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September 2012 • On sale 16 August

The September issue of Wanderlust is fully stocked with trip inspiration and travel advice for you to soak up (now the sun has disappeared). Enjoy TV presenter Monty Halls' 16-page guide to the phenomenal Great Barrier Reef; discover trekking, tea and toy trains in Darjeeling; hunt the Northern Lights in Finland at its 50-year peak; and save your pennies with our 10 unique places to stay for under £100.

Alternatively, soak up some real sun on the Dominican Republic's justifiably world-famous beaches, with a few hidden villages and cloud-forest treks thrown in for good measure.

PLUS Hanoi, Corsica, Yosemite, Northumberland, solo travel advice and more.

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Below are more archive articles and travel guides relating to the features in this month's issue.

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Dominican Republic

Trip Planner: Alternative Caribbean | Destinations

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Finnish Lapland

The world's biggest wilderness, Finland | Destinations

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Great Barrier Reef

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Articles from this issue

Making movie magic: filming your travels

Steve Davey lets you in on his top seven tips for filming better movies – with your DSLR

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Part one: Your guide to solo travel

Travelling on your own can seem a scary prospect – but it can also be the most enriching way to explore. Here’s how to take those first solo steps, says Lyn Hughes

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Part two: Your guide to solo travel

Travelling on your own can seem a scary prospect – but it can also be the most enriching way to explore. Here’s how to take those first solo steps, without a tour group in tow, says Lyn Hughes

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Finnish Lapland: photographing the northern lights

How do you capture the magic of the aurora borealis on camera? Amateur snapper Nick Boulos learned from the pros on a sub-zero photo safari in Finland

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Trekking in Darjeeling

Darjeeling was once the hill-top retreat of the British Raj, says Martin Symington; now it’s a cool, tea-cloaked basecamp for fine hikes amid the highest Himalaya

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Short break in Bonifacio, Corsica

The medieval citadel of Bonifacio appears impregnable – balanced on a cliff, backed by wilderness, built for defence. It’s well worth finding your way in

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Turtle power on Heron Island

Adrian Phillips sails off to Heron Island to meet loggerheads, sharks and windy sausages...

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First 24 hours: Hanoi, Vietnam

Like many an ‘Asian tiger’, Vietnam’s capital is a potent combination of seductive Old World traditions and modern go-getter bombast. Just look out for all those motorbikes, advises David Lloyd Buglar

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6 top tips on how to narrowboat

Extreme narrowboaters Terry and Monica Darlington help you navigate the world’s waterways

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Great Barrier Reef: top 10 secrets

Former ‘Reef Caretaker’ Ben Southall – winner of Queensland’s ‘best job in the world’ – knows this coast better than most. So who better to reveal its hidden gems

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10 unique getaways for under £100

Liz Simpson, editor of hip hideaways site, picks stays that will linger in your memory but not on your bank statement

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Discover the secret Dominican Republic

With pristine beaches, cloud-forest treks and welcoming villages, it’s no surprise this Caribbean country is winning lots of admirers

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