July 2014

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July / August 2014 issue • On sale from 26 June

Wild – what an evocative word! In this issue we explore both wild places and wildlife, from the least-visited national parks of the USA to the magnificent Hungarian plains, and the tiny but wildlife-rich kingdom of Swaziland...

Safari special: From camels to boats to balloon rides – we reveal the best ways to explore the African bush.

Whalewatching, Baja California: Ever wondered what the skin of a whale feels like? There's a special place in Mexico where the whales love to play with humans!

India: "It's India – but not as you know it." Let us introduce you to magical but little-known 'land of the dawn-lit mountains', Arunachal Pradesh.

Hungary: Yee-hah! Gallop across the bird-rich Hungarian plains with Hungary's cowboys...

USA's Wildest National Parks: These 21 national parks are gloriously rugged, and little known. How many have you visited?

Swaziland: Get close – like, really close – to rhinos in Africa's tiny kingdom.

Plus... Expert guide to buying a motorhome; Wild Scotland; Bogota; Rio's Christ the Redeemer; travel shirts; overcoming fear of flying; Nigel Planer; Joe Cornish on taking great landscape photos; Panama Canal, and much, much more

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