October 2011

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October issue • On sale September 01

Feeling a bit robbed of your summer sun this year? Then the October issue of Wanderlust has 40 adventurous ideas that can help you stretch out the summer right to the end of October – from wild swimming in the Med to West African hideaway beaches to desert eco-trails. No wellies required.

PLUS: we get some memories of a geisha when we visit Kyoto; experience Mendoza’s amazing vineyards on horseback; avoid getting speared by reindeer while hiking in Lapland; spend seven action-packed days in little-explored Swaziland; and we revisit the resilient, often resplendent, province of Aceh in Sumatra – seven years after the Asian tsunami tried to wash it away.

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Top 5 guide: Kyoto

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The world's biggest wilderness: Finland

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Seven days in Swaziland

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Green shoots, Indonesia

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Articles from this issue

What's that on my skin?

Your skin is your largest organ – but it often gets neglected. Identify and treat the mystery marks that might appear when you're travelling with our guide

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Ways to stretch out your summer

It's not over until the days get dark. Don't miss these late-trips to take to catch some summer sun and adventure; and they're only a few hours' flight away

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Back to Banda Aceh

Indonesia’s Aceh province bore the brunt of the 2004 tsunami. Seven years on, travellers are discovering idyllic islands, rare wildlife and a story of recovery

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Great British Escape: Cadair Idris, Wales

There’s more to southern Snowdonia than the majestic Cadair Idris massif – here’s your guide to its best pubs, finest hikes and most creative communities

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Short break: Valletta and Mdina, Malta

This Mediterranean nation may be small, but it packs a hefty historic punch – best absorbed among the streets of its two most interesting cities

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The ultimate city guide to Kyoto, Japan

From fresh seafood market stalls and cherry blossom canal strolls to mesmerising temples and traditional inns, make the most of your trip to Kyoto with our ultimate guide...

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Cameras: get the best of both worlds

A new breed of camera combining the best bits of compacts and DSLRs has hit the market - but are they any good? Steve Davey puts them to the test

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Hike, sip and ride in Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza: a province where the Andes are at their highest, the wines at their best and the gaucho still gallops free

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