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South America Special

Our expert guide to planning the ultimate trip includes: Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Galapagos, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay and more…

13 Wildest Frontiers

Want to escape the crowds? Then choose one of these hot offbeat spots guaranteed to make you feel like a true travel pioneer

Burma by Train

Take to the rails to discover a new border crossing on the old notorious trainline between Bangkok and Mandalay

Bear-watching in Greece

A wildlife hotspot? You betcha – let us guide you to the best places

Australia’s Galapagos

Journey to South Australia’s Kangaroo Island to explore using a new network of hiking trails

Plus... Find an alternative paradise in Micronesia; First 24 hours in Luxembourg; Walking Madeira’s levadas; A short break on the UK’s Jurassic Coast; Kate Adie interview, learn a language quickly and lots more...

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Articles from this issue

South America travel health guide

This vast and varied continent seems to teem with nasty bugs and scary wildernesses – but what really are the biggest health risks? Our resident doctor investigates

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13 of the world's wildest frontiers

Want to escape the crowds, go beyond the brochures and feel like a proper pioneer? Then try these, our pick of the hottest off beat spots...

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Short break in Luxembourg City

As Luxembourg celebrates 200 years of its Grand Duchy status in 2015, Hazel Plush finds there’s more to its capital than first meets the eye...

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Exploring the paradise islands of Micronesia

Tropical good looks. Friendly locals. Fascinating history. Easy living. Far-spread and little-visited Micronesia is one of travel’s most postcard-perfect secrets

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Taking the train to Mandalay

A new border crossing, an old, notorious trainline, modernising worlds, ancient scenes – the rail and road ride from Bangkok into Burma is a journey through time

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Short break: Jurassic Coast, England

Head to the East Devon and Dorset coast and you can discover 185 million years of the earth’s history. Welcome to Britain’s slice of Jurassic Park...

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13 of the best off-season trips

Off-season doesn’t necessarily mean bad season. Sometimes it can be worth putting up with a bit of dodgy weather to experience the best wildlife encounters, natural phenomenon, lower prices or smaller crow

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