June/July 2009

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Top tips for photographing wildlife

Snapping the world's wildlife is no mean feat. You have to make your own luck and be a quick-draw photographer, says Steve Davey

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Ticked off with Lyme disease

The bite of a humble tick can trigger a truly nasty illness. Expert advice to help you avoid Lyme disease

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How to travel for free

Six of the best tried + tested ways to help you live your wildest travel dreams – without going broke in the process

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My travelling life - Chris Stewart

Author of 'Driving Over Lemons' tears himself from his Andalucían 
farm to talk turnips, old age and sailing, the main subjects of the book

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A walking tour through India's villages

Hiking through the Himalayan Kumaon region takes in the best of India, with hints of Nepal and Tibet. Just beware the leopards

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Discovering Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone's dazzling beaches, chattering chimps and funky, ramshackle capital lend this hard-edged chunk of West Africa real sparkle

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Travel Icon: Cappadocia, Turkey

Turkey’s fairytale realm of weird rock, cave dwellings and frescoed churches has to be seen to be believed. Terry Richardson guides you into, up and over it

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A coast & countryside weekend in Montenegro

The peaks of Durmitor and Bobotov Kuk offer an invigorating backdrop for a five-day trek through this little-explored European gem

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Travel Blueprint: Indochina

Indochina: three lands linked by the mighty Mekong – Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Nick Ray leads you through ancient temples, misty mountains and tribal villages

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Gino Watkins explores Greenland, 1930

Eighty years ago, Watkins set about mapping the Arctic for a possible UK - Europe - US air route, in his own care free way

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How to make Turkish mezze

Turkish cuisine is all about time – and, it seems, onions. Discover all on a mouth-watering coastal cookery course

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5 of the best credit-crunch castle stays

Think you need to pay royalty for a regal abode? Think again. Sleep in style on short breaks across the continent, from as little as £17

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Revolutionary trails in Nicaragua

Nicaragua may have had a troubled past, but its spirit remains strong

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