November 2011

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November issue • On sale October 13

Husky-sledding in Finland, trekking in Morocco, northern lights-viewing in the Arctic – if you’re looking for an active escape this winter, look no further than our latest issue, packed with the 21 coolest trips for cold climes. We also feature some of the world’s most awe-inspiring landscapes: the limestone forest of Madagascar, the little-visited sand dunes of Brazil’s coast, and the mind-spinningly long Great Wall of China. Plus mini guides to Hong Kong, North Cornwall and Copenhagen, why you shouldn’t drive in Eritrea, and explorer Benedict Allen’s secret biscuit addiction…

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We have a bumper crop of extended interviews that we just couldn't squeeze into this issue:

Alastair Fothergill on life on the Frozen Planet

Billy Connolly on Route 66

Ben Fogle: The Accidental Adventurer

The World According to Vanessa Berlowitz


North-east Brazil

Alex Robinson on the Dune Coast | Photography... More

Travel Icon: Carnival, Brazil | Destinations... More

Discover Bahia, Brazil | Destinations... More

Capoeira and Candomble in Salvador | Destinations... More

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21 perfect winter adventures

Check out an extract of the article: ski touring with Zuba Ski

Enter our competition to win a trip to see the Northern Lights

6 ultimate Arctic adventures | Inspire me... More

How to survive the cold | Advice... More

Top 6 places to see the Northern Lights | Inspire me... More


10 great snorkelling destinations | Inspire me... More

Diving and snorkelling travel guide | Plan a trip... More

Check out our Madagascar travel guide for more trip ideas | Plan a trip... More

Exploring Tasmania

On the ocean: Kayaking in Tasmania | Destinations... More

10 things to do for free in Hobart | Inspire me... More

Walking the Tarkine, Tasmania | Destinations... More

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Travel Icon: The Great Wall

Travel in China: frequently asked questions | Advice... More

Beijing's top 10 experiences | Destinations... More

Panda spotting in Shaanxi, China | Destinations...  More

Nomad's land: Qinghai, China | Destinations... More

Minority groups in China | Destinations... More

Chinese medicine: health issues in China are many and varied | Advice... More

A slow bike through China | Destinations... More

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