February 2010

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Does travel make you fat?

Does travel affect your waistline and are you likely to come back lardy or lean? Advice to help you make your next trip healthier

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10 trips for foodies

Get your tastebuds tingling with these top foodie trips, from learning to cook in Kerala to sampling the exotic fare in Mexico

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7 things to do for free: Vancouver, Canada

There are some great freebies to be had now and year round in the city of Vancouver...

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Threatened wonders 2010

We highlight seven destinations that could benefit from a new approach to tourism, and three that could do with more visitors

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The Pre-Inca civilisation of Chachapoyas

The spooky burial sites of Chachapoyas in Peru are not for people who need their mummy, unless your mummy lives in an ancient tomb that is

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Climbing Mount Damavand: Iran's highest peak

Mount Damavand may be little known outside its home nation of Iran but Asia's highest volcano is a delightful challenge for mountaineers

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The highlights of southern Thailand

Travel south from Bangkok to explore Thailand's idyllic deserted beaches, animal-packed jungles and colourful local festivals

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Zanzibar Travel Blueprint: 4 unmissable trips

The clear waters of the Indian Ocean lap a coastline of white sand, idyllic islands, Arabic architecture and atmospheric old ports. Navigate Zanzibar with the help of our blueprint guide

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Canoeing Latvian waters

Out of the bustling capital of Riga, Latvia boasts wildlife-packed forests and meadows. And what better way to explore these natural delights than on a yellow canoe bouncing down the River Gauja

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Japan's cherry blossom blooms

Armed with a bento box and a sheet of tarpaulin, Tokyo-based we tell you where, when and how to join Japan’s springtime petal party

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Rwanda: back on the radar

Planning a trip to Rwanda? Here are our must-see places for the trip of a lifetime...

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11 prime places for spring cherry blossom blooms

Cherry-pick from these top 11 viewing spots, combining blossom-worship with a dose of history, hiking, partying or shopping

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