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May 2013 issue • On sale from 18 April

Grab your passport and pack your bags the new issue of Wanderlust magazine is here! Pick up your copy and start exploring…

...Peru: from Lima to Machu Picchu, the Andes and beyond, we take a tasty food tour with a distinct Latin flavour.

...37 World Class Walks: we reveal the best walks in the world. Warning: guaranteed to give you itchy feet.

...The Maldives: hop on board a fishing boat to discover the people and culture beyond the tourist resorts.

PLUS: Follow in the footsteps of a travelling pioneer in Switzerland, take the Royal Mail ship to St Helena, enjoy a wild camp in the UK then become an instant expert on Los Angeles, Nova Scotia and Mount Fuji and more. 

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Below are a selection of articles from our online archive, plus travel guides relating to the features in this issue of Wanderlust (May 2013).

Peru on a plate:

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Hiking in Switzerland:

Drinking in views of Switzerland's Jungfrau region | Destinations

A week scaling the heights of Mount Blanc | Destinations

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The alternative Maldives:

Recent Blogger of the Week, Donna Richardson, explains what it's like living in the capital of the Maldives | Blogs 

Taking to the water? Don't miss these 6 tips on how to dive sustainably | Inspire me

Director Jon Shenk talks about his film The Island President | Interviews

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The Maldives by live-aboard boat | Destinations 

Last chance to see St Helena: 

St Helena, a speck in the ocean | Destinations

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Articles from this issue

Top tips on how to sail

Kate Reeves, Sailing Director of Essential Sailing, gives her tips for hauling anchor

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Big trip: health Q&A

From malaria to big hairy arachnids, there’s lots to think about when planning an extended bout of travelling – not least your health. Dr Jane answers the seven key questions...

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Photography tips: alternative angles

They draw the eye, link subjects and add drama – shooting diagonals can properly pep up your photography, reckons Steve Davey

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Top 12 trips to take... for food

Tantalise your tastebuds on the world’s most delicious departures – whether you want to learn to cook or just eat the spoils

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How to survive 5 travel disasters

Stampedes? Wildfire? Avalanche? Would you know what to do? Don't miss these top tips to work your way out of a disaster...

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St Helena: Last chance to see?

This south-Atlantic isle can only be reached by ship. But with an airport opening in 2016, it’s time to visit before it changes forever...

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Hiking back in time in Switzerland

In 1863, an intrepid lady joined Thomas Cook’s first escorted tour of Switzerland – an epic trip of high peaks and high adventure; Sarah Baxter retraced her footsteps...

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Peru on a plate

The grand geographical diversity that has long drawn travellers is also responsible for Peru’s incredible cuisine – here’s how to explore the country’s foodie hotspots

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Extreme sleeps: how to wild camp

Star-filled skies, fresh air, no other people – there’s nothing quite like a night spent out in the wilds. Unconvinced? Phoebe Smith explains why you need to bed down in the great outdoors

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The Maldives: beyond the resorts

Take a fishing boat to the real Maldives – the archipelago beyond the resorts, where local culture thrives and the snorkelling is spectacular

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Short break: Halifax, Canada

With live music in every bar, fresh lobster on the menu and whales just offshore, the capital of Nova Scotia is a breath of fresh air for summer city-breakers. And it’s only a six-hour flight away

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First 24 hours in Los Angeles

Glamorous, cosmopolitan and surprisingly cultured, the City of Angels is anything but superficial, says Nick Boulos...

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