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Travel Classics ...with a twist

Want to enjoy the bucket list experiences but do them a little differently? We reveal how to tick off the classics the Wanderlust way...

Trans-Siberian Railway

...the wrong way round. Hop aboard the longest train journey in the world as it celebrates its 100-year anniversary, but do it in reverse undertaking the classic Trans-Mongolian spur starting in Beijing and ending in Moscow

Gorilla-watching in Uganda

...linger for longer. Head to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, where a limited number of visitors can head out with guides and researchers to see unhabituated gorillas and spend four times longer in their company than is usually allowed

Classic Japan

...on a budget. Think that experiencing Japan's temples, ryokan and onsen means spending a fortune? Think again. with transport deals, free sights and a bit of insider knowledge, it's more affordable than ever...

New Zealand's 'Best Day Walk'

...and it's not the Tongariro Crossing! That's right, there's a new 'best one-day walk in the world'. Join us as we head to Mount Taranaki to find out if this forest-rich mountain hike is a worth rival

Buenos Aires

...the wild side. Known for the urban sprawl, we scratch beneath its concrete facade to discover wild reserves, untamed deltas and a magical taste of pampas life.

Plus... Try wild swimming safely, Joanna Lumley talks the perils of filming wildlife; cook a shepherd's pie ...with a spicy twist; World Guide Awards - full results, Last 24 hours in the city at the end of Spain's Camino de Santiago hike – Santiago de Compostela; Discovering Europe's former classic city break destination Trieste, Italy; Go underground for the secret sites of New York City; Waterproof overtrousers - tested, and lots, lots more...

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