December/January 2009

Issue number: 100

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10 favourite locations for taking photographs

Photograph of the Year judge, Steve Davey shares the best-kept secrets on where to capture the most thrilling photographs

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Health: your 10 most frequently asked questions

Dr Jane Wilson-Howarth, health expert since issue 1, reveals the most common questions she’s faced, and of course, her expert answers

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Travel secrets: should you keep them?

Are you ready to give up your travel secrets?

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10 of India's best-kept travel secrets

Not one secret India but ten - with advice from India experts we help you find the hidden subcontinent

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7 treks for Bhutan

Trekking Bhutan: from two-day rambles to the world's hardest trek

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Revisiting Quito, Ecuador

A trip to the birthplace of Wanderlust bring back a wealth of memories for the magazine's co-founder, Lyn Hughes

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Hunting for icebergs in Canada

It may have been a trip to the see nature's floating giants in Newfoundland, but the charms of the Canadian coast proved irresistible in a very different way

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Listen to locals in Pagan, Burma

Regarded as ‘the world's most remarkable religious city’ – today, this extraordinary lost capital seems all but deserted, finds Rory MacLean

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Kiwis on Stewart Island

Spotting the New Zealand's national bird is never easy, but by sitting on a secluded beach at night, Paul Morrison got lucky.

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Secret festival in Sumba

Jousting knights, exotic dress and bamboo spears with Indonesia as a backdrop – a brilliant sight. So why did no one know where the Pasola was?

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Dancing in Senegal

Saturday night in Dakar and nothing sparkles as brightly as the sequined micro-dresses of the girls out on the town. Welcome to Dakar nightlife...

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Discover a little corner of Africa in the Caribbean

Lyn Hughes visits Carriacou in the Caribbean, a small island off Grenada, in search of Big Drum festivals

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Relish the world’s most underrated cuisines

To get your stomach grumbling, here are our top five underrated cuisines from across the world

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Darién province: Inside Panama's notorious gap

The notorious ‘Gap’ between the Americas has long been a stronghold of guerillas and druglords, now its puma-padded jungle is opening

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Bhutan: travel blueprint

Bradley Mayhew helps you experience the awe-inspiring treks and temples of the Himalayan hideaway, Bhutan

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