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Top 50 Trips for 2015
Stuck in a travel rut? Need some inspiration for your next trip? Then look no further: Whether you fancy an active jaunt, a wildlife close-up, a festival-focused trip or an offbeat adventure, we’ve scoured the travel brochures to find the best trips on offer in 2015 – from Armenia to Zimbabwe, and everywhere between.

Fashioned by revolutionary slaves, vodou worship and artistic flair, Haiti is like nowhere else in the Caribbean. Five years on from the devastating earthquake, Wanderlust discovers a nation is rising from the rubble

Okavango Delta, Botswana
It’s Africa’s most aspirational safari destination, so plan your trip to its 15,000 sq km of UNESCO-listed wetland with our expert guide to the best lodges, camps, canoes and hidden corners

Jordan: Photo special
Join 2013’s Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year winners as they explore Petra, Wadi Rum and beyond on the photo commission of a lifetime – and marvel at the spectacular results

Kumbh Mela, India
Fancy joining a party of 100 million people? India’s Kumbh Mela is a festival like no other – a mass of ritual bathing, naked sadhus, flashing lights and spiritual cleansing. Wanderlust dives into the planet’s biggest gathering...

Plus… Sir David Attenborough talks Life; how to publish your travel book; our 2015 Travel Resolutions; the real Miami; a hearty dish of authentic Cuba; an close-up guide to Macro Photography; Greece’s seriously social second city of Thessaloniki; the best sleeping bags for travellers; hand out at New Zealand’s Waitangi festival

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Articles from this issue

How to self-publish a travel book

Reckon you could write a novel or a guidebook? Here's how to get it self-published – and start making some money from your travels

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Why Africa needs you – NOW!

Whether it’s down to geographical ignorance, bad press or fear, many travellers are avoiding all of Africa because of ebola – don't be one of them

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7 things to look for when choosing a sleeping bag

Whether you’re hiking hut to hut, camping up a mountain or trying to get some kip on an overnight train, your choice of sleeping bag can make, or break, your night

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Photography tips: How to take great macro shots

Focus on the little things – here's how to master macro photography

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Book review: From the Arctic to the Indian Ocean

From misadventures in the 'real' Maldives to cycling 1970s Northern Ireland, these books cover both the globe and the centuries

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7 unforgettable wildlife trips

The wildlife encounters on these trips will stay with you for a lifetime – from the rare and endangered to the raw and dangerous

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11 of the world's most incredible journeys

Up for an extraordinary expedition? Whether by foot, car, boat or train, these adventures will fire up your wanderlust

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6 of the best trips for culture lovers

Get under the skin of the most vibrant – and little-visited – peoples on the planet with these life-changing trips

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Okavango Delta trip planner

Botswana’s Okavango is perhaps Africa’s most aspirational safari destination. But with its 15,000 sq km of sinuous wetlands and raft of remote lodges, where do you start?

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Discovering the real Haiti

Haiti is like nowhere else in the Caribbean, fashioned by revolutionary slaves, vodou worship and artistic flair. Recent times have been tough, but – five years on from the devastating earthquake – the nation is rising from the rubble

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India's Kumbh Mela: the greatest show on earth

Fancy joining a party of 100 million people? India’s Kumbh Mela is a festival like no other – a mass of ritual bathing, naked sadhus, flashing lights and spiritual cleansing. We enter the fray...

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Short Break in Thessaloniki, Greece

Ancient in origin yet young at heart, Greece’s second city is full of hidden secrets, exceptional food, thriving bars and a laid-back spirit

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6 of the best sleeping bags on the market

If you need a new sleeping bag for your travels, or for your next camping trip - we've tested 6 of the best, ranging in price from £50 - £300...

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