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December / January issue • On sale November 24

Where can you watch 1,200 monks queuing for alms, visit a temple that entranced Rudyard Kipling and started a war, and see fishermen rowing with their feet? The answer is 2012’s most talked-about destination, Burma – find out more in the latest inspiring issue of Wanderlust.

This month, we also get off the beaten track in Colombia, Colorado and Albania, and showcase some incredible photos of Outback Australia. Plus mini guides to Prague, Montreal and the Cairngorms, 7 ways to wear a sarong, and why a hip replacement is no barrier to adventure for 80-year-old wanderwoman Dervla Murphy.

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On assignment: Northern Territory

All four winners from last year's travel photo of the year competition blogged from the road for the Wanderlust website. Check out their articles here: Photo of the Year winners return.

We also have a bumper crop of images that didn't make it into the magazine. Take a look at each photographer's galleries here: Jan Koštál; Mark Davies; Nori Jemil; Andrew Deer.

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Colorado's Rocky Mountains, USA

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A golden future? Burma

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Wild, wild east: Albania

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Latin Quarter: Colombia

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