to your next adventure; Julia Bradbury on just what she sticks in her ear when she flies; The best wildlife trips to enjoy now; First 24 hours in weird and wacky Austin, Texas; Discovering the food festival and the historic centre in Slovakia's Bratislava; Edinburgh - while you can still get accommodation bargains for the Fringe; best small daypacks, and lots, lots more...

Additional content

Bay of Bengal

Exploring Northern Sri Lanka

Travelling through Bangladesh's tea plantations

Beginner's guide to expedition cruises

Into the Wild (Congo)

Know your gorillas

Tracking chimps in the Mahale Mountains, Tanzania

10 best places to see gorillas

Taking the High Road (Switzerland)

Stepping back in time in Switzerland

Short break Geneva

Hidden North Korea

Pushing Boundaries: Travelling to North Korea

Take me to your leader

6 things I wish I'd known about North Korea


Articles from this issue

16 of the world's best one-week road trips

There are plenty of epic drives you can squeeze into seven days, whether tracing coastlines or tearing through salt pans. Head out on one of these amazing trips, from Cape Tribulation in Australia to Ruta 40, Argentina

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An expedition cruise around the Bay of Bengal

From mangrove forests to exploding volcanoes – an expedition cruise around the Bay of Bengal yields a wealth of surprises. Phoebe Smith travels from Sri Lanka to Bangladesh, viewing towering stupas and Ganges river dolphins along the way

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Searching for gorillas in Congo-Brazzaville's northern rainforests

From wild elephants to stalking leopards, Congo-Brazzaville is a haven for wildlife. Nick Redmayne sets out in search of the western lowland gorilla, spotting parrots and libidinous buffalo along the way

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Short break in Bratislava, Slovakia

Whether palace-hopping, crypt-gazing or tasting the city at June’s Food Festival, there’s more to the Slovakian capital than its much-visited historic centre, says Sarah Reid

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How to spend the first 24 hours in Austin, Texas

While Texas might not strike you as the heart of liberal, laid-back America, Austin is busy keeping it hip and weird for the rest of the state

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A journey to the secret corners of North Korea

From volcanic peaks to secret beaches, Hilary Bradt scratches beneath the surface on her trip to this famously elusive country.

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