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Orangutan Conservation in Borneo

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Start dates are the 5th and 19th of every month.  

Based in the world-renowned Matang Wildlife Centre, this multi-award-winning orangutan project specialises in the protection and conservation of Borneo’s most enchanting species: the orangutan!

Sadly, the Bornean orangutan population is under constant threat due to mass deforestation, mining and forest fires. In the past 60 years, their numbers have declined by 50%. The Matang Wildlife Centre is a refuge for orangutans that have been injured, orphaned or rescued due to these threats.

Volunteers will be involved in a range of activities including important enrichment making, that encourages and promotes natural orangutan behaviours. As a volunteer on this project, you will leave a lasting impact on the lives of these incredible great apes and an array of other exotic animal species, while also working towards protecting the future of these beautiful animals!



Creating enrichment is a very important activity on this project. Enrichment promotes natural behaviours and enhances the potential for the orangutans’ release. Orangutans are incredibly smart and need the stimulation that the enrichment items provide. Enrichment is key to any residents at the centre as it prevents boredom and aggressive behaviours. 


Feeding and cleaning the enclosures of the orangutans, sun bears, macaques, binturongs and other animals is an essential part of the work at the centre. Providing clean and safe environments for these animals is an important task and one that volunteers can be proud of! 

Maintenance and Construction

Maintenance and construction are on-going tasks at the centre. Volunteers may be involved in building enclosures and feeding platforms in the forest, as well as general cleaning and gardening around the centre. 

Organic Farming

Volunteers have helped create an organic farm which has been running for a few years now. This farm is used to grow food for the animals at the centre, allowing the centre to become more sustainable. As a volunteer, you may tend to the farm and harvest fresh veg for the animal residents. Please note that this is not a guaranteed part of your itinerary.  

Additional Activities

Volunteers have 2 consecutive days off and during this time you may want to explore more Borneo. Whether that’s relaxing by the sea or soaking up Kuching's culture, there is a whole lot to discover!

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