October 2010

Issue number: 114

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Start planning your great escape with our 14-page guide to Round the World trips, including smart flight routes, expert tips and what to pack. En route, we’ll show you different sides of Australia’s east coast, Brazil’s glittering Bahia state, and the rampant wildlife of Botswana. Plus an in-depth guide to whale watching, the world’s best day walks and first-timer’s Tokyo. Hit the road – with Wanderlust!

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Round the World: the big questions

The answers to the top five questions facing would-be round-the-world travellers

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Round the World: how we did it

It takes all sorts to travel the world. These are the tales of just a few Wanderlust round-the-worlders, and their top tips for your own adventures

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Round the World: 10 ways round the world

Our selection of globetrotting round-the-world itineraries – from under £1,000 to blow the budget spectacular

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Round the world: 14-page guide

Round-the-world advice, including: Getting started, tales from the road, the 10 best round-the-world itineraries, packing guide, checklist and long-haul health

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Long-haul health questions answered

Ten key heath questions to consider before heading off on an exciting round the world adventure

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Whale watching: who, what, where and what to spot

We've had a lot of questions about whale watching here at Wanderlust, so we've compiled the best ones to help you on your way

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Photography tips: Experiment with ISO settings

Want to shoot hand-held in low light, or create blur in brilliant daylight? Then get creative with your camera’s ISO settings, says Steve Davey

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The best places to learn to dive

Where in the world is the best place to learn to dive? We asked three travellers for their favourite spots

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Nigel Marven interview: "I kept an eel in the bath"

Nigel Marven, Chengdu’s Panda Ambassador, is fighting the good fight for wildlife in China. Here he talks about his recent series, Panda Week

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7 things to do for free: Great Britain

Stingy staycationers rejoice – there’s plenty to do in the UK for free. Here’s our top pick…

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5 things you didn’t know about Paraguay

From big cats to feather headdresses, here are 5 top facts about Paraguay you may not know

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Tips for hiking the Himalaya

Thinking of hiking the Himalaya? Here are our top tips for getting it right

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10 spots to whale watch

We know that scheduled tours aren't everyone's cup of tea, so here are 10 spots to whale watch without the pressure of being on someone else's time

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A local's tour of Venice

In winter Italy’s waterside wonder can be magically quiet – or bedlam during Carnival in February. Whichever you prefer, Anne Hanley highlights its treasures

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Cycling in Japan

Far from the bright lights of Tokyo lies Shikoku Island, where lush mountains and hot springs make for a world class cycling trip, says Doug McKinlay

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Canoeing the Okavango Delta, Botswana

The Selinda Spillway, an offshoot of Botswana's famous Okavango Delta, has been dry for 30 years. Until now...

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First 24 hours in Tokyo

Overwhelming and overcrowded yet efficient and energising, the Japanese capital charms and terrifies in equal measure says Nick Coldicott

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Discover Bahia, Brazil

Tucked away in Bahia state, Brazil's Chapada Diamantina National Park is a true hidden gem – and home of one of the best day walks in the world

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Alternative tours in London's East End

To get under the skin of a city, you need local knowledge. But how do you find your knowledgeable local? Londoner Gabrielle Jaffe enlists a unique guide for an urban adventure

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