August/September 2011

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The Great Barrier Reef is in there at 99, the Taj Mahal at 32 and Machu Picchu at 16 – but to find out the rest of the world’s 100 greatest travel experiences, you’ll need a copy of our August/September issue.

Based on your votes, we’ve compiled the ultimate travel wishlist – so how many have you done?

Plus, trekking in Cambodia, island-hopping in Croatia, temple-combing in Sudan and mini guides to Carcassonne, Saigon, the Lake District and Easter Island.


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Endangered Destinations 2011

We gave you a tiny taster of this year's endangered destinations list in the current issue of Wanderlust, but here we have the full line-up.

Each troubled travel icon is accompanied by detailed analysis of the dangers it's facing, plus interviews with the experts. Check out all ten endangered destinations here.

Plus, we want to know what YOU think: have you visited any of these sites? Do you disagree? What do you think we should do to save the world's travel icons? Let us know on the myWanderlust forum now.

A taste of cardamom, Cambodia

Enjoyed Nick Boulos' tales from the hidden corners of Cambodia? Then check out more related content below:

Mekong discovery trail: Cambodia's hidden treasures | Destinations... More

Angkor Wat: your temple by temple guide | Destinations... More

The best corners of Cambodia | Destinations... More

Plus check out our Cambodia travel guide and Angkor travel guide for more tips, related articles and more

Riddles of the sands, Sudan

Editor-in-chief Lyn Hughes visited Sudan for the latest issue of Wanderlust, discovering the remarkable ruins of Kush cilivisation and with barely a tourist in sight. Fancy more sandy Sundanese content? Check out the features below:

Exploring the Kingdom of Nubia, Sudan | Destinations... More

Travel icon: cruising the Nile | Destinations... More

Take a look at our plan a trip area of the website, where we have travel guides on both Sudan and Egypt, as well as a specific cruising the Nile travel guide.

1,244 Dalmatians, Croatia

Croatia's islands not enough to satisfy your Mediterranean craving? Take a look at a few of these features: 

A delectable weekend in Zagreb, Croatia | Destinations... More

Griffin vultures in Cres, Croatia | Destinations... More

Croatia travel blueprint: four ways to admire the coastline | Destinations... More

Don't miss tips, travel advice and more related content in our Croatian travel guide.

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Articles from this issue

Beware the beansprout: E coli FAQs

With Europe recently shaken by a fatal E coli outbreak, Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth looks at how worried you should be

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Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains

Cambodia's Cardamom Mountains were once a stronghold for Khmer Rouge fighters. Now they're welcoming trekkers in search of trails and wildlife-rich rainforest

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Riddles of the sands: northern Sudan

With its Nile-side pyramids, hieroglyphics and ancient trading routes, Lyn Hughes finds northern Sudan a mesmerising history lesson but without Egypt's crowds

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Splendid isolation in the Sub-Antarctic

Halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica lie a handful of islands, home to massive penguin colonies and feisty sea lions. We dropped in...

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First 24 hours in Ho Chi Minh City

Steamy old Saigon, Vietnam’s second city, is hectic, hot and hedonistic. Claire Boobbyer helps you negotiate the sights and street stalls…

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Travel Icon: Easter Island, Chile

Isolated and spectacular, the island of Rapa Nui is a worthy detour to any Latin American itinerary – here’s how best to meet its moai and get a feel for island life

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8 top tips on how to avoid taxi scams

Many ne'er-do-wells will try to rip you off. Peter John, author of Around the World in 80 scams helps you to avoid cab cons

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10 things to do for free: Lima, Peru

Exactly 100 years after the rediscovery of Machu Picchu, it's a good time to peruse Peru. And you needn't spend a single sol exploring its colonial capital

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Travel experts' top experiences on the road

Earlier this year we asked for your ultimate travel experiences – you responded in your thousands. Here, travel experts and celebrities share their top moments

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Croatia's 1,244 Dalmatian Islands

With over 1,000 Croatian islands to explore- many featuring tiny guesthouses and new hiking trails- it's easy to lose the hordes and find the authentic Adriatic

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