March 2012

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March issue • On sale 16 February

Our pulse-racing March issue has caught the Spring scent of adventure, whether it’s spotting black bears while trekking the epic wilderness of Alaska, scoffing the spicy nosh (and seeing adorable Pandas) of the Sichuan province, checking out the extremes of Latin America or running the gauntlet on our 20 cracking – or is that craicing? – adventures around Ireland’s wildest, wettest crannies.

Meanwhile a squad of Wanderlust readers were sent out on assignment to capture the best of Jordan’s gems, Petra & Wadi Rum.

Plus, mini-guides to Dar es Salaam, Dubrovnik and Argentina’s Esteros del Ibera.

You’ll need to catch your breath when you finally put it down.

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Articles from this issue

How to avoid travel accidents

More travellers die being hit by cars than from mosquito bites. Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth looks at how to avoid accidents that frequently assail travellers

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Photography tips: shooting open spaces

From salt-flats to scorching deserts – empty landscapes can be utterly atmospheric. How do you capture all that nothing on camera? Steve Davey is here to help

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Go now! Top trips to take this month

Spring into action for one of these last-minute March escapes

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10 things to do for free in Boston

In the walking capital of the USA, Charlotte Gray finds streets lined with New England’s colonial charm, revolutionary passion and world-class colleges

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7 top tips to be a better travel writer

Travel: A Literary History takes in all the greats, from Marco Polo to Colin Thubron. Take tips from them, says its author Peter Whitfield

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Top 10 Ottawa experiences

Feel nature's pulse with these top ten unmissable city experiences in Ottawa

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Ultimate top 5 guide: Petra and Wadi Rum

It’s 200 years since the rediscovery of Petra – high time to rediscover Jordan's magnificent rock-hewn city, and the nearby deserts of Wadi Rum, for yourself

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Alaska: the USA's wildest state

Alaska’s vast wilderness can seem a daunting prospect,
 but Paul Gogarty samples the best of the state in two 
National Parks just a short hop from Anchorage

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Pandas and beyond in Sichuan province, China

China’s Sichuan province is famed for its pandas – but there’s far more to it than that: find holy mountains, fiery food and a taster of traditional Tibet

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John Madden and 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'

Director of the new star-studded film, set in Jaipur, chats to Wanderlust about travel, how to dodge Delhi-belly and the best way to drive on Indian roads

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