November 2013

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November 2013 issue • On sale from 24 October

Norway's northern lights: it's the solar maximum and NASA reckons this is THE year to see the aurora borealis so we head to the Arctic North to hunt them down

Alaska: journey to the USA's great wilderness to hang out with brown bears and explore the Kenai Peninsula

Botswana: learn how the Bushmen survive in the extraordinary northern salt pans

Sri Lanka: head north to meet the resilient Jaffna locals who are welcoming intrepid travellers

Iceland: watch feeding orcas and spot the elusive northern lights...

PLUS: How to travel solo, taking the perfect photograph, discover Argentina's Iguazu National Park, the bright lights of Las Vegas... and much, much more!

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Arctic Norway

How to photograph the northern lights | Advice

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Sri Lanka

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Articles from this issue

How to shoot a winning image

As the closing date of the 2013 Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year competition looms, judge Steve Davey advises learning from previous winners before sending in your entries

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How to prepare for old-world ills

Cholera, consumption, bubonic plague... While these ailments sound archaic, they still exist – and some are on the up, says Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth

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60 second guide to the northern lights

An easy guide to where and when you'll see the greatest displays of the northern lights

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Top 9 trips with the world's best guides

Travel with the world's best guides, as recommended by you! We've highlighted the best adventures to have with some of this year's Wanderlust World Guide Award shortlisted guides

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Go now! Top trips for November

Don’t hunker down in the cold: make the most of November on a quick, last-minute trip

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First 24 hours: Las Vegas

Welcome to the most fabulous city on earth! Nick Boulos helps you navigate the neon, meet the Mob, stroll the Strip and – finally – escape into the great US wilderness beyond

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Practically cuddling brown bears, Alaska

The big brown bears of Alaska’s Katmai National Park don’t seem to mind humans much. And a trip with award-winning guide Simyra Taback-Hlebechuk ensures an intimate encounter...

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Hunt the hidden temple, Cambodia

In June 2013 it was confirmed that a jungly plateau in Cambodia’s Siem Reap province was the site of Mahendraparvata, birthplace of the Khmer Empire – and offering a rare chance for travellers to be true pioneers

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Short break: Reykjavík, Iceland

It’s only two hours away, but it feels like another planet. Iceland expert and guide Cathy Harlow introduces Europe’s coolest capital and its spectacular surrounds

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Hunting the aurora in Arctic Norway

This winter saw the peak of the solar maximum period – and there are few better places to see the dazzling northern lights than Norway’s pristine Arctic extremes

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Sri Lanka's Northern Soul

The people of Sri Lanka’s Jaffna District are a resilient lot. Post civil war, they’re opening up their idyllic beaches, tiny isles and urging you to visit

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Travel health: Don't succumb to these old-world ills

Cholera, consumption, bubonic plague... While these ailments sound archaic, they still exist – and some are on the up, says Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth

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Wildlife watching in winter Iceland

Icelandic winters might be chilly but they’re far from lifeless – indeed, it’s the best season to spot feeding orcas and, with luck, the northern lights says William Gray

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