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Discover China: Wild, bustling, ancient, modern... whether it's your first or fiftieth visit, our expert guide will help you plan the ultimate trip to this enticing country

Mexico: Join us as we journey to Oaxaca for the legendary Day of the Dead celebrations

Meet Yukon's grizzlies who hunt even in the winter at Bear Cave Mountain

Kenya: Forget the headlines... why you should still visit the magical Masai Mara

Wetlands, paddy fields and serenity - veer away from the country's little-visited south to explore its peaceful, largely unvisited north-west

Plus... Become an expert haggler; how to become a geisha, cook like an Argentinian, traveller's guide to convertible trousers, Simon Pegg talks travel pet peeves, Peru, Angkor Wat, Pays de la Loire and much, much more...

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