Evaneos is an award-winning platform connecting you with the best local travel agencies around the world to create authentic, tailor-made tours. By cutting straight to the local experts, we give you access to unparalleled local knowledge, 24/7 on-the-ground assistance, and local prices with no mark-up. Since 2009, over 300,000 travellers have set off on a tour via Evaneos, and our 96% traveller satisfaction rate reflects the quality of the local agencies we work with. Our local partners cater to every interest and style, so whether you’re a couple, family, group, or solo traveller, Evaneos’ local experts are waiting to create your perfect trip.

Local expertise and 24/7 support

Evaneos has rigorous selection criteria for the travel agencies it works with and an in-house team is dedicated to sourcing and vetting each and every agency. Our local partners are all fully licenced, English-speaking professionals who are passionate about helping travellers explore the destination they call home. Being locally-based, they’re available 24/7 on-the-ground while you travel and can advise you on everything from how to avoid tourist traps to where you can find hidden gems that only locals know about.

Tailor-made travel at local prices

Like any tailor-made tour, with Evaneos you have the freedom to customise everything in your itinerary to suit your travel style, interests, and budget: accommodation, duration, activities, transport, and guide or driver accompaniment. The difference? You won’t pay a hefty middle-man fee. Evaneos takes its commission from the local agencies it works with, not its travellers, so you’ll pay the same amount regardless of having gone through the Evaneos platform, while benefiting from guarantees like secure online payment in GBP.

Guarantees for safety and security

As the pioneer of the direct-to-local platform in the travel industry, we know how important it is for travellers to feel secure and supported from A to Z. Think of Evaneos as your safety net, providing you with that all-important peace of mind allowing you to set off on your trip worry-free. We’re an ABTA member and have been operating for ten years, so you can book your locally-made trip with confidence.

A fairer deal for everyone

Today, many destinations depend on revenue generated by tourism. Did you know that for every £100 you spend booking a trip through a traditional tour operator, only between £10 and £40 stays in the destination? Through Evaneos' straight-to-local model, that number is £73, meaning that local economies are able to retain more income while providing you with a unique, personalised travel experience through their extensive network of local suppliers.

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Our top 200 trips

Bhutan: Himalayan Wonderland Tour

From: £1950.00

Explore the splendours of the Himalayan Kingdom in less than 10 days traveling from west to central Bhutan. Known as the “happiness country” to the outside world with friendly and hospitable people...

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Portugal: Lisbon, Porto And Madeira Tour

From: £1240.00

In addition to Porto and Lisbon, the two main cities in Portugal and the two most prominent cultural destinations in the country, travelers will have the opportunity to visit the Island of Madeira,...

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Guatemala: Mayan Honeymoon

From: £2745.00

Looking for an unforgettable and unique honeymoon experience? We've put together this exciting trip just for you! Stroll along the cobblestone streets of Antigua, climb the active volcano of Pacaya...

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Cuba: Nature Tour: Havana And Cayo Santa Maria

From: £1535.00

Welcome to Cuba, a magical island full of charm and with a lot of Caribbean flavor. In this exciting tour in hotels, private house and rental car we will visit: Havana with its impressive historic ...

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Trinidad And Tobago: Discover The Nicest Beaches!

From: £1490.00

Tobago is an easy destination to discover. You can circle the island in less than a day. But there is a large variety of landscapes, housing an incredible amount of birds and surrounding little vil...

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Cuba: Highlights Of Cuba Tour

From: £1200.00

Welcome to the magical island of Cuba, a land full of charm and Caribbean excitement. Ride an Old Timer into Havana and walk the Revolution Square, with a memorial to Che Guevara. Snorkel through t...

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Kenya: Best Of Kenya Safari

From: £1450.00

Nairobi! Masai! Lake Elmenteite! Amboseli National Park! And feel free to add more! We have packed a lot into these seven days, hoping to emphasize the incredible opportunities Kenya has to offer e...

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Italy: Highlights Of Southern Italy For Families

From: £2800.00

Our  fully customizable , private 9-day Southern Italy highlights tour has been designed for families traveling with children of all ages. Your tour starts and ends in Naples, taking you and your k...

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Nepal: Highlight - The Golden Triangle

From: £1040.00

In this twelve-day stay, you will discover the different aspects of Nepal , between breathtaking mountains, tradition, wildlife and centuries old monuments. You can visit the main cultural sites o...

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Australia: Perth, Margaret River And Ningaloo Reef

From: £2295.00

How about we offer something that is not Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef? What we have done in the below itinerary is taken some of the less traveled locations that are just as overwhelming, if n...

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Turkey: Adventure On The Mediterranean Coast

From: £885.00

If the title of this trip does not inspire you then - then take a look at all that can be achieved in a week on the Mediterranean! This is a fully customizable itinerary, so feel free to make somet...

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France: Grand Tour Of France By Train

From: £2663.00

From the City of Light to beautiful Provence and the glamorous Cote d’Azur, this wonderful trip by train will follow the rails through the best spots of France. You will explore the bustling street...

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Costa Rica: National Parks And Caribbean Connection

From: £4610.00

Venture into the green jungles of Costa Rica and walk along the beaches that dive into the Caribbean. This fully customizable itinerary combines the natural wonders of Costa Rica with some trekking...

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Rwanda: Grand Tour

From: £2595.00

This 12-day safari adventure  brings you up close to some of the most interesting sites of  Rwanda!  Get to know this fascinating country's history and culture in Huye, meet Azizi's friendly loca...

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China: Ancient Meets Modern

From: £1119.00

Dive into ancient history, rich culture and modern miracles in just 11 days. On this customisable trip, you'll tour the ancient cities of Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai, visit the Great Wall, one of t...

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Cambodia: Angkor And Khmer Temples

From: £1307.00

Your starting point in Siem Reap leads you right to the Angkor temples. Opulent resorts and sophisticated restaurants, designer bars and exclusive shops are evidence that Siem Reap is very much ba...

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Cuba: Discovering Classic Cuba

From: £1555.00

In this wonderful 8 day trip, you'll get to visit six incredible destinations: Havana with its impressive historic center declared a cultural heritage by Unesco. The Viñales Valley, famous for its ...

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Costa Rica: Explore The Tropics

From: £1700.00

Dive into a world of lush rainforests, exotic wildlife, and white-sand beaches on this customisable 11-day tour. Journey from Tortuga Island on the Pacific Coast to Monteverde and the Arenal Volcan...

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Armenia: Hikes And Unesco Heritage Sites

From: £639.00

Traveling freely with friends, family, or in a couple without the constraint of a group is the pledge to go at your own rhythm, devoting enough time to what really interests you. Armenia opens its ...

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South Africa: The Indaba Road Trip: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe And Zambia

From: £6540.00

This two-week self-drive and guided tour is the ideal adventure if this is your first visit to Southern Africa. After relaxing for a day at the beautiful Summerfields along the banks of the Sa...

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Iceland: Winter Road Trip For Families

From: £1135.00

Our  fully customizable , private 8-day self-drive tour has been designed for families traveling with older children and teenagers. Your tour starts and ends in the capital, Reykjavik, taking you o...

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Bhutan: Luxury Discovery

From: £2340.00

This luxury itinerary takes in all the must-see highlights of The Peaceful Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan with your own private driver and guide. Experience the world’s unspoilt, hidden kingdom on eart...

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Georgia: Classic Georgia And Batumi Beach

From: £1455.00

Truly a well rounded experience! Combining the capital of this young nation, with its deep roots in medieval history and wine making, then topping it off with a visit to a charming seaside town. At...

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Italy: Grand Tour

From: £2900.00

This two-week tour will leave you astounded - with historical monuments and artwork threaded throughout, you'll find your senses fulfilled at every turn - visiting Rome, Naples and the Pompeii ruin...

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Colombia: A Taste Of Culture

From: £1575.00

Discover the diverse cultural and natural wonders that Colombia has to offer! Experience the colourful political art of the Bogota Street artists, and meet and learn from the locals. View churches,...

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The Philippines: Let's Go Diving

From: £2085.00

The Philippines has thousands of dive sites which are spread out mostly around the Luzon and Visayas regions. With this package, you will be taken to three famous dive spots in the Philippines: Boh...

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The Philippines:  Discover The Central Visayas

From: £2270.00

This two-week tour is perfect for those wishing to indulge and discover a vibrant, pulsing country! Discover the Central Visayas, the central part of the archipelago. Swim amid corals and reefs, an...

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Poland: Four Corners Tour - Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakov

From: £1102.00

A nation known for its intense history, narrow streets and colorful buildings! This fully customizable itinerary has been created by your local agency in Poland. Mix and match your favorites from t...

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Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg And Beauties Of Golden Ring

From: £1380.00

Discover Russia's cities, full of charm and surprises! Through quiet streets and busy squares, cultural discoveries and relaxing walks, explore the historical greatness of this dynamic country.

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China: Highlights Tour - Beijing, Xi'an, And Shanghai

From: £1232.00

If you're looking for a classic tour covering China's most popular must-see attractions, this is the perfect choice for you. Combining history, nature, and culture, you'll travel from the bright li...

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Uruguay: Wonders Of Uruguay

From: £622.00

Uruguay features beautiful beaches, hills, farmlands and an authentic gaucho culture. Discover Uruguay in 6 days visiting the most important cities, don´t forget that you can easily combine it with...

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Turkey: Central Anatolia Snowshoeing

From: £1095.00

Snowshoes in Turkey! Take one of Earths most beautiful landscapes and historically rich cultures - now cover it in a blanket of fluffy snow! Then strap into a pair of snowshoes and discover this re...

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Costa Rica: Luxury Romantic Escape

From: £4685.00

The title may say enough - but there is so much more to this customizable adventure! It has been hand made by our local agency in Costa Rica who wishes to highlight the unique accommodations, the m...

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Venezuela: Fishing Trip On The Caura River

From: £2080.00

12 days expedition on the Caura river, a tributary of the Venezuelan Orinoco river. Different fishing sites are offered depending on the type of fish that you want to catch. You will practice your ...

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Iceland: Summer Road Trip For Families With Children

From: £1150.00

Our  fully customisable , private 9-day self-drive tour has been designed for families travelling with children aged 3 and up. Your tour starts and ends in the capital, Reykjavik, taking you on a j...

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Peru: Luxury Honeymoon

From: £2236.00

Embark with your lover on an amazing adventure in Peru! This journey allows you to discover one of the most awe-inspiring destinations, and enjoy the finest luxury hotels. Watch the sunset from Par...

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Mexico: Volcanoes And Adrenaline

From: £2021.00

Get ready to climb to the summit of Mexico's most beautiful but challenging volcanoes with a private certified mountain climbing guide. Over 15 days, visit the bustling metropolitan capital, Mexico...

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Italy: Wonders Of Northern Italy

From: £2119.00

Dive into an experience you will never forget! You will walk, eat and drink in Venice like the locals do, sail in the Gulf of Poets and explore the stunning Cinque Terre, admire the magical atmosph...

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Uzbekistan: Classic Tour - Discovering The Brillance Of The Silk Road

From: £1126.00

Discover the highlights of Uzbekistan - medieval streets and monuments alongside modern townships. Covering about 2000km by air and ground, you’ll ride camels and cook with the locals in Mitan. Exp...

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Turkey: Istanbul, Gallipoli, And The Aegean Coast

From: £700.00

Not much time but you’d like to see as much as possible of the most famous historical sites?  In 10 days journey from Istanbul down the Aegean coast of Turkey to visit the battlefields of Gallipoli...

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Uganda: Uganda Round Trip

From: £5072.00

From the shores of Lake Victoria to the source of the White Nile, along Mount Elgon through the Karamojong country, to the Kidepo Reserve in the extreme North on the Kenyan and Sudanese borders, th...

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Kenya: Rift Valley Lakes, Masai Mara, Diani Beach Classic

From: £2040.00

This short but rewarding 10-day tour will take you down into the Great Rift Valley and to the vast game-rich plains of the Masai Mara. Catch sight of flamingos and other birds in the Rift Valley an...

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Bhutan: Shangri-La Dreams Whistle Stop

From: £1310.00

This short itinerary explores the must-see sights and takes in the very best of western Bhutan. Start off in Thimphu (the capital of Bhutan), still without traffic light in this 21st century. From ...

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Turkey: The Silk Road Caravan

From: £1170.00

You have heard about it and read about - but perhaps have never walked along the Silk Road and truly grasped its reach. This fully customizable itinerary has been created by our very own local agen...

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Thailand: Different Faces Of The Country

From: £2629.00

This journey combines a fairly conventional itinerary with the tradition and rustic charm of the Isan region. From Bangkok to Chiang Mai and the famous Golden Triangle, explore remote parts of the...

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Crete: Archaeology And Nature Road Trip

From: £650.00

History and nature lovers: this trip idea has been designed from an environmental and anthropocentric approach , covering the most stunning parts of Crete along with some non-touristy sites of the...

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Armenia: Hiking To The Highest Summit

From: £556.00

"By creating the world, God poured earth and rocks through a huge sieve. The earth fell on one side and rocks on the other, exactly where Armenia is today": Armenian Legend. During this fully custo...

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Nepal: Annapurna And Everest Comfort Trek

From: £2031.00

This trip combines two breathtaking treks in the region of Annapurna and Everest, as well as cultural visits in Kathmandu Valley. Annapurna Region is Nepal's most popular trekking destination espe...

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Greece: The Islands, Cyclades

From: £1262.00

Prepare yourself to dive into the incredible, paradise-worthy, Cyclades. The deep blue waters of the Mediterranean weave their waves around these island outcrops, littered with white walls and blue...

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Costa Rica: Wildlife And Beach Itinerary

From: £1449.00

Nature lovers assemble! Take advantage of weekly direct flights from London to Liberia International Airport in sunny Costa Rica. On this customisable two-week tour, you'll throw yourself into an a...

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Greenland: Nuuk To Ilulissat Under The Midnight Sun

From: £3250.00

Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, is a city of vitality, surrounded by immense nature and filled with vibrant Greenlanders leading fascinating lives of old traditions, modern twists, and diverse influence...

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Peru: Classic Southern Tour

From: £2264.00

Experience Southern Peru, from its natural wonders to its historic colonial cities. Ancient Inca capital Cusco, and the legendary lost city of Machu Picchu are on top of the list. Embark on an amaz...

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Vietnam: The Cities From Hanoi To Saigon

From: £636.00

We know that it's just as fun exploring Vietnam in an independent way, which is why we've created this 10-day tour that includes some of the country's recommended highlights and all travel between ...

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Burma: Buddhism And Archaeology

From: £802.00

This 6 day programme aims to have a closer look at the commercial city “Yangon” and ancient archaeological site “Bagan”, standing on the eastern banks of the Ayeyarwady River, known for the Bagan A...

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Norway: Hiking On The Top Of The Fjords

From: £1225.00

This 6-day hiking tour includes the best of Trollheimen , Dovre and Sunndal National Parks . With contrasting mountain areas and varied nature. Waterfalls, mountains, beautiful valleys, winding ro...

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Morocco: Highlights Tour

From: £1120.00

Experience the must-sees of Morocco on this week-long tour.  Experience the hustle and bustle of the souks and bazaars of Marrakech; cross the the High Atlas Mountains and be greeted by the local B...

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France: Ski The Alps In France, For Beginners And Advanced

From: £3654.00

Spend an unforgettable stay in  Chamonix, one of the most popular destination in the world. In the streets of this high-mountain town, you'll hear languages from every corner of the globe.  But  th...

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Vietnam: Hill Tribes Of Northern Vietnam

From: £592.00

The off beaten track tour enable you to experience majestic mountain-view and traditional ways of life in northern mountainous area of Vietnam including Sapa and Ha Giang. The trip is an unique dis...

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Ethiopia: Coffee Route And Southern Discovery

From: £1188.00

In the heart of Ethiopia, on the green and fertile lands of the Sidama Zone , the coffee producers of the Bokasso Cooperative await your visit. During this journey through Southern Ethiopia and the...

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Greece: Land And Sea 11 Days

From: £1715.00

Walk in the footsteps of gods  in the ruins of ancient temples , cross the deep blue Mediterranean Sea  to islands which inspired myths and legends for millennia. Consider this 11 day itinerary as ...

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China: Winter Beauty

From: £2546.00

Explore the winter wonderland China has to offer like the Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, Sun Island snow sculpture expo, ice lantern show, Chagan Lake winter fishing tour, winter swimming ...

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Madagascar: The Big Adventure Of Madagascar

From: £2971.00

This 3 weeks tour will make you discover the eastern, the western and the southern part of the island. During the visits, you will have the opportunity to discover some of the well-known sites in t...

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Kenya: Spotting The Big Five

From: £1785.00

From the open plains of the Masai Mara, to the shimmery pink waters of Lake Nauru and the swamps of Amboseli, this safari combines three of the most picturesque regions of Kenya. This 8-day tour pr...

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India: Golden Triangle And Ranthambore For Families

From: £1250.00

Our  fully customisable , private 9-day India tour has been designed for families travelling with children aged 5 and above, and is one of our most popular itineraries for kids and parents alike! ...

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China:  Discovering Danba

From: £3005.00

As the hometown of panda, Sichuan is reputed as the kingdom which has an abundance of natural resources and various landforms of snow-mountains, grasslands and grand gorges. A trip to Mt. Yala is o...

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Bhutan: Family Tour

From: £2275.00

Bhutan is known for its diversity, believe in offering our clients the best we can. And in doing so, we go beyond the contemporary. One of which is taking you to the heart of the people. Bhutanese ...

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The Philippines: Best Of Palawan

From: £2230.00

Be prepared to enjoy 12 -days/11 -nights of adventures on the Island of Palawan! This All About Palawan package that lets you experience the three gems of Palawan - Coron, El Nido and Puerto Princesa.

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Kenya: Cultural Safari In Nairobi - Nyeri - Samburu - Masaai Mara

From: £2655.00

This cultural itinerary is one of the most fascinating sustainable safari in Kenya where by you interact and touch base with the local communities as one of them. The safari is a must see as it con...

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Vietnam: Classic Tour

From: £1684.00

The journey begins from Hanoi – Vietnam’s capital city which exhibits the highlights from both the North to the South. You will enjoy cycling to Hanoi's Old Quarter to learn about traditional Vietn...

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France: London, Amsterdam And Paris Tour

From: £2127.00

Classic European cities can conjure images of strong castles and historic ramparts. Vibrant paintings hang on museum walls and display textured masterpieces created by unforgettable artists remembe...

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Sri Lanka: The Wildlife Of The South

From: £1170.00

If the real attraction for you is the local flora and fauna then this programme will give you a chance to experience the best of Sri Lanka! Sri Lanka is an amazing island with many different types ...

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Peru: Treasures Of Southern Peru

From: £1625.00

Treasures of southern Peru, with this program you will be able to discover the Andean lifestyle! Starting from the Lima city, where you will be able to taste its colonial and cosmopolitan sites, as...

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Colombia: Enter The Tropics

From: £1600.00

Dive into Colombia's wild side... this 14-day trip in Bogota explores the country's colourful markets and exciting jungle. Come face-to-face with a diverse range of animals: monkeys, parrots, and w...

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Australia: New Year's Eve In Sydney

From: £5475.00

Watch the fireworks on the Sydney Harbor Bridge! With the gorgeous city behind you and the high energy locals sharing in your joy to welcome the New Year. Not only will you take in Syndey, but the ...

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Kenya: Amboseli, Samburu And Mara Highlights

From: £2930.00

Looking for that romantic getaway with an exotic twist? This is the trip for you. Spend 7 wonderful days exploring the most beautiful areas of Kenyan wilderness. Travelling mostly by air, you’ll mi...

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Iceland: Winter Road Trip For Families With Children

From: £900.00

Our  fully customisable , private 5-day self-drive tour has been designed for families travelling with children aged 3 and up. Your tour starts and ends in the capital, Reykjavik, taking you on a j...

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Iceland: The Grand Tour

From: £2390.00

This two-week tour is perfect for adventurers. Follow the ring road circling the entire island and explore every corner of Iceland. Discover waterfalls, volcanoes, fjords, hot pools and glaciers. B...

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Greenland: Wonders Of Greenland

From: £2195.00

Getting to know southern Greenland means going beyond the Arctic frontier: a world which until now has been the home of the Inuit people, and which still holds on to the flavor of their traditional...

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Nepal: Enchanting Pokhara And Kathmandu

From: £1022.00

This trip could be a great gift idea for your dear one. Gokarna Forest's Harmony Spa in Kathmandu is the best way to start your holiday in Nepal. Pokhara, with the magnificent Annapurna range and t...

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Uruguay: Whistle Stop In Uruguay

From: £669.00

You will enjoy a short stay in Uruguay from Buenos Aires to complete your journey in South America. Only one hour by ferry from the Argentinian capital, you will discover the unmissable in Uruguay ...

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Crete: Explore From The Mountains To The Sea

From: £790.00

For anyone looking to discover the authentic, wilder side of Crete, this is the perfect tour for you. Over the course of eleven days, prepare to venture to the most significant Natural Parks and s...

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Sri Lanka: National Parks And Ancient Cities

From: £1550.00

If the real attraction for you is to see the different aspects of the Island of Sri Lanka , then this program is the perfect mix for you. During this 13 day adventure, you will visit many incredibl...

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Venezuela: Trekking And Local Discovery

From: £1490.00

Do you like hiking? This route was made for you! During 18 days, you’ll discover the nicer treks of Venezuela. First, you’ll walk across the Andean cordillera (Mucuposada’s hiking) and then, you’ll...

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Guatemala: Central American Discovery Trip

From: £3880.00

Guatemala is one of the most diverse nations within Central America traveling. It is a nation famous because of its Ancient Temples, Maya People, active volcanoes, delightful lakes, and unique May...

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Vietnam: Highlights For Families With Teenagers

From: £1222.00

Our  fully customisable , private 12-day Vietnam tour has been designed for families travelling with older children and teenagers. Your tour starts in Hanoi and ends in Ho Chi Minh City, taking you...

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Burma: Discovery Of Myanmar

From: £1869.00

Discover best of Myanmar’s most well-known regions on a private 14 days tour from Yangon. Enjoy an exclusive cooking demonstration in one of the best restaurants in town. Explore the temples of “Ba...

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Norway: Discover The Fjords On A Road Trip

From: £965.00

Venture into Norway's fjordland from Ålesund to Bergen and delight the senses – with dramatic fjords and glistening waterfalls from both land and boat; high mountain passes over Geirangerfjord; gla...

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Turkey: Istanbul - Modern Meets Ancient

From: £720.00

The exceptional geographical situation of Istanbul straddled across the Bosphorus, a hyphen between Europe and Asia, has attracted through history many powers. Called “New Rome” in the 4th century,...

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Portugal: Azores Tour

From: £1050.00

In recent years Azores has been awarded a number of tourism awards such as a world top 10 sustainable destination (ITB award), the Best Atlantic Destination (ITB award), the Most Beautiful Landscap...

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Russia: Trans-Siberian On The Imperial Russia

From: £4120.00

The Trans-Siberian Railway, the most famous railway in the world, offers a unique route through the heart of Russia. Traversing the world’s largest country from East to West, from Europe to Asia, ...

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Panama: Birdwatching Tour

From: £3150.00

Panama is a small country spanning 75,000 square kilometres, the equivalent of the surface area of the Republic of Ireland or the state of South Carolina. However it boasts an unbelievable 976 spec...

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Madagascar: The Charm Of The North

From: £2098.00

The trip will begin from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar and lead you to the Northern part of the Island. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the Amber Mountain National...

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Costa Rica: Road Trip For Families With Children (Long)

From: £2145.00

Our  fully customisable , private 18-day Costa Rica tour has been designed for families travelling with children aged 12 and under. Your tour starts and ends in San José, taking you on an adventure...

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Bolivia: The Best Of Peru And Bolivia In 15 Days

From: £2945.00

In 15 days, you will discover the wonders of Peru, Cusco and Lake Titicaca, and the spectacular landscapes of Bolivia, the Uyuni Salt flat and South Lipez. As a first step, a stay in the heart of t...

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Panama: Nature Tour - The Biological Bridge

From: £2655.00

2 million years ago the emergence of the Isthmus of Panama allowed the ‘’great exchange’’, plant and animal species passing from North America to South America and vice-versa. This led to Panama’s ...

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India: Highlights - The Golden Triangle

From: £900.00

This week-long tour is perfectly suited to those wanting a glimpse of India's unmissable gems  in a short space of time. This Golden Triangle Tour will show you the country's main must-sees. Starti...

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Nepal: Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek, A Hidden Gem!

From: £1150.00

This trek is a hidden gem and definitely off the beaten track! The newly opened Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek, including Australian Camp and High Camp, has fewer crowds than some of the more popular r...

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Croatia: Gourmet Food And Wine Self-Drive Tour

From: £2580.00

Zagreb     Istria     Opatija Riviera     Zadar     Split     Pelješac peninsula     Dubrovnik Make your way around this ancient paradise, tasting all the incredible food that it has to offer....

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Laos: Family Highlight Tour

From: £5910.00

This tour is perfect for families looking to visit Laos from all angles. You won't only be covering the must-see's, but you're also offered a unique chance to discover Lao culture and traditions, ...

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Mexico: Road Trip In The Yucatan For Families

From: £1462.00

Our fully customisable, 12-day self-drive tour has been designed for families travelling with children of all ages. Your tour starts and ends in Cancún, Mexico's beach capital, taking you on a cult...

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Nepal: Culture And Nature Exploration Including Hike To Astam Village

From: £785.00

​This tour includes visits to cultural and heritage sites in and around Kathmandu, boating at Phewa Lake, sightseeing around Pokhara and a short hike to Astam Village for a spectacular 360-degree p...

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Ecuador: Honeymoon On The Equator

From: £5810.00

Look at those extremely content Penguins! This could be you - basking in the island sun, ocean nearby, seafood on the menu and life is awesome. The trip below is a fully customizable itinerary th...

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Sri Lanka: Hidden Treasures Of The Pearl

From: £1536.00

Travel away from Sri Lanka’s typical tourist routes and discover more remote and exclusive destinations. Meet the incredible people working on sustainable eco-initiatives and participate in volunte...

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Laos: Three Ancient Kingdoms Of Lane Xang

From: £1893.00

Visit the former kingdoms of Luang Prabang, Vientiane and Champassak, which used to make up the Lane Xang Kingdom before the French colonial times. Embrace this unique opportunity to experience Lao...

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Colombia: Luxury Tour Of Colombia

From: £1370.00

From the lush landscapes of the coffee region to the turquoise-blue waters of the Caribbean, this 9-day trip is the perfect get-away with a touch of luxury! After a few first steps in Bogota, inclu...

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Mexico: Flight Of The Monarch Butterflies

From: £960.00

Every year between November and March, you can experience one of the most spectacular natural phenomenon in Mexico; the Monarch Butterflies. Come and spend a week in the centre of the country in th...

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Ireland: Game Of Thrones

From: £650.00

Tradition, history, heritage, breath taking scenery and the friendliest nation you’ll ever meet. This is the best of Ireland, taking you to cities, coasts and castles and the highlights of the Wil...

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The Philippines: Surf's Up Siargao

From: £1850.00

Stay on an island in the south of the Philippines that is entirely covered with palm trees. This island boasts the best waves in the Philippines and attracts surfers from all over the world. Not a ...

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Galapagos Islands: Island Hopping

From: £2040.00

Follow the very currents Darwin sailed on the HMS Beagle and discover for yourself the natural beauty  and unmatched   biodiversity  of the Galapagos ! Escape to nature, swim with seals and  walk ...

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Brazil: Natural Wonders Of Brazil

From: £3434.00

We invite you to forget what you know about Brazil. We have much more than carnival and football. From the south (with its canyons and the largest remnant of Atlantic forest in the country), to the...

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Australia: Perth, Margaret River And Sydney

From: £4825.00

Cross the big island! Taking you from Perth to Sydney and lots in-between. The trip below has been hand-picked by us, the local agency, to highlight some of our favorite spots. If there is somethin...

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Uganda: Classic - Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Game

From: £2770.00

Explore about 1450 kilometers of tracks and roads on board of comfortable vehicles. Spend eight nights in good hotels, nicely located tented camps. Enjoy cold lunches, warm and varied diners. Some ...

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Trinidad And Tobago: Combine Tobago With Trinidad's Northern Coast

From: £1850.00

The program we propose here, is the perfect mix between Beach-time, tropical forest discovery and relaxing time under the sun.

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Australia: Tailor Made Best Of Australia

From: £9202.00

The title says it all! Consider each day in this trip just inspiration and take on the opportunity to build your own personal trip to the land down under. We recommend the following trip if you are...

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Thailand: Highlights And Phuket Beaches

From: £1150.00

The perfect escape combining rich culture , surrounding natural wonders and a blissful beach paradise . From the mayhem of Bangkok to the crystal clear waters of Phuket these 10 days are the st...

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Mongolia: Nomadic Mongolia In Comfort

From: £2530.00

The Gobi Desert is known worldwide for being a renowned place to visit.  Many people fear that it is an uninhabitable place; yet, this same fear of the unknown attracts many travelers. The Gobi cov...

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Italy: Treasures Of The Amalfi Coast And Puglia

From: £2119.00

The sun and the sea, the breath-taking landscapes, delicious fresh food, a glass of limoncello and the warm welcome of the local people will seduce you from the very beginning of this unique experi...

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Kenya: Mombassa Beach And Tsavo / Amboseli Safari

From: £1550.00

This trip is perfect if you want to combine relaxing on the beach with some high intensity bush experiences. This 8-day tour combines safaris through Tsavo East, Amboseli and Tsavo West National Pa...

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Australia: Vivid Sydney, The Reef And The Rock!

From: £4395.00

An exclusive adventure across what many would consider world wonders; Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef to name a few. This fully customizable itinerary takes the best of the country and combines le...

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Portugal: Traditional Portugal And The Algarve

From: £1990.00

Fortunately, there are many more places to visit in Portugal than the major cities of Porto and Lisbon. If you are looking for something off the beaten path, this tour will help you discover Po...

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Vietnam: National Parks And Wild Life

From: £2917.00

This exciting 3-week trip allows you to discover some of the most exotic and untouched spots in the country, while taking you to a selection of Vietnam's must-see sites! In North Vietnam, your base...

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Belize: Luxury Tour

From: £3415.00

You’ll love this fully-customisable, decadent 8 day tour in Belize. Stay 4 nights at Chaa Creek, an award-winning luxury Belize Resort in a pristine rainforest setting. Chaa Creek is rated as one o...

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Madagascar: Hike From The Highlands To Makay

From: £955.00

Set off on an unforgettable highlands and wilderness discovery! Head across Andringitra Mountain, shrouded in local folklore and standing at a whopping 2,658m high. Continue on to the Makay Mountai...

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The Philippines: Luxurious Romantic Getaway

From: £2795.00

This getaway is designed to offer a memorable and romantic experience for newly-weds or for couples who simply want to get away from it all and enjoy each other’s company. This tour includes breath...

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Montenegro: Mountains, Parks And Rivers

From: £959.00

Looking to avoid the crowds of tourists and discover the real Montenegro? This 10-day, off-the-beaten-track adventure itinerary provides the most unique, outdoorsy experiences that Montenegro has t...

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Sri Lanka: Classic - Golden Triangle, Rafting Adventure And Beach

From: £1435.00

If you are looking for a holiday that encompasses  nature and adventure, with a touch of culture , than this is the perfect tour for you. As you drive through this beautiful island you will get to...

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Spain: National Parks And Medieval Villages

From: £1700.00

Along this tour, you will enjoy mountain and sea. You will start the tour by exploring the wild nature of Ordesa national park and the latent history of medieval villages such as Ainsa and Alquezar...

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Croatia: Dubrovnik And The Island Of Korcula

From: £978.00

First time visiting Croatia? This  10-day trip covers the major highlights and  'must-sees' of this beautiful country. With the (optional) assistance of an English-speaking local guide , you'll se...

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Bhutan: Jhomolhari Round Trek

From: £3120.00

Bhutan is a haven for trekkers. The Himalayan peaks, most of them virgin and un-scaled, valleys, landscape, glacial lakes, flora and fauna make Bhutan a treat for lovers of adventure. Medieval Bhut...

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Ecuador: Continental Ecuador And Galapagos Islands

From: £3665.00

This trip rocks! A combination of South America's major mountain chain and the most famous islands in the world. A trip full of wildlife, postcard views and delicious local cuisine that will knock...

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Turkey: Ski Mountaineering In Anatolia

From: £1195.00

Make your next Winter Wonderland destination in a truly unique part of the world! Hike and ski across Turkeys central regions and mountains. Your days will be full of exploration in Anatolia and C...

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Australia: 2019 Australian Open, The Great Barrier Reef And Sydney

From: £2195.00

An ultimate Australian experience, this fully customizable itinerary will hit the high points on a journey across the land down under. Begin in the city dubbed "most-livable in the world," and get ...

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Australia: Australian Grand Tour

From: £5605.00

Australia is a land of contrasts: energetic cities, clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, colourful reefs and deserts, native wildlife, tropical rainforests and a lively culture. Experience them ...

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Turkey: Aegean Wonders

From: £780.00

The area's highlight is the Greco-Roman city of Ephesus which hosts one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the temple of Artemis, as well as a well-preserved amphitheatre and library. In t...

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Albania: Grand Tour, From North To South

From: £910.00

A fully guided tour, you'll visit all there is to see and experience in Albania

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Argentina: City And Nature Tour

From: £1687.00

Go from the sites and sounds of Buenos Aires to the incredible experience of whale watching, penguin spotting and glacier exploration. Why not fit in a bit of tango along the way?

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Brazil: Highlights Of Brazil

From: £1378.00

We invite you to forget what you know about Brazil, which is way more than carnival and football. From the South, with its canyons and the largest remnant of Atlantic forest in the country, to the ...

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Costa Rica: Multi-Activity Adventure Itinerary

From: £2210.00

For highflyers looking for an adrenaline rush, this is the trip for you! Take a rafting tour through the rainforest and discover the world-famous Arenal Volcano. Walk on dry lava fields and recover...

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Uganda: Great Lakes, Game And Primates

From: £3492.00

The Great Lakes is an almost unknown region, a mythical place that is eternally green. A crossroads for all nomadic peoples, it is also the source of two of Africa’s great rivers: the Nile and the ...

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Italy: Rome, Florence And Venice Italian Discovery

From: £1600.00

Discover the finest sights in Italy , starting with the Colosseum and  Vatican City . Journey south towards Naples and legendary  Pompeii . Onwards to Florence, the  'cradle of Renaissance' and ...

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New Zealand: Highlights Of The North And South Islands

From: £3795.00

See the best of New Zealand on this independent self-drive adventure. You’ll discover Auckland, Waiheke Island, glow work caves, Maori culture, art-deco Napier, the capital Wellington, the National...

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Ecuador: Whistle Stop Quito

From: £780.00

The Whistle Stop is an opportunity for the traveler to make the most of a short stay! Our fantastic Local Agent in Quito has created this experience-rich trip for the time-poor, thrill-seeking trav...

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India: Classic - Kerala's Spices And Backwaters

From: £1370.00

Explore Kerala, the jewel of Southern India. Travel at your own pace on this 14-day tour, bringing together spice markets, yoga lessons, traditional handcrafts, visits to tea plantations and trips ...

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Mexico: Copper Canyon Train Adventure

From: £1175.00

Travel down through Mexico's Copper Canyon on the famous El Chepe train. Take a week-long, scenic ride down through Northern Mexico’s rugged and awe-inspiring mountainous landscape while enjoying t...

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Mexico: Luxury Beaches, And Mayan Ruins

From: £2333.00

Our eight-day, customisable tour   provides the perfect luxury escape for couples or small groups. You'll have the chance to experience the glorious beaches of Cancun, explore staggering Mayan arch...

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Norway: The Fjords By Kayak

From: £1380.00

Paddle from the coastal islands into the great fjords of Western Norway and wild camp at historic sites each night. On your way into UNESCO-listed Geirangerfjord, you'll enjoy scenic hikes to mount...

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India: Classic - The Wonders Of Rajasthan

From: £2000.00

This tour covers all major cities across India's vast stretch of desert, and is perfect for those interested in exploring the must-sees and hidden pleasures which lie ahead. From  the virtually un...

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Vietnam: Rice Terraces And Floating Markets

From: £1468.00

This 14 days tour is a great introduction to Vietnam's history, diverse culture, hill-tribes and local way of life which covers the highlights of Vietnam from north to south. This tour also include...

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Ireland: Authentic Pub Life!

From: £821.00

Immerse yourself in the Irish experience with a seven-day self-drive tour that explores atmospheric towns and villages filled with vibrant music and good cheer. This tour starts in Ireland’s capita...

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Spain: Mediterranean Cities North To South

From: £2295.00

Go across Spain from North to South, from a cosmopolitan Mediterranean seaside city such as Barcelona to some of the most historical places inside the country such as Toledo or Granada, listen to k...

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Peru: Whistle Stop Cusco

From: £750.00

Enjoy one of the most seductive, striking and natural city of the world, CUSCO. With this short, but all together program you will be able not only to visit this amazing city, but also to visit its...

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Iceland: Summer Road Trip For Families

From: £1760.00

Our  fully customizable , private 12-day self-drive summer tour is designed for families traveling with older children and teenagers . Your tour starts and ends in the capital, Reykjavik, taking y...

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Armenia: The Caucasus - A Cultural Discovery

From: £1282.00

In the South Caucasus, Armenia is an exceptional Christian cradle, the oldest Christian nation in the world with its tormented history. Despite the economic difficulties and the hostility of its ne...

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Mongolia: Homeland Of Shaman Dharma

From: £2645.00

Mongolian shamanism, occasionally called Tengerism refers to the animistic and shamanic religion that has been practiced in Mongolia and its surrounding areas at least since the age of recorded his...

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China: Silk Road Adventure In Xinjiang Province

From: £2006.00

Scenic landscapes and the ancient past will come to life in this 10 day voyage through the Xinjiang province. Discover the ancient cities of the silk road, colourful markets, architectural feats an...

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France: Food, Wine And Traditional Markets In The Heart Of Provence

From: £2800.00

See the heart of Provence. Stroll through markets, visit vineyards, and see its most famous sites. You’ll spend your evenings in luxury accommodation in the charming cities of Avignon and Aix-en-Pr...

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France: Mountain Hikes And Coastal Towns Of Corsica

From: £1330.00

This round trip offers mountain lovers easy to moderate hikes in a mild Mediterranean climate. Discover the untouched scenery of Corsica’s fascinating rocky landscape crossed by rushing torrents, pi...

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Montenegro: Culinary And Hiking Discoveries

From: £990.00

If you are a gourmet lover this rocky corner of a world called Montenegro is a must visit in a quest to experience all sorts of culinary delights. Whether is it delicious dairy products, organic an...

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Brazil: Route Of Emotions

From: £1100.00

We invite you to forget what you know about Brazil. We have much more than carnival and football. From the south (with its canyons and the largest remnant of Atlantic forest in the country), to the...

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Argentina: Wines And Landscapes

From: £2340.00

Spend two glorious weeks discovering everything that Argentina has to offer, from incredible landscapes to delicious wines and everything in between. Roam Buenos Aires, Iguazu, Salta and Mendoza am...

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Namibia:  Natural Highlights

From: £2700.00

13 Days to visit some of the major highlights Namibia has to offer. Spend time amongst the ancient sand dunes in Sossusvlei, go back in time with the coastal time of Swakopmund. Experience the vast...

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Burma: Highlights And Culture

From: £1304.00

Experience the colonial splendour of Yangon and travelling to Bagan, an ancient temple site and where you will discover over 2,000 breathtaking temples. Fly to the last royal capital Mandalay and f...

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Peru: Family Trip In The Incan Empire

From: £1672.00

Discover Peru in an incredible way, combining the most amazing of sights, such as archaeological sites and mountainous vistas, with sporting activities like rafting, horseback riding, mountain biki...

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Peru: Luxury Getaway In Peru

From: £2292.00

This trip combines Peru’s vibrant, mystical culture with world-class luxury accommodation. Travel with us through the heartland of Peru – Lima, and the Pacific Coast, the beauty of the Sacred Valle...

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Patagonia: Highlights Of Argentina

From: £1810.00

This 14-day itinerary covers Argentina's must-see highlights, from Buenos Aires to the pristine glaciers of Patagonia. Experience local cuisine and the sensual tango in 'the Paris of South America,...

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Bolivia: Classic Tour With Amazon Highlights

From: £3531.00

Bolivia boasts some of the richest ecosystems , landscapes , and wildlife spots on the planet. Over the course of 18 days , you'll journey through the country's most significant natural heritage s...

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Ireland: Ultimate Ireland Explorer

From: £997.00

This 7-night Road Trip shows you the best that Ireland has to offer, beginning with Ireland’s bustling capital of Dublin. Venturing on to some of the more pastoral regions of Ireland, such as the W...

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Madagascar: The Extraordinary South Coast

From: £1217.00

Discover the extraordinary south coast of Madagascar - offering the greatest variety of landscapes, climates and ethnicities in one fell sweep. From tours in an aluminium foundry and woodcarving sh...

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Burma: Mandalay And Inle Lake

From: £2043.00

Discover the highlights of Myanmar in this 2 weeks journey! From the timeless ancient royal capital of Mandalay to the majestic Inle lake, immerse yourself in the rich culture of this magnificent c...

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Cuba: Fly And Drive From Santiago To Havana

From: £1873.00

Welcome to Cuba a magical island full of charm and with a lot of Caribbean flavor. In this exciting tour in hotels and apartments and by rental car we will visit, among other more cities: • Santia...

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Bolivia: Highlights Tour

From: £1470.00

Bolivia is a jewel . In the heart of South America, it has preserved its  traditions and a strong culture . This country is also a  priceless natural treasure .This comprehensive trip raises awaren...

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Peru: Romantic Honeymoon Escape

From: £1782.00

Peru - a romantic, magical and mystical country! We have prepared a programme for honeymooners, which encompasses the main sites and attractions of Peru. Discover Peru in a special way, rafting on ...

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Turkey: Land Of 1001 Nights - Istanbul And Cappadocia

From: £1355.00

With this program we’re going to take you to the land of a thousand and one nights. Luxury boutique hotels, private cruise on the Bosphorus, deluxe hot air balloon flight over the moonlike landsca...

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Italy: Southern Classic From Florence To Naples

From: £1800.00

Experience the famous sites in and around Rome, Florence and Naples as you tour the South of Italy, where age-old history, culture and architecture meets wonderful food and beautiful weather. From ...

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Canada: Newfoundland - In The Footsteps Of The Vikings

From: £2490.00

At the tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula, a Viking expedition from Greenland built a settlement over 1000 years ago. Against a stunning backdrop, discover the fascinating archaeologica...

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Venezuela: The Greatest Trekking Experience

From: £1590.00

Do you like hiking? This itinerary was made for you! During 20 days, you’ll discover the greatest trekking experiences in Venezuela. First, you’ll walk across the Andean mountain range, in order to...

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Canada: Explore The Yukon Territory And The Arctic Sea

From: £4695.00

Don’t dream. Just DO IT! This Independent or Small Group Escorted journey for the adventurous traveller, is possible year round. In summer and autumn, drive on the famous Dempster Highway through n...

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Belize: Maya Reef Explorer

From: £2349.00

A three day inland adventure to Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary plus five days at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, a remote tropical marine park and designated world heritage site fifty-five miles off the sh...

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Vietnam: Mekong Delta Discovery

From: £538.00

The tour takes in Saigon, the former name of Ho Chi Minh City which was once also called "the Pearl of the Far East". Still the largest city and the industrial and trading centre of Vietnam, explor...

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Venezuela: Classic Tour

From: £1982.00

This wide trip of 21 days is great to explore an overall of Venezuela and its incredible spots such as: Angel Falls, Orinoco Delta, Llanos, the Andes and the Caribbean Coast: You will see all of it...

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Crete: Trekking Into The Wild

From: £920.00

If you think of Crete as nothing but an island of cosmopolitan beaches and towns, then this twelve-day trekking trip will totally change your mind about this incredibly variable piece of mountainou...

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Sri Lanka: Highlights For Families With Children

From: £915.00

Our  fully customisable , private 10-day Sri Lanka highlights tour has been designed for families travelling with children aged 5 and up. Your tour starts and ends in Colombo, taking you through th...

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Laos: A Tour Of The Highlights

From: £2655.00

Discover different facets of Laos, starting in the Lao capital, Vientiane, a gentle introduction to the country. Venture to the outskirts of the city before heading north to Oudomxay and Muang Lao....

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Poland: Jewish Heritage Tour

From: £961.00

From the 11th century till the beginning of the World War II, Poland was known as the cultural and spiritual centre of European Jews. Many of the Polish Jews gained the fame all around the world. A...

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Bhutan: Curiosity In Eastern Bhutan

From: £1300.00

Bhutan’s eastern region comprises of Samdrupjongkhar, Pemagtshel, Trashigang, Trashiyangtse, Mongar and Lhuentse. On this scenic journey, you will explore some of the stunning sights of beautiful c...

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Kyrgyzstan: Highlights Tour

From: £1106.00

This 10 day tour is perfectly suited for those looking to discover the wild lands of Kyrgyzstan. You will begin by exploring the capital city, Bishkek, before embarking on a wonderful tour that wil...

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Vietnam: Classic Luxury Tour

From: £2385.00

You don't have to be a backpacker to experience Vietnam's culture, landscapes, cuisine, and history. Over 16 days, stay and travel in luxury, while exploring the country's vibrant capital, Hanoi, t...

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Turkey: Landscapes And Paradise Beaches

From: £1420.00

With a hop and skip from point to point, you’ll discover the varied landscapes of moon-like Cappadocia, the antique city of Ephesus and the charming bays and coves of the Mediterranean coast with i...

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Vietnam: Tour The Countryside And Explore The Cities

From: £1512.00

In a country as diverse as Vietnam, two weeks is ideal to visit as many must-sees , lanscapes , and fascinating  cultural highlights as possible. In 14 days, you'll journey from Hanoi to Saigon , ...

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Nepal: Makalu Base Camp Challenge

From: £2167.00

One for sports and adventure lovers up for a challenge - Makalu Base Camp (5250m) is the world’s 5th highest mountain, and is located 22 km east of Everest and 80 km west of Kanchanjunga. Today, th...

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Burma: Green Footsteps In Myanmar

From: £1369.00

Let’s make a few small changes for the awareness of Mother Nature by travelling in a sustainable way which minimizes the negative impacts and consider the well-being of the host community with eve...

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Turkey: Istanbul And The Lycian Way

From: £905.00

A unique path to travel, this fully customizable trip should be seen as a collection of incredible experiences hand-picked by our local agency. With opportunities to experience the best this countr...

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Venezuela: Highlights Tour

From: £887.00

This complete trip of 8 days is a great way to explore an overall of Venezuelan highlights such as the Angel Falls and the Orinoco Delta.

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Jordan: In The Footsteps Of The Bible In Jordan And Israel

From: £1015.00

Jordan is perhaps the richest destination of diversities, its activities are numerous and varied: the cultural sites of Petra and Jerash known all over the world, the nature reserves of Dana, Azrak...

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Mexico: Hacienda Road Trip

From: £1413.00

Cruise the Yucatán Peninsula whilst staying in the most romantic and luxurious hotels around! Haciendas are one of the highlights of Yucatán and will make for a perfect romantic getaway. 10 bli...

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Thailand: Pearl Of The South

From: £1391.00

Thailand is a diverse country and its Southern part has much to offer. This trip has been designed for those looking to get away from the main tourist attractions and witness the beauties this coun...

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China: Classic - Beijing, Yunnan And Shanghai

From: £2060.00

This customisable, two-week tour encompasses the thriving cities of China and the wonders of the countryside. Travel from Beijing to the beautiful city of Lijang and explore the natural treasures o...

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Ireland: Hiking The Wicklow Way

From: £1130.00

Crossing the Wicklow Mountains and finishing in Dublin city, the beautiful Wicklow Way is Ireland’s classic hiking trail. Starting in the picturesque village of Clonegal, on the Wexford-Wicklow-Car...

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Vietnam: From Vietnam To Cambodia And Laos

From: £3122.00

There is enough to see in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for several lifetimes. Our solution: we've taken the highlights from each, and combined them into one incredible 25-day trip! From boat cruises ...

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Poland: Krakow Whistle Stop

From: £499.00

We invite for an unforgettable city break in Krakow. You will sleep in the castle, paint Christmas baubles, (Polish folk specialty!), visit Krakow Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage), go for special m...

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