Evaneos is an award-winning platform connecting you with the best local travel agencies around the world to create authentic, tailor-made tours. By cutting straight to the local experts, we give you access to unparalleled local knowledge, 24/7 on-the-ground assistance, and local prices with no mark-up. Since 2009, over 300,000 travellers have set off on a tour via Evaneos, and our 96% traveller satisfaction rate reflects the quality of the local agencies we work with. Our local partners cater to every interest and style, so whether you’re a couple, family, group, or solo traveller, Evaneos’ local experts are waiting to create your perfect trip.

Local expertise and 24/7 support

Evaneos has rigorous selection criteria for the travel agencies it works with and an in-house team is dedicated to sourcing and vetting each and every agency. Our local partners are all fully licenced, English-speaking professionals who are passionate about helping travellers explore the destination they call home. Being locally-based, they’re available 24/7 on-the-ground while you travel and can advise you on everything from how to avoid tourist traps to where you can find hidden gems that only locals know about.

Tailor-made travel at local prices

Like any tailor-made tour, with Evaneos you have the freedom to customise everything in your itinerary to suit your travel style, interests, and budget: accommodation, duration, activities, transport, and guide or driver accompaniment. The difference? You won’t pay a hefty middle-man fee. Evaneos takes its commission from the local agencies it works with, not its travellers, so you’ll pay the same amount regardless of having gone through the Evaneos platform, while benefiting from guarantees like secure online payment in GBP.

Guarantees for safety and security

As the pioneer of the direct-to-local platform in the travel industry, we know how important it is for travellers to feel secure and supported from A to Z. Think of Evaneos as your safety net, providing you with that all-important peace of mind allowing you to set off on your trip worry-free. We’re an ABTA member and have been operating for ten years, so you can book your locally-made trip with confidence.

A fairer deal for everyone

Today, many destinations depend on revenue generated by tourism. Did you know that for every £100 you spend booking a trip through a traditional tour operator, only between £10 and £40 stays in the destination? Through Evaneos' straight-to-local model, that number is £73, meaning that local economies are able to retain more income while providing you with a unique, personalised travel experience through their extensive network of local suppliers.

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Our top 200 trips

Argentina: Active Patagonia Adventure

From: £2740.00

Enjoy an 8 day adventure trip in gorgeous Patagonia! During this trip, you will discover the incredible and unique scenery of this amazing region through hikes and treks . Join your guide , and exp...

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Kenya: Savannah And Gorillas

From: £3520.00

Experience the spellbinding beauty of Kenya and Uganda during this once in a lifetime African safari adventure!  Our local, experienced guides are ready to deliver the thrill of coming face to ...

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Chile: Millenarian Cultures

From: £1580.00

Embark on a laid back , 10-day discovery of Chilean culture , baffling landscapes and ancient legends . Begin your journey in the melting pot of Santiago de Chile where the old meets new and witn...

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Nepal: Boutique Meets Culture

From: £3955.00

Stay at Nepal’s most luxurious hotels and resorts while enjoying the majestic views of Himalayas, culture and wildlife Safari. We will accommodate you at the world's top quality resorts and hotels ...

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Turkey: Aladaglar Mountain Trek And Cappadocia

From: £705.00

Take on the Aladaglar Mountains with this hand-made adventure experience in Turkey. Stunning views, incredible hikes, and unforgettable underground cities await you. Speak to the Local Agency about...

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The Philippines: Luxury In Palawan

From: £2925.00

This tour is well suited for those looking for a short holiday in our beautiful country. Discover El Nido and its natural wonders. Get pampered on a private island and embark on a journey into the ...

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Chile: Natural Treasures And Cultural Discovery

From: £2965.00

Chile , the land of lakes, deserts, mountains, glaciers and volcanoes.  Combine a melting pot of  cultural discovery  and a stunning nature retreat.  Discover the chilean way of life in humble town...

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Chile: Sustainable Tourism In The Chiloe Archipelago

From: £2580.00

Take this truly unique trip through the  Chiloé archipelago! During 4 days, you will sail from island to island in this beautiful area, and learn about the traditional customs and culture. This t...

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Thailand: Northern Adventure For Families

From: £1859.00

Our  fully customizable , private 9-day Northern Thailand tour has been designed for families traveling with children aged 5 and up . Your tour starts in the picturesque Chiang Rai and ends in Ch...

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Russia: Winter Wonderland And Christmas Markets

From: £1520.00

Experience the winter wonderland magic by visiting the beautifully decorated snow-covered city of Moscow and take your time to enjoy special winter activities. Discover the Christmas fairs, magnifi...

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Argentina: City Lights And Patagonia Adventure

From: £1665.00

This trip will allow you to discover the diversity of incredible Argentina . From Buenos Aires , the pulsating tango capital , to the impressive mountains , wonderful lakes and boundless routes of ...

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Peru: Family Trip To Machu Picchu And Northern Amazonia

From: £1755.00

Bienvenido a Peru! Welcome to the Incan Empire! An adventure awaits you and your family. Discover the ancient ruins nestled deep in the Andean mountains , the incredible city of  Cusco and its go...

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Iceland: Winter Luxury, 8 Days

From: £3960.00

Experience Iceland’s enchanting winter landscapes. Get a bird’s eye view of this magical landscape from a helicopter, then be whisked away in a Jeep under luminous night skies. Cruise along the sou...

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Cuba: Nature Tour: Havana And Cayo Santa Maria

From: £1535.00

Welcome to Cuba, a magical island full of charm and with a lot of Caribbean flavour. In this exciting tour in hotels, private house and rental car we will visit: Havana with its impressive historic...

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Italy: Whistle-Stop Rome

From: £750.00

Roman history and ​l egends combined with Italian cuisine  and o ff-the-beaten-path excursions are the essences of  Whistle-stop Rome ! Our fantastic Local Agency has put together a micro trip...

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Russia: Trans-Siberian On The Imperial Russia

From: £4120.00

The Trans-Siberian Railway, the most famous railway in the world, offers a unique route through the heart of Russia. Traversing the world’s largest country from East to West, from Europe to Asia, ...

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Madagascar: The Charm Of The North

From: £2098.00

The trip will begin from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar and lead you to the Northern part of the Island. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the Amber Mountain National...

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Panama: Cultural Tour - Meet The Locals

From: £2836.00

Embark on a tour to expand your knowledge of the history of Panama, and its people. Meet the Guna and Embera tribes and learn of their cultures past and present. Panama culture has so many influenc...

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Burma: Hidden Treasures

From: £2685.00

On this specially designed tour you will see villages and meet various ethnic groups that few other travellers will have come across. Starting from colonial Yangon and magnificent heritage sites, a...

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Costa Rica: Adventure For Families With Teenagers

From: £1390.00

Bring your loved ones  on an exciting trip to Costa Rica ! On this journey , you will hike in the beautiful La Paz Waterfall Gardens , go Whitewater Rafting at the Balsa River , discover the local ...

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Turkey: Land Of 1001 Nights - Istanbul And Cappadocia

From: £1355.00

With this program we’re going to take you to the land of a thousand and one nights. Luxury boutique hotels, private cruise on the Bosphorus, deluxe hot air balloon flight over the moonlike landsca...

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Italy: Spectacular Lakes Of The North

From: £4000.00

Italy's northern landscapes are like a fairytale, where rainbow-hued villages line gradient blue-to-green lakes, cradled by forested peaks. Get accustomed to strolls through perfectly manicured gar...

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France: Food And Wine In The Heart Of Provence

From: £2800.00

Discover the heart of Provence! Stroll through markets , visit vineyards , and see its most famous sites. You’ll spend your evenings in luxury accommodation in the charming cities of Avignon and Ai...

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Jordan: Family Trip In Jordan

From: £1155.00

This itinerary is based on a family trip with children to take care of them with a gentle rhythm. Free activities of fleet on the Dead Sea and swimming in the Red Sea with diving in a sea rich by i...

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Cambodia: Highlight Tour - Exploring The North West

From: £1365.00

This original journey is perfect for those interested in discovering the heart of Cambodia . We begin with the lively riverside capital of Phnom Penh, a beguiling blend of Asia, past and present. ...

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Madagascar: Rainforests And Whales To Île Sainte-Marie

From: £2555.00

Discover the eastern regions of Madagascar and ignite your spirit of adventure with a visit to the Pangalanes Channel – a historical route that led to the conquest of the Middle Eastern civilisatio...

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China: Winter Beauty

From: £2546.00

Explore the winter wonderland China has to offer like the Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, Sun Island snow sculpture expo, ice lantern show, Chagan Lake winter fishing tour, winter swimming ...

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Croatia: The Balkans Road Trip

From: £2460.00

Croatia – Slovenia – Bosnia & Herzegovina – Montenegro Experience all that this world-famous destination has to offer. You may have seen the quirky streets of Croatia, the breath-taking wall...

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Uruguay: Highlights Tour

From: £1402.00

With this eight-day tour, you will enjoy the most emblematic places of the entire South Coast of Uruguay. From the historic city of Colonia del Sacramento through its capital Montevideo to the ecol...

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Sri Lanka: National Parks And Ancient Cities

From: £1550.00

If the real attraction for you is to see the different aspects of the Island of Sri Lanka , then this program is the perfect mix for you. During this 13 day adventure, you will visit many incredibl...

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Armenia: Snowshoeing Across Armenian Mountains

From: £1080.00

We propose this 8 day trip, of which 5 in snowshoes crossing the mountain chains of Vardeniats, Tegheniats, Sevan Lake, Khachkars (cross-stones) until the monastery of Noravank. During the trip you...

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Kenya: Cultural Safari In Nairobi - Nyeri - Samburu - Masaai Mara

From: £2655.00

This cultural itinerary is one of the most fascinating sustainable safari in Kenya where by you interact and touch base with the local communities as one of them. The safari is a must see as it con...

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Vietnam: Vietnam For The Solo Traveler

From: £1098.00

Mix in wellness, adventure, legendary bays and delicious street food. Vietnam is a warm and welcoming country that offers any traveler a chance to indulge in their interests and passions. Here we s...

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Crete: Road Trip From The Mountains To The Sea

From: £790.00

For anyone looking to discover the authentic, wilder side of Crete, this is the perfect tour for you. Over the course of eleven days, prepare to venture to the most significant Natural Parks and s...

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Peru: Classic Southern Tour

From: £2264.00

Experience Southern Peru, from its natural wonders to its historic colonial cities. Ancient Inca capital Cusco, and the legendary lost city of Machu Picchu are on top of the list. Embark on an amaz...

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Ireland: Heritage Trip To Ireland

From: £1500.00

Explore the long rich history of Ireland.  Visit Kilkenny and Waterford, Ireland's historic capitals. Stroll craft studios and quaint seaside villages. See a 6th century monastery in Ireland's larg...

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Armenia: Cycling And Sightseeing Adventure

From: £867.00

The programme includes pleasant cycling through villages or sometimes on asphalt when there is no other way. The trip is scheduled so that sport activity will take up from morning till afternoon. A...

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India: Luxury - Golden Triangle, Jodhpur Und Udaipur

From: £2000.00

This tour is ideal for travellers looking for a two-week long getaway to experience the highlights of India. Visit the famous Golden Triangle, and   cover the cities of New Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. ...

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Colombia: Highlights Tour

From: £1900.00

Experience as much of Colombia's wide-ranging natural landscapes, cities, activities and sights as possible, on this 15-day exclusive tour. From lush jungles with warm, cascading waterfalls, to sha...

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Montenegro: Culinary And Hiking Discoveries

From: £990.00

If you are a gourmet lover this rocky corner of a world called Montenegro is a must visit in a quest to experience all sorts of culinary delights. Whether is it delicious dairy products, organic an...

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Iceland: The Very Best Of Iceland

From: £2530.00

Hot springs and geysers, mountains and volcanoes, wildlife and culture, are only some of the phenomena you will experience during this trip to Iceland! Spend an extraordinary week with a perfect mi...

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Montenegro: The Best Of Montenegro

From: £839.00

If you are in love with the great outdoors and want to discover Montenegro freely, this circuit will offer you one of the most beautiful outdoor experiences of the country. Discover breathtaking la...

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Burma: Luxury And Charm

From: £4613.00

Experience the finest of Myanmar which attracts high-end visitors with its colonial properties such as the Belmond Governor’s Residence in Yangon and boutique hotels across the country. It is journ...

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Ireland: Discover The Beauty Of Northern Ireland

From: £1250.00

Take the route less travelled, hit the lesser known attractions and go out of the way on this exciting and different tour of the Northern coastlines . Visit dramatic cliffs overlooking the wild wat...

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Poland: Tasting Poland - A Culinary Route

From: £1069.00

What's better than a quick get-a-way  combining  charming medieval towns, stunning scenery with delicious local cuisine ,  baking workshops, and beer tastings ? That's pretty much as good as it get...

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China: Magnificient China Via High Speed Train

From: £2900.00

China has one of the world's oldest and continuous civilizations, dating back more than five thousand years . This comprehensive tour introduces the many delights of this diverse land , full of ou...

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Vietnam: National Parks And Wild Life

From: £2917.00

This exciting 3-week trip allows you to discover some of the most exotic and untouched spots in the country, while taking you to a selection of Vietnam's must-see sites! In North Vietnam, your base...

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Italy: Treasures Of The Amalfi Coast And Puglia

From: £2119.00

The sun and the sea, the breath-taking landscapes, delicious fresh food, a glass of limoncello and the warm welcome of the local people will seduce you from the very beginning of this unique experi...

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Nepal: Buddhism, Safari, And Outdoor Adventure

From: £1181.00

Across 12 days , you'll find yourself immersed in a combination of some of Nepal's most significant natural , cultural , and religious features . Lovers of the Great Outdoors , this is the itinera...

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Laos: Historical Roots Tour

From: £1910.00

This tour will inspire those interested in visiting regions and provinces that have marked Laos’ development. From the ancient and mysterious sacred sites like the Plain of Jars, the former royal c...

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Japan: Whistle Stop In Tokyo

From: £69000.00

From the 1400-year-old temple to a Robot restaurant , Tokyo has it all! Quiet the mind through  Zen meditation in the UNESCO World Heritage Nikko shrine , take part in a traditional Japanese tea ...

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Uganda: Culture And Safari Tour

From: £2780.00

Welcome to Uganda, the home of the fantastic Uganda Gorilla . During this trip, you will  have a unique change to experience the diverse flora and fauna of the country, the marvelous Uganda Gori...

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Peru: No Stone Unturned

From: £1754.00

The Best of Peru in 2 Weeks! With this programme, you will be able to travel to Peru starting from the coast, traveling all the way to the south. You will start from Lima, where you will be able to...

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Greenland: South Greenland Explorer

From: £2895.00

Glaciers, Big Walls of the Arctic & Hot Spring. This 15-day tour takes you to the highlights of Greenland’s south. Enjoy the “big walls” of the Arctic in Tasermiut fjord, relax in the unique Uu...

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Greenland: Nuuk To Ilulissat Under The Midnight Sun

From: £3250.00

Greenland’s capital, Nuuk, is a city of vitality, surrounded by immense nature and filled with vibrant Greenlanders leading fascinating lives of old traditions, modern twists, and diverse influence...

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Spain: Road Trip In Andalusia And Southern Spain

From: £1644.00

Experience the vibrant soul of Spain in Andalusia , moving freely in your rental car between hilltop villages , natural parks and historic towns . Feel the pulse of flamenco in Seville and stop b...

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France: The Loire Valley And Amboise's Marvelous Châteaux And Vineyards

From: £5000.00

Central France’s Loire Valley impresses with its stunning castles, rich history, and the unique harmony between its natural and cultural sites. A 125-mile (200-kilometer) stretch along the Loire Ri...

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Mexico: Beach And Cooking Class In Mexico!

From: £2661.00

In this itinerary you will not only have sun, cristal clear water and white beaches, but also give the oppurtunity to go snorkeling and learn how to cook mexican delicious food by locals. Combine t...

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India: Culture And Culinary Tour To India

From: £1700.00

Experience the variety of the Indian Kitchen on 9 day trip! On this journey , you will discover flavors and taste that are unique to this colorful cuisine . You will have the chance to cook delicio...

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France: Indulge The South Of France: Nice, Marseille And Avignon

From: £2840.00

Discover the amazing cities and areas around southern France! Starting on the French riviera , this trip will bring you from Nice to Marseille and Avignon , and let you discover the uniqueness in e...

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Uzbekistan: Along The Great Silk Road: The 5 Stans

From: £5195.00

Professionally created itinerary lets you complete the tour through Central Asia just for 27 days, explore all the highlights of Central Asia, learning its history, enjoy its breathtaking nature, a...

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Mexico: Spotlight Mexico And Colonial Towns

From: £1657.00

Looking to get off the beaten track? Embrace a Mexico rarely visited by tourists on this 15-day tour, starting in Mexico City. Explore the colonial towns of Bernal and Queretaro, encounter colourfu...

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Burma: Buddhism And Archaeology

From: £802.00

This 6 day programme aims to have a closer look at the commercial city “Yangon” and ancient archaeological site “Bagan”, standing on the eastern banks of the Ayeyarwady River, known for the Bagan A...

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Mexico: Copper Canyon Train Adventure

From: £1175.00

Travel down through Mexico's Copper Canyon on the famous El Chepe train. Take a week-long, scenic ride down through Northern Mexico’s rugged and awe-inspiring mountainous landscape while enjoying t...

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Greenland: Wonders Of Greenland

From: £2195.00

Getting to know southern Greenland means going beyond the Arctic frontier: a world which until now has been the home of the Inuit people, and which still holds on to the flavor of their traditional...

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Burma: Family Tour

From: £1698.00

Myanmar is perfectly suited for family holiday as kid will immerse quickly with it's friendly local people and beautiful culture by feel like their home. This tour is particularly designed for the ...

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Rwanda: Beautiful Rwanda

From: £1000.00

Discover the cultural heritage , history and nature of incredible Rwanda during 8 days! On this trip, you will have the opportunity to learn about the emotional history of the Rwandan Genocide , ...

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Mongolia: Homeland Of Shaman Dharma

From: £2645.00

Mongolian shamanism, occasionally called Tengerism refers to the animistic and shamanic religion that has been practiced in Mongolia and its surrounding areas at least since the age of recorded his...

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Bhutan: Himalayan Wonderland Adventure

From: £2720.00

Explore the splendors of the Himalayan Kingdom,  traveling from west to central Bhutan. Known as the “ happiness country ” to the outside world with friendly and hospitable people, this tour offers...

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Turkmenistan: Highlights Tour

From: £2084.00

Garşylamak! Welcome to Turkmenistan! In this tour, you will view the best our country has to offer. You will land in the capital, Ashgabat, and have the opportunity of visiting the city. You will d...

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Mexico: Mayan Wonders In Two Weeks

From: £1790.00

Would you love to explore the highlights of Mexico, stumble through the jungles, wander around the colonial cities and relax on the white beaches of Mexico? During this 12-day tour, discover the be...

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Crete: Classical Crete With Wine, Archaeology And Island Life

From: £945.00

This trip allows you to explore the most important sites and feel the authentic taste of Crete. Visit its classic must-see places, its enchanting historical cities, its famous archaeological sites,...

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Uzbekistan: Journey To The Aral Sea

From: £1638.00

Be captivated by ancient and historical Uzbekistan - from the Caravan City to the Silk Road. At the Yurt camp of Yangui Gazgan, enjoy a typical Uzbek dinner around a desert camp fire! Immerse yours...

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Montenegro: Adventure In Montenegro And Albania

From: £1359.00

Hidden by a ring of mountains two Adriatic countries offer a great variety together. Whether is it cruising through the waterlilies of Skadar Lake , marveling over the shapes of the Moraca canyon...

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Colombia: Amazon And Wildlife Discovery

From: £1380.00

Discover the Amazon , one of  the most unexplored and mystical places in the world! Arrive in Bogotá and enjoy the historical main center of this capital. Continue to the Amazon and immerse your...

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Australia: Boutique Travel 'Down Under'

From: £5475.00

A compilation of the best the country down-under has to offer the comfortable traveler. Take a walk through the city streets of Melbourne and Sydney, relax on the nearby island beaches of Hamilton ...

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Madagascar: Canoeing Journey Down Manambolo River

From: £828.00

Venture deep into the heart of 'The Ménabé Country,' a beautiful region situated in the west of Madagascar. From the volcanic landscapes of the Itasy Lake to the Bongolava Mountain Range, you’ll ca...

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Ecuador: Continental Ecuador And The Galapagos Islands

From: £3845.00

This trip rocks! A combination of South America's major mountain chain and the most famous islands in the world. A trip full of wildlife, postcard views and delicious local cuisine that will knock...

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Morocco: Luxury Weekend Getaway

From: £425.00

Run away for a long-weekend and enjoy the bustling souks of Marrakech and the peaceful beauty of the High Atlas Mountains, whilst enjoying the comforts of boutique Moroccan riads.

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Portugal: Family Adventure To Lisbon And Algarve

From: £693.00

Families visiting Portugal will discover  an irresistible mix of culture , golden sand beaches and opportunities to be active and to relax . Naturally, different ages have different tastes and nee...

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Iceland: The Grand Tour

From: £2390.00

This two-week tour is perfect for adventurers. Follow the ring road circling the entire island and explore every corner of Iceland. Discover waterfalls, volcanoes, fjords, hot pools and glaciers. B...

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China: Discovering Mysterious Tibet

From: £2350.00

Travelers in Tibet continuously marvel at the unique wonders of this mystical, alluring land at the top of the world, which only opened to tourism less than 30 years ago. And its not difficult to s...

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Croatia: Simply The Best Of Croatia

From: £1060.00

Discover Croatia's colourful cities through different regions from continental Croatia down to the glistening coast of Dalmatia . A rental car will enable you to travel at your own pace , as you ...

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South Korea: 14 Days Enchantments Of Korea

From: £2886.00

Be prepared to be enchanted at the sight of Korea's wonders. South Korea is a joy to explore for travelers with a keen interest in both ancient and modern history, culture and cuisine. This 14-day...

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Madagascar: Classic South

From: £1792.00

The trip will begin from Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar and lead you to the southern part. During the trip you will have the opportunity to discover some of the well-known sites of this ar...

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South Africa: The Ingadi Road Trip: Cape Town And The Garden Route

From: £4465.00

This is the ideal trip in which to experience Cape Town , the famous Garden Route and  safaris  in the Eastern Cape. After 4 days of exploring Cape Town, make your way to the heart of the world-ren...

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Chile: Sustainable Tourism : San Pedro De Atacama

From: £1430.00

Experience San Pedro de Atacama in a unique way! On this trip, you will build a close relationship with the local guides , who will explain the local culture , customs and traditions of the  Lic...

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Kenya: Amboseli, Samburu And Mara Highlights

From: £2930.00

Looking for that romantic getaway with an exotic twist? This is the trip for you. Spend 7 wonderful days exploring the most beautiful areas of Kenyan wilderness. Travelling mostly by air, you’ll mi...

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Portugal: Whistle-Stop Porto

From: £440.00

Spend four days in gorgeous Porto! This is the city of ​w ine , the beautiful Douro River and valley, and the Portuguese capital of the baroque architecture . The location of the historic center ...

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India: Harvest Festival Southern India

From: £1600.00

Enchanting India with all its beautiful colors always is in search of an opportunity to shatter its varied colors in the form of festivals is what the fascinating experience is all about during thi...

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Poland: Four Corners Tour - Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Krakov

From: £1102.00

A nation known for its intense history , charming narrow streets and colorful buildings ! Immerse yourself in cultural wonders, UNESCO Heritage sites, rich history, culinary specialities, quaint s...

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Italy: Romantic Honeymoon Escape

From: £2700.00

This 9-day tour will give you reason to honeymoon all over again - designed to bring romantic cities to life, you'll experience history, culture and sensory delight at every turn. Have a personal p...

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Bolivia: Classic Tour With Amazon Highlights

From: £3531.00

Bolivia boasts some of the richest ecosystems , landscapes , and wildlife spots on the planet. Over the course of 18 days , you'll journey through the country's most significant natural heritage s...

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Mexico: Historical And Cultural Highlights

From: £2529.00

This 20 day-tour combines the cultural and historical highlights of Mexico, focusing on nature and active travel! Climb dormant volcanoes, trek deep into the jungles to visit hidden ruins, and expl...

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Kenya: Luxury Safari East Africa

From: £4610.00

Travel in style from the city lights of Nairobi to plains of Masai Mara and the shores of Lake Victoria. This 6 day journey is a coupling of luxury full board camps and full on adventure! We take y...

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India: Golden Triangle And Ranthambore For Families

From: £1250.00

Our  fully customisable , private 9-day India tour has been designed for families travelling with children aged 5 and above, and is one of our most popular itineraries for kids and parents alike! ...

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Papua New Guinea: Wonders Of New Guinea

From: £5345.00

Take the chance to gain a truly unique experience , and visit Papua New Guinea during 8 days! On this trip, you will have the opportunity to learn about the traditional cultures of the Sepik Peopl...

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Croatia: Adventure From Dubrovnik To Budapest

From: £1969.00

Begin your journey in Croatia - discovering the history, sites and indulging in the delicious cuisine that has been influenced by the sea, land and neighbors. Bike, walk and adventure your way acro...

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China: History, Archaeology And Nature

From: £2124.00

Replete with cultural stimulation, this journey will take you to the bustling cities of Shanghai and Beijing and a few remote villages between them. Take a deep breath at the top of the Great Wall ...

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Vietnam: Active Family Trip To Vietnam

From: £1764.00

Welcome to Vietnam, we are excited for your family adventure and all the fun and unique experiences that are available to you. We begin with a warm and smiley welcome to Hanoi - and an orientation ...

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Trinidad And Tobago: Combine Tobago With Trinidad's Northern Coast

From: £1850.00

The program we propose here, is the perfect mix between Beach-time, tropical forest discovery and relaxing time under the sun.

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Australia: Perth, Margaret River And Sydney

From: £4825.00

Cross the big island! Taking you from Perth to Sydney and lots in-between. The trip below has been hand-picked by us, the local agency, to highlight some of our favorite spots. If there is somethin...

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Peru: Luxury Getaway In Peru

From: £2292.00

This trip combines Peru’s vibrant, mystical culture with world-class luxury accommodation. Travel with us through the heartland of Peru – Lima, and the Pacific Coast, the beauty of the Sacred Valle...

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Costa Rica: Road Trip For Families With Teens

From: £1520.00

Our  fully customisable , private 14-day Costa Rica tour has been designed for families travelling with teenagers or older children. Your tour starts and ends in San José, taking you through the pi...

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Ireland: Golf The Green Island

From: £575.00

Besides the scenery and the "forty shades of green", there are over 300 golf courses on the island of Ireland. With that, Ireland is the country with the most golf courses in the world per head, p...

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France: A Different Take On The City Of Light

From: £2800.00

This is no standard tour of the City of Light. There is no room here for ordinary activities and tourist traps! On your Parisian adventure, you will enjoy a walking food & wine tasting tour of the ...

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New Zealand: Nature Road Trip

From: £4450.00

Want the freedom of having your own vehicle and like staying in luxurious boutique accommodation whilst enjoying fantastic local experiences? Then this itinerary is for you! Travel from north to so...

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Turkey: Istanbul - Modern Meets Ancient

From: £720.00

The exceptional geographical situation of Istanbul straddled across the Bosphorus, a hyphen between Europe and Asia, has attracted through history many powers. Called “New Rome” in the 4th century,...

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Panama: Highlights Of The Panama Canal

From: £2570.00

Take this opportunity to discover the Panama Canal, a tribute to history and astonishing landmarks. Travel through Panama’s central mountain range, discover old Spanish forts and French canal remai...

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Jordan: The Essence Of Jordan Tour

From: £1350.00

With only six days to spare and a  craving to explore distant worlds , Jordan is the answer you seek. Embark on a true, unspoiled experience combining cultural and natural wonders.  Begin your jou...

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Russia: Whistle-Stop Moscow

From: £670.00

You probably never have enough time to explore the city to the most but our Whistle-stop Moscow adventure is the best way to do it. The itinerary is full of different activities and visits that wil...

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Greece: History Designer Trip

From: £667.00

Travel back thousands of years to a time of great architects, philosophers , and mythical gods captured in mega temples and monuments . If the thought of Olympian warriors, ageless monasterie...

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Armenia: Family Trip To Uncover Ancient Armenia

From: £1275.00

A special program created to introduce Diaspora Armenian youth to Armenian history, culture, public life, religion and family traditions. To build strong relations with the Homeland, to reinforce n...

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Burma: Local Culture And Lifestyle

From: £1849.00

Explore the jewels of Myanmar in this 12 day programme. From the spectacular Shwedagon Pagoda to the breathtaking landscape of Inle Lake, your journey will take you from bustling cities all the way...

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Guatemala: Central American Discovery Trip

From: £3880.00

Guatemala is one of the most diverse nations within Central America traveling. It is a nation famous because of its Ancient Temples, Maya People, active volcanoes, delightful lakes, and unique May...

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Madagascar: Landscape, Rainforests And Beaches Of The North

From: £2700.00

This is an itinerary rich in contrasts which passes through Amber Mountain National Park, the Baobab forests, the red Tsingy canyon, the gray Tsingy massif, the cocoa plantations and ... the wild i...

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Italy: Rome, Florence, And Venice For Families

From: £3200.00

Our  fully customizable , private 10-day Italy highlights tour has been designed for families traveling with children of all ages . Your tour starts and ends in the capital, Rome, taking you and y...

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Mongolia: A Journey To Reindeer And Duka Culture

From: £1810.00

Our journey brings you to the heart of Duka culture and one of the last remaining reindeer herder tribes in deep Taiga, Northern Mongolia. Saddle up for horse trek adventure through mountain and f...

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Namibia: Unique Adventure In South West Africa

From: £729.00

The 6 day Taste of Namibia tour is a combination of our 3 day Etosha safari and our 3 day Sossusvlei tour. It’s designed to show you the very best of iconic Namibia, from the breathtaking landscape...

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Australia: Iconic Sites And Cities

From: £9202.00

A discovery trip of the best of Australia: Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide along with the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru and Kangaroo Island! This adventure is full of non-stop action and sightseeing, so...

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Sri Lanka: Highlights For Families With Children

From: £915.00

Our  fully customizible , private 10-day Sri Lanka highlights tour has been designed for families travelling with children aged 5 and up. Your tour starts and ends in Colombo, taking you through th...

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Spain: Road Trip In Extremadura

From: £1320.00

Extremadura may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of Spain. However, we believe this province⁠—brimming with history and UNESCO World Heritage Cities  to show for it⁠—deser...

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Mozambique: Toast To The Coast Of Mozambique!

From: £11600.00

A delicious beach, islands and sporty proposal for the travelers who will be visiting Mozambique for the first time. Incorporating elements of gastronomy, fishing and aerial views from seaplane,  t...

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Iceland: Whistle-Stop Reykjavik

From: £1135.00

Hot springs, geysers, black sand beaches, volcanos, wildlife and culture . Flying into Reykjavik feels like you've arrived at the last outpost of the modern world. Take one step farther and any tr...

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Namibia: Snapshot Of Safari, Sand Dunes And Ocean

From: £839.00

This safari is designed to offer a quick “snapshot” of Namibia's world renowned Etosha National Park, the coastal area of Swakopmund and the Namib Naukluft Park. You’ll visit the world’s highest sa...

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Australia: Perth, Margaret River And Ningaloo Reef

From: £2295.00

How about we offer something that is not Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef? What we have done in the below itinerary is taken some of the less-traveled-to locations that are just as overwhelming, i...

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Australia: Australia's Southern Coast

From: £4790.00

Australia is a land of contrasts: energetic cities, clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, colourful reefs and deserts, native wildlife, tropical rainforests and a lively culture. Experience many ...

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Uzbekistan: Expedition To The Aral Sea

From: £1025.00

Explore the gorgeous Silk Road on this 10 day tour! On this journey, you will visit the Tashkent , the capital of Uzbekistand -  Khiva , a city so beautiful it is called a museum under the open sky...

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Mexico: Volcanoes And Adrenaline

From: £2021.00

Get ready to climb to the summit of Mexico's most beautiful but challenging volcanoes with a private certified mountain climbing guide. Over 15 days, visit the bustling metropolitan capital, Mexico...

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Madagascar: The Icons Of Madagascar

From: £2971.00

This 3 week tour will make you discover the eastern, the western and the southern part of the island. During the visits, you will have the opportunity to discover some of the well-known sites in th...

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Vietnam: Classic Luxury Tour

From: £2385.00

You don't have to be a backpacker to experience Vietnam's culture, landscapes, cuisine, and history. Over 16 days, stay and travel in luxury, while exploring the country's vibrant capital, Hanoi, t...

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Brazil: Classic Tour - From The Amazon To Rio

From: £1869.00

We invite you to forget what you know about Brazil, which is way more than carnival and football. From the South, with its canyons and the largest remnant of Atlantic forest in the country, to the ...

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Tanzania: From Serengeti To Zanzibar

From: £2656.00

This unique trip will take you to the most amazing safari hotspots of Tanzania and to one of the most beautiful white sandy beaches of Zanzibar. Experience Tanzania's wildlife and nature and relax ...

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Guatemala: Mayan Classic And Beach Escape

From: £2775.00

Discover the Mayan Culture in Guatemala and Honduras! Stroll the cobblestone streets of Antigua; climb up the active volcano Pacaya; enjoy a boat ride on the stunning Atitlan Lake surrounded by thr...

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Spain: Grand Adventure Of Spanish Cities

From: £4477.00

Spain is a destination rich in culture , landscapes , gastronomy and authentic experiences . You could be traveling to Spain thousands of times and never get bored or see the same places! This tri...

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Costa Rica: Family Fun In Costa-Rica

From: £1770.00

Bring the whole family on an  adventure  to Costa Rica , and enjoy some unforgettable quality time together. During this trip, you will spot many wild animals , visit a strawberry plantation , see ...

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Australia: Inspired Australia

From: £11908.00

Two weeks of treating yourself in Australia as you voyage between the cityscape of Sydney and the off the beaten paths of Kangaroo Island. If you enjoy a mix of nature, food, coastlines and getting...

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China: 16 Days Soft Hiking And Cultural Tour

From: £2817.00

Our unique 16-days soft hiking and cultural tour will afford you a wonderful experience of some of the finest cultural heritage sties and spectacular landscapes China has to offer. Due to an ancien...

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China: Harbin Ice And Snow Festival

From: £710.00

Harbin Ice and snow festival, established in the year of 1985, is held annually from Jan5 and lasts for over one month (based on the outdoor climate at the year), provides the visitors a whole new ...

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Peru: Romantic Honeymoon Escape

From: £1782.00

Peru - a romantic, magical and mystical country! We have prepared a programme for honeymooners, which encompasses the main sites and attractions of Peru. Discover Peru in a special way, rafting on ...

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Italy: Iconic Journey From Florence To Naples

From: £1800.00

Experience the famous sites in and around Rome, Florence and Naples as you tour the South of Italy, where age-old history, culture and architecture meets wonderful food and beautiful weather. From ...

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Nepal: Wildlife And Wellness Journey

From: £2275.00

Join us on a cultural & UENSCO heritage site tour in Nepal. This trip contains river rafting at Trisuli river, a short trek in Ghorepani, an excursion visit to Poonhill and to Gurung village. Or wh...

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Nepal: Annapurna And Wildlife For Families

From: £1650.00

For the families who love nature, this trip is mixing hikes in the Himalayas, comfortable accommodations and wildlife safaris! A perfect combination to discover every aspects of Nepal as a family, ...

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Ireland: Game Of Thrones Exploration

From: £790.00

Tradition, history, heritage, breath taking scenery and the friendliest nation you’ll ever meet. This is the best of Ireland, taking you to cities, coasts and castles and the highlights of the Wil...

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Indonesia: Island-Hopping - Bali And Lombok

From: £2267.00

This two week tour is perfect for those looking for a mix of culture and relaxation. On Bali, the island of a thousand gods, you will visit different temples, all more impressive than the other. Yo...

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Madagascar: Hike From The Highlands To Makay

From: £955.00

Set off on an unforgettable highlands and wilderness discovery! Head across Andringitra Mountain, shrouded in local folklore and standing at a whopping 2,658m high. Continue on to the Makay Mountai...

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Uzbekistan: Winter Adventure In Uzbekistan

From: £998.00

To explore the most popular sights of Uzbekistan -Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand during the winter is an excellent time to enjoy the beauty of ancient monuments in peace and tranquility. Except, y...

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Tanzania: Bush To Beach Tanzania

From: £2525.00

Combine an adventurous safari and a relaxing beach vacation with this tailor-made Tanzania itinerary! Discover the endless plains of the Serengeti , the crystal clear waters and white sand beach...

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China: Ancient Meets Modern

From: £1119.00

Dive into ancient history, rich culture and modern miracles in just 11 days. On this customisable trip, you'll tour the ancient cities of Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai, visit the Great Wall, one of t...

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Tanzania: Bush, Beach And Tribal Culture

From: £2520.00

This 13-day safari offers some of the best Game-viewing available in East Africa, coupled with some excellent shorter excursions where you can meet the people and explore some of the region's natur...

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China:  Discovering Danba

From: £3005.00

As the hometown of panda, Sichuan is reputed as the kingdom which has an abundance of natural resources and various landforms of snow-mountains, grasslands and grand gorges. A trip to Mt. Yala is o...

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Cambodia: Cambodian Religion And Local Lifestyle

From: £1936.00

If you are looking to discover Cambodia off the tourist path, this tour is made for you! After visiting Phnom Penh on a bike, you will visit Oudong and it's Royal Stupas. There, you will meet monks...

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Nepal: City, Mountain And Jungle

From: £1090.00

This program brings you to visit UNESCO-listed sites, centuries-old temples and monasteries but also live incredible experiences as a spectacular mountain flight, a food tour and a safari in the Ch...

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Norway: The Fjords By Kayak

From: £1450.00

This tour is set up like an expedition, where everyone will work together to accomplish goals. You have to be able to paddle in calm and windy circumstances at a normal pace. Everybody needs to be ...

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Patagonia: Nature Escape In Patagonia

From: £2171.00

South Americas most wild and incredible destination. A nature escape mixed in with delicious foods and sights that will bring you to your knees. Become an explorer on this trip of a lifetime as you...

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Greenland: Winter Adventure

From: £1620.00

Sisimiut is often referred to as Greenland’s Adventure hub! N o matter the season, you will find a wide variety of exciting adventures for active travelers. In fact, adventure here is a way of li...

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Armenia: Winter Landscape Discovery

From: £633.00

We propose a 7 day trip of which 4 are in snowshoes, crossing the chain of mountains Tsaghkuniats, Tegheniats, Lake Sevan, khachkars (cross-stones) till the monastery of Goshavank. During the journ...

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Mexico: Whistle Stop Guadalajara

From: £520.00

Guadalajara , a vibrant city full of surprises waiting to be discovered ! Immerse yourself in the second largest city in Mexico where traditions and modernity coexist peacefully. Grab a bike and b...

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Croatia: Discover Slovenia And Croatia

From: £2569.00

It is a vacation from Zagreb to Slovenia to Istra peninsula to Dubrovnik. Explore the sights and beauty of Croatian coastline. Time to enjoy Croatian heritage, culture, history, cuisine, nature and...

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Norway: Hiking On Top Of The Fjords

From: £1225.00

This 6-day hiking tour includes the best of Trollheimen , Dovre and Sunndal National Parks . With contrasting mountain areas and varied nature including  waterfalls , mountains , stunning valleys...

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Crete: Family Trip In The East Of Crete

From: £960.00

A 9 day tour to enjoy carefree family moments in Eastern Crete. Drive your loved ones to some of the most extraordinary landscapes of the island. Explore the natural, cultural and human landscape t...

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Vietnam: Heritage And Culture From Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh

From: £1290.00

Your trip begins in the charming Hanoi, Vietnam’s artistic and intellectual capital and finish the trip in Ho Chi Minh. It covers big cities, cruising, cultural visits, World's Heritage Sites and l...

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Bhutan: Explore The Happiness Kingdom

From: £1530.00

Perfect for those looking to experience the best of Bhutan , which measures development, and progress in terms of Gross National Happiness as opposed to the conventional Gross Domestic Product. Enj...

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Montenegro: Mountains, Parks And Rivers

From: £959.00

Looking to avoid the crowds of tourists and discover the real Montenegro? This 10-day, off-the-beaten-track adventure itinerary provides the most unique, outdoorsy experiences that Montenegro has t...

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Iran: Persian Culture And Heritage

From: £2635.00

10 days is the perfect length of time to visit some of Iran's must-see archaeological and historical sites - many of which are listed as world heritage by UNESCO - with the accompaniment of a local...

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Burma: Discover A Timeless Culture

From: £2190.00

Discover the highlights of Myanmar  on this 2-week journey! From the timeless ancient royal capital of Mandalay to the majestic Inle Lake, immerse yourself in this country's rich culture while ma...

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China: The Great Wall, Terracota Army, Li River, Shanghai

From: £1831.00

This tour is perfect for those looking to discover the main sites of China . Over this 14-day tour of both towns and cities, from the north down to Datong and Pingyao, you'll follow in the   footst...

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Cuba: Discovering Classic Cuba

From: £1555.00

In this wonderful 8 day trip, you'll get to visit six incredible destinations: Havana with its impressive historic center declared a cultural heritage by UNESCO. The Viñales Valley, famous for its ...

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Mongolia: Nomadic Mongolia In Comfort

From: £2530.00

The Gobi Desert is known worldwide for being a renowned place to visit.  Many people fear that it is an uninhabitable place; yet, this same fear of the unknown attracts many travelers. The Gobi cov...

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The Philippines: The Beaches And Underground Rivers Of Palawan

From: £3460.00

Welcome to the Philippines! This 15-day tour will allow you to discover different aspects of Palawan, one of the main regions of the country. Enjoy El Nido and it’s natural wonders, then travel to ...

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Mexico: Day Of The Dead Encounters

From: £1280.00

This 9-day trip falls over Halloween weekend and includes some tailor-made trips to see some Day of the Dead celebrations. Visit Oaxaca, Puebla and Mexico City, the best destinations for experienci...

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Thailand: Pearl Of The South

From: £1391.00

Get away from the main tourist attractions and witness the diversity Thailand has to offer.  Begin in the heart of Bangkok  and explore its charming markets and  local restaurants . A multitude of...

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Argentina: Whales And Patagonia Winter

From: £1500.00

Visit the friendly giants of the sea! On this 9 day tour, you will have the opportunity to go on whale treks and navigations , enjoy the gorgeous nature of Patagonia on nature walks , and be treat...

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Tanzania: Tanzanian Active Safari

From: £2588.00

This trip is a combination of the classic safari and an active hiking holiday. And it is fully customizable! Mix and match the title above to make the most of the hiking or add more safari into the...

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Italy: Indulgence In Italy

From: £2890.00

If the idea of spending an entire week eating Italian food and discovering some of antiquity's most legendary cities does not interest you...then come ANYWAYS! This fully customizable trip has bee...

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Costa Rica: Road Trip Through Cloud Forests And Volcanoes

From: £1950.00

Explore the highlights of sunny Costa Rica with this customizable two-week tour. Trek around Arenal Volcano, raft the Balsa River and zip-line through Monteverde Cloud Forest. If you prefer, relax ...

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Colombia: Aventura De Familia - Family Adventure

From: £1500.00

Bring the family on an 8 day adventure in Colombia! This trip is packed with fun and interesting activities for all ages. Enjoy a graffiti tour and see the colorful street art of Medellin, di...

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Madagascar: Paradise Islands Of Nosy Be

From: £1590.00

Jewel of the Indian Ocean, Nosy Be was voted the 8th most beautiful island in the world. Portal of an archipelago composed of a dozen wild islands, the Perfume Island is sprinkled with flowers of Y...

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China: Beijing, Yunnan And Shanghai

From: £2060.00

This customizable, two-week tour encompasses the thriving cities of China and the wonders of the countryside. Travel from Beijing to the beautiful city of Lijang and explore the natural treasures o...

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China: China Grand Adventure

From: £2803.00

This itinerary will offer you a wonderful experience of some of the finest cultural heritage sties and spectacular landscapes China beholds. Due to an ancient history and deeply rich culture, Beiji...

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Uruguay: Classic Tour

From: £1966.00

With this eleven-day tour, you will go through the unmissable places in Uruguay from Montevideo through Colonia del Sacramento and through to the green region of Minas passing by the best beaches o...

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France: A Perfect Week On The French Riviera

From: £3600.00

The French Riviera is the place perfect to enjoy the sun, the beach, and the sea. You won't have to give up on food and culture though, as the famous coastal towns of Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Nice, an...

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Mexico: Treasures Of Michoacàn

From: £1945.00

Traditional, hidden, beautiful  are only a few words that can describe the incredible state of Michoacán . Rarely visited by foreigners and massively popular with the locals, allow yourself to get ...

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Iceland: Summer Road Trip For Families With Children

From: £1150.00

Our  fully customisable , private 9-day self-drive tour has been designed for families travelling with children aged 3 and up. Your tour starts and ends in the capital, Reykjavik, taking you on a j...

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Trinidad And Tobago: Let's Discover Tobago In A Week!

From: £1440.00

This trip will let you discover our island over an 8 days period. From the nicest beaches to the largest waterfalls, variety is easy to find in Tobago.

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The Philippines: Luxurious Romantic Getaway

From: £2795.00

This getaway is designed to offer a memorable and romantic experience for newly-weds or for couples who simply want to get away from it all and enjoy each other’s company. This tour includes breath...

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Georgia: Ancient Culture Road Trip

From: £769.00

Explore Georgia and Armenia by car! On this trip, you will have a Cultural Experience filled Historical Monuments , Local Gastronomy ,  Breathtaking Scenery , Ancient cultures and much more. Yo...

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Iceland: Summer Road Trip For Families

From: £1860.00

Our  fully customizable , private 12-day self-drive summer tour is designed for families traveling with older children and teenagers . Your tour starts and ends in the capital, Reykjavik, taking y...

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Guatemala: Guatemala And Belize For Families With Children

From: £2240.00

Our fully customisable, private 12-day tour has been designed for families travelling with children aged 3 and up. Your tour starts in Guatemala City and ends in Belize City, taking you on a journe...

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Bhutan: Jhomolhari Lope Trek

From: £2285.00

Bhutan is a haven for trekkers. The Himalayan peaks, most of them virgin and un-scaled, valleys, landscape, glacial lakes, flora, and fauna make Bhutan a treat for lovers of adventure. Medieval Bhu...

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The Philippines: Off The Beaten Path

From: £1738.00

This adventure will surely stir the wanderlust in you! Be prepared to explore one of the islands of the Philippines in a different way. Visit unusual sites that are not commonly offered in the regu...

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France: France, Switzerland And Italy Road Trip

From: £3388.00

Pick up the keys of your rental car and be free as a bird on this journey through France, Switzerland and Italy. You will start your road trip in the beautiful city of Lyon and have the chance to t...

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Poland: Southern Poland For Families

From: £419.00

Poland is mostly known for its beautiful natural landscapes , rich history and delicious food . However, it is also a country full of attractions for families and places related to legends and ...

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Ecuador: Andes And Amazonas

From: £2185.00

Pack your gear and prepare for adventure!  Cross nearly every geographical climate zone as you make your way from the peaks of the Andes to dense jungles of the Amazon . Walk, hike, swim and journ...

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Vietnam: From Halong Bay To Ho Chi Minh City

From: £828.00

This is the perfect journey for travelers who wants to discover the Vietnamese   heritage , culture , wonders , local  cuisine , and people . On the trip, you will take a bike ride of Hanoi's o...

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Kazakhstan: A Tour Of The Highlights

From: £1445.00

In this tour, you will see the main sites that Kazakhstan has to offer. This country is very vast, and so you will focus on a few locations, Almaty and Astana. You will discover these two great cit...

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France: Food And Wine From Bordeaux To Paris

From: £2971.00

What is more synonymous to France, than excellent food and wine ? Enjoy this delicious tour, that will take you from beautiful Bordeaux to pulsating Paris , and let you taste all the specialties in...

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China: Explore The Diverse Culture Of China

From: £2685.00

Our incredible 13 days off the diverse culture trip will offer participants a wonderful experience of some of the finest cultural heritage sties and spectacular landscapes China beholds. Due to an ...

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Uzbekistan: The Magic Of The East

From: £1089.00

Join a group on this incredible adventure in Uzbekistan! Begin in Tashkent, the capital. Then start your tour of the country with Khiva, and the neighbouring fortresses of Toprak Kala and Kizyl Kal...

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Croatia: Gourmet Food And Wine Road Trip

From: £2580.00

Zagreb     Istria     Opatija Riviera     Zadar     Split     Pelješac peninsula     Dubrovnik Make your way around this ancient paradise, tasting all the incredible food that it has to offer....

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