December/January 2010

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Try hypnotherapy to beat jet lag

Jet lag is the body's inability to cope with shifting time zones. Why not try a hypnotherapy cure to diminish the effects of jet lag?

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Jet lag: a doctor's advice

Seven tips to help you avoid jet lag on your next long haul trip

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Top 10 photography gadgets

With photography, there always seems to be one more piece of essential equipment. Here we reveal the top 10 must-haves

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Surviving snakebites

There are almost 3,000 species of snakes on the planet – Here we look at the likelihood of being bitten, and what you should do if you are

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DH Lawrence in New Mexico, 1922

Some people are born travellers, and others have travel thrust upon them; for DH Lawrence, the truth lay somewhere in between

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Hole mole! Mexican cuisine is here

Mexicans are so obsessed with mole – their beloved chilli-chocolate sauce – that it even has its own festival. Richard Sterling tucks in

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Philippines in the sea: 12 watery adventures

We've seen the islands now it's time to dive in: 12 aquatic adventures to get the heart thumping

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7 things to do for free in Brussels

7 completely free things to do in Brussels - no cash required!

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Self-drive South Africa

A trip to the Rainbow Nation doesn't just have to be about the World Cup in 2010. Strike out from the major cities for a real adventure

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On the road to Damascus, Syria

A Spring break to Syria? Step this way to discover a city of all-dispensing souks, medieval bathhouses and everyday miracles

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Snoozing in the original Ice Hotel

Arctic Sweden’s original Ice Hotel turned 20 in 2010: it's time to wrap up and check in, whilst admiring the awesome Northern Lights

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Climbing Mt. Cook, New Zealand

Every December, mountain-lovers are drawn to the majestic Mount Cook National Park. Follow the greatest climber of them all – local boy Sir Edmund Hillary

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Karma comedians: the laughter clubs of Mumbai

Make an April fool of yourself! India’s growing network of early morning Laughter Clubs is aiming to cheer up a nation – and the world

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Exploring KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

The north-east borderlands offer visitors a whole different game: giant elephants, great-value lodges and a man on a border mission

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A local's guide to Edinburgh

Time Out writer Keith Davidson lifts the kilt on his hometown of Edinburgh with tips on what to see, do and eat in the city year round

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Volunteering: going it... together

Volunteering needn’t be a lone effort: couples can do it too

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Island hopping in the Philippines

Head to the 7,107 beach-fringed, tourist-free isles of the Philippines for a glimpse of untouched South-East Asia

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