March 2009

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Dealing with dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases

Dengue is a risk for 40% of the world’s population. Our expert advice will help ensure you’re not among them

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The tables have turned – locals take your photograph

Frustration at the vocal point – What happens when the locals want to take your photo?

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Fighting cabin fever and boredom on planes

A 12-hour flight can be enough to test anyone’s patience (and bottom). These pointers should help you stave off boredom and a cricked neck

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Night-time photography

As night falls, a whole new world comes to life – but with it come photographic challenges: how to take exciting photos after the sun’s gone down

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Sven Hedin maps Xinjiang, China, 1934

Today, it seems every inch of the world has been measured and mapped. Turn back the clock to 1934 and things were very different

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5 Indian rail itineraries

What better way to explore India than by rail? Make the most of your trip with these route ideas

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How to make Ethiopian injera

The combination of fermented flat-breads, meat and vegetables is a communal culinary delight, unlike any other

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Spotting nature on the Falkland Islands

Amid the still-potent legacy of war, these South Atlantic islands offer vibrant and varied wildlife and many, many stories to tell

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A kayaking weekend in The Ardeche, France

For a honeymoon what could be more romantic than a gentle ride on the sublime French rapids? Especially when a naked fisherman is involved

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24 hours in New York

From Harlem and Manhattan, ending with breakfast in Brooklyn – a ride on the A train is the best way to get to the the core of the Big Apple

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A medieval weekend in Sopron, Hungary

If King Arthur needed a good dentist, the charming Camelot-esque city of Sopron would do nicely, although he might struggle to find a bar open after 11pm

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India by Rail

India is tipped to be a hot destination for 2013, so we bring you an article from the Wanderlust archives on travelling India's trains... Here we help you join the railway bazaar

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Top 10 short-hop India rail trips

It's possible to see the best of India on a short-hop rail adventure – take a look at our favourite routes

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