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Costa Rica

Thinking of taking advantage of the new flights to this Central American paradise? Use our expert-written Trip Planner to plan your perfect trip - from volcanoes to cloud forest, Caribbean coast to the Atlantic – and everything else in between.

10 train trips... you've never heard of

From cheap chugs and remote hill stations to mini palaces on rails, we reveal the lesser-known rides you need to hop aboard this year.

The Forgotten Himalaya

Join us as we explore the little visited peaks and villages of the mountains of north-west China's Yunnan – without forsaking creature comforts.

Norway’s Big 3

Pay a visit to the most famous 'rock stars' of Norway – Trolltunga, Pulpit Rock and Kjerag – for a trekking trilogy and the ultimate selfie.

Australia Road Trip

Forget the Sunshine Coast to take Queensland’s road less travelled and discover ancient landscapes, dramatic gorges and rare wildlife

Best Solo Trips

Sick of forking out for a single supplement? We find the best trips for those travelling by themselves

Plus... Art Malik talks trains; First 24 hours in Tehran (Iran); A short break in Vienna; Florence’s famous square; How to hitchhike safely; Gear of the Year, Travel Photo of the Year - Winners and lots, lots more...

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Hunting the aurora in Norway
Adventure on the Lofoten Islands
Norway country guide

Queensland, Australia

The Wanderlust guide to East Coast Australia
5 unusual ways to experience Australia's Great Barrier Reef
5 ways to make the most of a short trip to East Coast Australia

Deqen Prefecture, China

The Wanderlust guide to the best of the Silk Road 

Davd Abram's video of his trip to Yunnan

Songtsam Circuit, Yunnan, China from David R Abram on Vimeo.

Articles from this issue

How to hitchhike safely

The prospect of hitchhiking can seem a little daunting. But these tips will help to ensure you avoid any horror movie scenarios and experience the joy of the open road...

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How to take photos of religious events – without offending anybody

Christopher Roche won the Portfolio category of Wanderlust's Travel Photo of the Year competition for his shots of religious events. Here he shares his tips for capturing the magic...

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Art Malik interview: "I love trains. I can't think of a better mode of transport"

Jewel in the Crown, James Bond, Homeland. Art Malik is one of the UK’s finest acting exports. This month, he’s joining the cast of Shimla-set colonial drama Indian Summers... which is actually filmed in Malaysia

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First 24 hours in Tehran, Iran

Iran is one of 2016’s most talked about destinations. Head there, and you’ll find its capital to be a friendly base for exploring the country

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Inland adventures in Queensland, Australia

Most people heading to Queensland opt to drive the well-known Sunshine Coast, but you should head inland to find ancient landscapes, remote gorges and some of Australia’s rarest wildlife...

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Hiking, biking and climbing to Norway's fantastic fjords

Norway’s quirky trio of rock formations have become social media sensations – and are now linked by shuttle bus to make it easier to finish a trekking trilogy (complete with obligatory selfie) in four days

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Discovering China's 'hidden' Himalaya

The mountains of north-west Yunnan, home to minority villages and snow peaks, offer the chance to experience a remote Himalayan enclave without forsaking creature comforts

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Where to find wild dolphins & whales in Britain

Whale watching... in Britain? No, your eyes aren't deceiving you: the UK's waters are home to lots of whales and dolphins. Here's where to find them...

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8 inspirational new travel books

From UK whale watching to full-on expedition planning, this month's new crop of travel books will get you revved up for new adventures

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10 great train journeys you've (probably) never heard of

From cheap chugs and remote hill stations to mini palaces on rails, these are the lesser-known rides you need to hop aboard...

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How to spend 3 days in Vienna, Austria

Austria’s capital can often seem so densely packed with culture that you don’t know where to begin, but it's also been voted the best city in the world to live in for 10 years running...

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