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Travel Icons the backdoor

From the Great Wall of China to the Grand Canyon - we show you how to skip the queues and leave the flag-waving tour guides in your dust. Includes: Machu Picchu, Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, Uluru, Masai Mara, The Amazon, Petra, Bagan and more...

Orcas in Canada

Join us as we paddle with the orcas (aka killer whales) in British Columbia's famous Johnstone Strait PLUS: 7 alternative destinations to get close to these majestic marine mammals.


Swap Thailand's tourist-packed beaches for Trat Province, where green tourism is helping villages to preserve a way of life under threat, proving ethical travel is good for travellers and locals.

Road Trip: German-style

Think 'road trip' and the USA springs to mind, but the first ever long-distance car journey happened in Germany. Inspired, we hit the road to discover castles, eccentric kings and a little touch of magic...


Journey to French Polynesia's Marquesas Islands by boat to discover a real paradise rich in local culture, history and dramatic landscapes.

18 travel books that changed the world

Bill Bryson, Michael Palin, Dervla Murphy, Kate Humble - we find out the books that inspired our travel heros to have adventures.

Plus... How you could help solve travel's hidden waste problem, Ed Stafford keeps his clothes on; Best cycling trips, First 24 hours in gateway to the fjords - Bergan, Norway; Discovering medieval grandeur in Prague; Eating and drinking your way around Spain's San Sebastian; Luggage - tested, and lots, lots more...

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Marquesas Islands


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Ed Stafford interview: ‘I think we all live in a world where it’s easy to distract yourself.’

He was abandoned naked on a desert island for two months and became the first person ever to walk the length of the Amazon – we talk paranoia, obsession and professional rivalries with TV’s favourite (formerly) nude adventurer

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Traveller's Guide to Luggage

Big enough to carry everything, light enough to stick within travel limits, and strong enough to stand up to the rigours of travel... here's how to buy the right luggage

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5 of the best Canadian National Parks

Breath-taking landscapes, exciting wildlife and adventurous sports. Welcome to Canada's best National Parks...

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18 travel books that changed our world

The right words can spark the explorer in anyone, as we found when we asked today’s best-known travellers to share the books that shaped their world…

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How to skip the crowds at these 12 iconic travel sites

From Great Wall to Grand Canyon – skip the queues and leave flag-waving tour guides in your dust with these alternative approaches to the world’s most-visited sites

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Desperately seeking... killer whales in Canada

The Johnstone Strait, off the coast of Canada's Vancouver Island, is one of the best places in the world for spotting orcas – all it takes is a kayak and a little patience…

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Guyana is turning 50. Help them celebrate

This year Guyana is celebrating 50 years of independence with a huge party. Here’s how you can join in – either in Guyana or in your own home

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First 24 hours in Bergen, Norway

With a rich maritime history and great walking on its doorstep, Phoebe Smith discovers the gateway to the fjords is a place worth visiting in its own right…

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Short break in San Sebastián, Spain

Coastline, cuisine and a lot of cider: Thomas Rees enjoys the fine pleasures and tasty treasures of the Basque Country’s new European Capital of Culture

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Discover a paradise on earth at the Marquesas Islands

For centuries, visitors to French Polynesia’s Marquesas Islands have tried to make them fit their own ideas of what a paradise should be – but the reality is so much better

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Recreating the world's first ever road trip in Germany

Think ‘road trip’ and the USA springs to mind, but the first ever long-distance car journey happened in Germany. Inspired, we hit the tarmac to discover castles, eccentric kings and a little touch of magic…

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Tour the Aegean Islands, Greece

Trek, sail and eat your way through the beautiful islands of the Aegean

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An adventure off the tourist trail in Crete, Greece

Escape Crete's busy tourist spots and see some of the most spectacular scenery in Greece

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The best of Epirus, north-western Greece

Weave through medieval villages, travel the 17km Vikos gorge and canoe between Kípi and Tsepélovo in Epirus.

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Discover ancient history in The Peloponnese, Greece

Explore ancient ruins, taste elegant wine and cycle through stunning gorges in The Peloponnese

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A cultural trip in North-Western Greece

Gorge on food, sip fine wine and soak up the fascinating culture in North-Western Greece

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Ecotourism in Thailand

For the villages of eastern Thailand, sustainable tourism is helping to preserve a way of life under threat, proving that ethical travel is good for travellers and locals

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