November 2009

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Volunteering: how to keep on giving

Want to launch a charity? Or a campaign? Wanderlust Editor, Dan Linstead, finds ways to extend the volunteer vibe

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A beginner's guide to expeditioning

Why should Ranulph Fiennes have all the fun? If you’ve ever wanted to venture forth and improve our understanding of the planet, step this way, says Shane Winser

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Sara Wheeler interview

Shoe-eating explorers, 'pee boxes' and reindeer-intestine suppers: writer Sara Wheeler reveals the glamour of Arctic travel

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How to make Korean baechu kimchi

Pickled cabbage your idea of culinary hell? Think again: Ruth Dodson tries, and loves, Korea's spicy staple, kimchi

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7 things to do for free in Sydney

Travelling on a budget? Make the most of Australia's most popular city with these 7 free things to do in Sydney

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Desert tracks: exploring the hidden corners of Rajasthan

Beyond the bustle of India’s Golden Triangle lie quiet villages and desert camps that receive few visitors. Wanderlust-award-winning tour guide Sameer Singh Rathore leads the way

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Walk on the wild side: On safari in Zambia

Inaugural Guide of the Year Award winner Manda Chisanga spent his bursary on solar cookers in South Luangwa, Zambia. We caught up with him - and the wildlife - in action

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Morocco Travel Blueprint: 4 overland adventures

Millions of travellers have fallen for the charms of Marrakesh, but how many know about Morocco's laid back fishing villages, wild mountain trails and berber homestays? We've uncovered a few of North Africa's hidden highlights - just keep them to yourself

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Icebound: Spitsbergen in winter

With its creaking glaciers, dazzling aurora and the chance to sleep aboard an icy schooner, there’s no better time to visit Spitsbergen, says Nigel Richardson

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Out in the cold: How to stay safe during winter travel

Winter travel can be great for morale – but seriously bad for the health of the poorly equipped. Follow our expert advice to help you stay safe and warm...

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