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June 2013 issue • On sale from 23 May

In the June issue of Wanderlust it's all about dream destinations, the places on every traveller's wishlist including...

Everest Base Camp: 60 years after the highest peak on earth was first summited, we prove you don't need to be a mountaineer to experience its magic.

African Safari: Go walking among giants in Tanzania on the ultimate safari experience.

Galapagos: Discover the wildlife and local culture on Ecuador's most famous islands both by land and sea.

Antarctica: Penguins, glaciers and endless adventure at the edge of the world.

PLUS: Get paid to travel - find out how you can see the world AND make money, instant escapes to Corsica, Sweden, the Amalfi Coast and much, much more...

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Below are a selection of articles from our online archive, plus travel guides relating to the features in this issue of Wanderlust (June 2013).

Everest: Base Camp and Beyond

5 tips for trekking to Everest Base Camp | Inspire me

Wanderlust readers save 20% off a Mountaineering Consultation. Book online at www.altitudecentre.com using the promotional code 'wanderlust' | Hot Offers

Everest Base Camp: practical tips | Advice 

Altitude sickness: need to know | Health advice

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Southern Tanzania

For what animals to see and when don't miss the Great Migration calendar | Inspire me

Wanderlust's Tanzania travel guide offers more information and advice | Plan a trip

To plan your safari in Tanzania check out Wanderlust's wildlife travel guide | Plan a trip

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Take on the Trans-Siberian

10 top Trans-Siberian stops | Inspire me  

The ultimate guide to the Trans-Siberian | Destinations

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The Galapagos 

Galapagos Travel Blueprint: the ultimate guide to island adventures | Destinations 

Discover the Galapagos Islands with your kids in tow | Blogs

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Get paid to travel...

How to become a travel writer | Advice

How to become a tour leader | Advice

How to become a guidebook author | Advice

How to become a travel photographer | Advice

How to become a location scout | Advice

How to become an international aid worker | Advice

Antarctic adventure

7 ways to get to Antarctica | Inspire me 

A guide to the Sub-Antarctic Islands | Destinations

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Nick Boulos finds out what sleeping on the White Continent is really like...

Where does your Wanderlust take you?

Where doesn your Wanderlust take you?

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To get us started, Wanderlust editor Phoebe Smith took her mag to Everest Base Camp (left)... and she wasn't the only one! Where will you take yours?

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Articles from this issue

Photography tips: breaking the rules

To take the best pictures, many of us abide by accepted ‘laws of photography’. But sometimes, reckons Steve Davey, flouting these rules produces far better photos

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Buying medicines on your travels

Is it safe to buy medicines overseas? Is it cheaper? Are they hard to find? Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth helps you shop for first aid on the road...

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How to travel during an uprising

Tom Chesshyre, author of 'A Tourist in the Arab Spring', offers advice on navigating turbulent destinations

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Top 9 trips to take... for a short break

Maximise your precious holiday days with these trips that are short on time but big on adventure

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Go now! Top trips to take in June

Celebrate the arrival of summer – with bikes, beef, maypoles and music!

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Everest Base Camp kit list

Taking the right kit can make the difference between a good and a great trip so pack wisely! Here’s what Wanderlust editor Phoebe Smith took with her…

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How to take on the Trans-Siberian

It’s the world’s greatest train journey. But how do you know which route to choose? Or which stations to stop at? Use our guide to plan the ride of your life...

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Safari in southern Tanzania

While most safari-goers flock to Tanzania’s northern parks, try the country’s south: home to one of the largest reserves in the world, it's even wilder and – better yet – wonderfully people free

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First 24 hours: Kathmandu, Nepal

Navigate the timeless temples and labyrinthine streets of Nepal’s alluring capital – then hit the rivers and trails of the Kathmandu Valley, advises Phoebe Smith

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Antarctic adventure

Midnight sun, nosy penguins and utter silence, why camping out on ice might just be the night of your life...

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Everest: Base Camp and beyond

You don't need to be a hardened mountaineer to experience a little bit of Everest's magic, says Phoebe Smith

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