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Special issue: Big Trips, Little Time

Short on time but desperate to travel? Worry not - no matter whether you have a few days, a weekend or just 24 hours to spare, your Wanderlust can be satisfied...

Bangkok to Singapore by train

Got two weeks? Most people cross the Malay Peninsula in two days on a fast train. But we decide to make our fortnight count, by exploring the tropical islands, mysterious highlands and colonial charm of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore from the rails.

Iceland & Canada

Super-size your annual leave with a twin-country break that combines the alien landscapes of Iceland with the serene scenery of Alberta, Canada.

Cape Town

Who said you need a full week off work to have an adventure? Head for South Africa's 'Mother City' on a Thursday and be back at work on a Tuesday morning with a story to tell...

Iguazú Falls

Journey to the landmark where three countries collide, to explore Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay in a single South American trip.

Best of the Balkans

Join us as we hit Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia for a exciting trio of countries in the undiscovered western Balkans.

Plus... How to travel overland | First 24 hours in Muscat |Robert Macfarlane interview | A short break in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland | Exploring Barcelona's Sagrada Familia and lots more...

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Malay Peninsula

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First 24 hours in Singapore

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Iceland & Canada

20 Icelandic adventures

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Discovering wild, wonderful Nunavik

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Cape Town

7 unusual things to do in South Africa

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Travel Icon: Iguazú Falls

Exploring Paraguay

First 24 hours in Buenos Aires

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Western Balkans

Under £250: Hitch-hiking around Kosovo

Albania's wild, wild east

First 24 hours in Skopje

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