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Top 50 New Trips 2017

Stumped for ideas for your 2017 getaway? We've scoured the brochures and trawled the web to find the best new trips guaranteed to give you Wanderlust! Includes: Nepal, Canada, Sweden, Iran, Norway, Tanzania, Peru, Thailand, Mexico, USA, Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Chile, Japan, India and more...


Take the slow train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and unlock the secrets of 'old Thailand' a land of misty temples, golden Buddhas and epic history...


Follow the Mississippi from sea to source, from the swamps and plantations of Louisiana to the wide open spaces of the Great Lakes in Minnesota

Western Australia

Sandstone formations, river carved gorges, emerald jungles, the sandy outback - our 2015 Photo of the Year winners return from the far reaches of the Oz's largest state to share amazing shots of the wildlife and landscapes that make up the region


Take it slow on a trip to Paraty, the perfect place to linger longer between the country's busiest cities. PLUS: Best destinations to discover the joys of slow travel

Make a travel film on your iPhone

Think you need expensive filming equipment to make a decent travel flick? Think again - with our expert guide to iPhone filmmaking

Plus... How some travel icons are set to become crowd-free, Coast presenter Neil Oliver goes Down Under; Your 2017 calendar of Adventure; First 24 hours in Santiago, Chile - in time for the new BA flights; Going behind the facade on a Short Break in Russia's Moscow; Vietnam's iconic pagodas; Travel First Aid Kits - tested, and lots, lots more...

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Great River Road, USA

Taking the road less travelled
Five tips for your first visit to New Orleans


Ecotourism in Thailand
Highlights of Southern Thailand
10 things to do for free in Bangkok
Discover more on GreenThailand.co.uk

Western Australia

Whalewatching in Western Australia
First 24 hours in Perth, Western Australia

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9 extraordinary wildlife encounters for 2017

Unforgettable animal encounters in some of the planet’s most remarkable settings that will make 2017 a year you will never forget, including holidays in Tanzania, Canada, Sweden and Brazil...

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12 trips to 2017’s new frontiers

New flights, reopened borders, easier access. Get to the planet's freshest destinations first with these exciting trips, including holidays in China, Chile, Guyana and Sri Lanka...

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2017's best trips for festivals and events

Get front row seats for 2017's biggest parties, remember to bring your dancing shoes and your binoculars. From the Top 50 Trips of 2017, check out these holidays to the USA, India and Chile

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2017’s best trips for culture seekers

Seek a deeper experience by understanding the locals – via their history and stomachs, on these extraordinary trips, including holidays in Vietnam, Egypt, Malta and Japan

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2017’s best active adventure trips

From horseback-swimming in Argentina to heli-cycling in Nepal, these heart-pumping thrillers are guaranteed to get your adrenaline racing. Plus: holidays in New Zealand, Switzerland and Norway...

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6 great journeys to take in 2017

Make 2017 the year you go on a truly epic journey that covers lots of ground, history and legendary sights for an experience you’ll never forget, including holidays in Iran, Bali and Peru

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The railroad less travelled: taking the slow train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Taking the slow train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is an adventure that unlocks 'old Thailand', a land of misty temples, golden Buddhas and epic history

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2017's best learning trips

Make a great journey even better with a knowledgeable expert on hand to enhance and inform, from Croatian history to Canadian wildlife

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