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101 February 2009

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Travel by the rules: health and etiquette

Etiquette can be very different overseas – and so can the law. Keep a clean record on the road by taking our advice and reading these top tips

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Keeping the snapped happy

Should we seek permission from everyone we photograph? Jennifer Cox ponders the portrait problem

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Are you addicted to travel?

Why are some people happy to hole-up at home, while others can’t stop continent-hopping? Here we discuss the theories surrounding ‘wanderlust’

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Quiz: Are you hooked on travel?

Answer these quick questions to find out whether you need to say: "Hi. My name's Bob and I'm a travelholic"

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Perfect portrait photographs

Taking a good portrait shot can be a travel photographer’s biggest challenge. But it’s not just about camera settings, it’s about making friends, too

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Conservation volunteering

Conservation volunteering can be hugely beneficial – or actively destructive. Here, you can find the former in remote Mongolia

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The first woman to bike the ‘world’, 1894

In 1894, with nothing else but the clothes on her back, Annie Kopchovsky – a poor Bostonian mother-of-three – set off to cycle the world.

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Threatened wonders 2009

Here we highlight six iconic locations in need of urgent care

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How to make Ecuadorian locro

This classic cheese and potato soup – indigenous to the Andes – has its roots in dishes dating back to the Spanish conquistadors of the 1500s

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Walking Fish River Canyon in Namibia

The 85km hike from Hobas to Ai-Ais is not for the faint-hearted. Thankfully, there's now a 'softies' route – but it doesn't skimp on the views

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A journey through Vietnam's Central Highlands

A trip through Dalat and Ban Don to explore the hill tribes of De Ktu throws up an intriguing mix of elephant catchers and 'weasel' coffee

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Unearthing the rock art of Portugal's Coa Valley

A trip to this scenic backwater reveals how a multi-million dollar dam project was halted to preserve this now-UNESCO World Heritage site

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A sunny weekend in Sommaroy, Norway

The constant daylight in Sommarøy may mean a few sleepless nights, but this scenic village in Arctic Norway offers a wonderful lightness of being

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A wintry walking weekend in West Sussex

A winter wander through the delectable South Downs is certainly a brisk affair, but the beauty of this south-east county is also a bracing one

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Snowmobiling in north-west Russia

Jeremy Head learns how to snowmobile with the locals in Russia's far north-west

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Galápagos Travel Blueprint: the top island adventures

It's the trip of a lifetime, but how do you get the most from the Galápagos? Steer your way around this pacific paradise with the help of our expert guide

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A winter's tale in Karelia, Russia

With its wooden churches, frozen lakes and spirit beliefs, Karelia feels like a land from a children’s story – apart from the snowmobiles. We plough away from St Petersburg into the Russian north-west

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Following Eric Newby's footsteps in the Hindu Kush

Half a century after Eric Newby wrote the definitive Afghanistan travel book, Lianne Gutcher visits the Panjshir Valley to meet his local sidekick

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