March 2011

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March 2011 issue • On sale 16 February

Our annual awards issue features an envy-inducing 20-page portfolio of the year’s best amateur travel photos, plus the winners and losers in our readers’ travel awards. Find out which countries, cities, tour operators and airlines got the thumbs-up from Wanderlust readers – and which didn’t. Also inside: biking and hiking in Utah, USA; tiger-trekking on foot in India; offbeat adventures in South Korea and Suriname; guides to Marrakech, Amman and Beijing; and how to swim with whale sharks. It’s a winner all-round…

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Contents March 2011 | Issue 118

Features Hoodoo Magic, Utah is the place for a self-drive adventure
South West USA | Great American Rail trip | Grand Canyon travel guide
Within a whisker, tracking tigers on foot
Rich pickings in Kerala, India | Village India Walking | Rhinos, Kaziranga NP, India
Split personality - South Korea
How to make kimchi | South Korea travel guide
Go Now! Amman, Jordan
Journey to Petra, Jordan
Suriname - The lost tribes
Suriname travel guide | Land of Giants - wildlife of Guyana
Wanderlust Travel Awards - the winners
Travel Photo of the Year - the winners
Marrakech - Wanderlust readers On Assignment
Additional content we didn't have room in the magazine for!

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  1. 360 - World in pictures | global news | instant inspiration
  2. Navigator - 5 tips on tipping in Africa | how to swim with sharks | gear
  3. From the road - your letters | ripping yarns


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Articles from this issue

Photographing travel icons

How do you make something special out of the over-familiar? Steve Davey helps you capture the world’s icons on camera

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10 things to do for free in Buenos Aires

Argentina’s capital was once a bargain. Now prices have risen, but there are still ways to see the city, from graves to graffiti, without spending a peso

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Utah's best National Parks

Weird geology, wild rivers and tight canyon – welcome to Utah's best National Parks

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Ultimate top 5 guide: Marrakech

Marrakech is an exotic, sensory overload – so who better to guide you than Wanderlust readers? Here's our REAL travellers' top 5 guide to the Moroccan city

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Go now! Amman, Jordan

Varied, lively, unpretentious: the Jordanian capital makes for a short break to remember – and it has Petra on the doorstep

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Tracking tigers on foot in India

Tracking tigers on foot is a thrilling new twist on the usual Indian safari – whether or not you actually see stripes

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