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Windows on the Wild brings you a comprehensive range of unique and exciting holidays around the world.

Our trips include amazing wildlife watching, adventures and experiences and can be tailor-made to suit each traveller’s individual requirements.

We offer canoeing, kayaking, rafting, whale watching, wolf watching, dog sledding, snowmobiling, polar bears, grizzly bears, penguins, horse riding, trekking, fly-drive tours, small ship cruising, snorkelling, diving, volcanoes and much much more in some of the worlds most exciting destinations.


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Our top 37 trips

Hike Gros Morne National Park - 6 Nights

From: £1580.00

Gros Morne has some of the best coastal and mountain hiking in eastern North America. Guided and unguided day hikes of varying difficulty are available throughout the 1805 square kilometre park.

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Polar Bear Photo Safari - 6 Nights

From: £7972.00

Wildly rugged and remote – this tundra coastal lodge provides the discerning photographer the ability to dedicate long days in the field getting up close and personal with Arctic wildlife.

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Mothers & Cubs Adventure - 6 Nights

From: £5424.00

This is a very unique program and is sure to be the trip of a lifetime. Photo opportunities present themselves often from inside the 8 foot buffalo fence, with bears as close as 3 feet away.

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Wonders of Western Newfoundland - 11 Nights

From: £1300.00

Newfoundland has hundreds of little towns and thousands of guts, coves, and bays. Every little place has its own charm, its own personality, and its own collection of colourful characters.

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Algonquin Park Canoeing Adventure - 8n

From: £1390.00

Algonquin Park offers over 2000km of canoe routes and 1,900 backcountry campsites, each canoe trip we plan is as unique as the people who embark on them.

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Ontario Family Adventure - 10n

From: £1635.00

Ontario offers famillies a plethora of contrasting experiences all within a couple of hours drive.

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Hiking South Shore & Bay of Fundy - 6 Nights

From: £2599.00

This moderate hiking tour is a great way to see the charm and scenery of Nova Scotia.

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Saskatchewan Summer Adventure - 11n

From: £1728.00

An 11 night summer adventure in Saskatchewan

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Mahikan Dog Sled Safari

From: £2290.00

Journey over frozen lakes and rivers and through the beautiful Saguenay forests and experience the Mahikan, a unique breed of dog which legend believes ‘fears nothing’.

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Trekking the Chilkoot Trail - 9 Night Yukon Adventure

From: £1355.00

Retrace the Stampeders route one-way over the Chilkoot Pass on this enlightening adventure.

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Miminiska Lodge, Ontario - 6 nights

From: £3530.00

Nestled on Miminiska Lake and surrounded by unadulterated wilderness, fresh water, and bountiful fish and wildlife populations.

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Canoeing the Bowron Lakes - British Columbia

From: £contact us for price

The Bowron mountain lake circuit is rated one of the best in North America and consists of 11 lakes and interconnecting rivers.

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Isle of Dreams - 14 nights

From: £2056.00

This energetic adventure is a fantastic way to see the 10,000 year old west coast of Newfoundland.

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Montreal Summer Adventure

From: £480.00

Montreal Summer Adventure - June to September

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Knight Inlet Lodge - British Columbia

From: £3470.00

This rustic floating lodge moored in a sheltered bay next to the Glendale River is reached by a scenic float plane and is one of the best locations for grizzly bears.

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Sea Kayaking the New Brunswick Coast - 2 Nights

From: £550.00

Spend three days kayaking the longest uninhabited coastline on the east coast. Camp on secluded beaches and learn first hand about the Bay of Fundy, its ecology, tides and sculptured coastline.

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Birds, Bears & Belugas In Churchill - 7 Nights

From: £7673.00

The Birds, Bears and Belugas adventure combines the thrill of seeing and hearing beluga whales with summer polar bear viewing, amongst a backdrop of tundra alive with flora and fauna.

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Yukon Back Country Horse Tour - 6 nights

From: £Contact us for Price

Join the ranks of legendary Yukon Pioneers such as George Carmacks & Martha Louise Black and break a back country trail that will take you into some of the most spectacular back country of the Yukon!

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Wolves in Winter at Prince Albert National Park - 5 Nights

From: £1830.00

A winter time opportunity to explore the edge of the largest forest region in Canada.

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Arctic Winter Explorer - 7nights

From: £2085.00

This tour travels overland from the Pacific to the Arctic, along snow covered highways & roadways built of ice along ancient wildlife corridors, and traditional trading routes of First Nations traders

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Discover Ontario Tour - 10n

From: £1145.00

Travel through beautiful Ontario on a fly drive from Toronto including Niagara Falls, Manitoulin Island, Killarney Provincial Park, Muskoka, Algonquin Provincial Park, Ottawa and Kingston.

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Discover Guyana Tour - 13 Nights

From: £Prices on request

Guyana is an untouched wilderness. Relatively few travellers have visited this pristine and unspoilt destination with over 800 species of birds and hundreds of species of mammals and reptiles.

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8 Day Husky Adventure in the Yukon

From: £2844.00

Built in the height of the Klondike Gold Rush by prospectors who had survived the strenuous Chilkoot Trail from Skagway, Whitehorse is now the largest town in the Yukon.

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Bears and Whales of British Columbia

From: £3225.00

The Vancouver Island, Victoria and the Gulf Islands region is a large, sparsely populated area and is home to one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems.

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Churchill Town & Tundra Experience - 4n

From: £3255.00

Polar bears gather in the northern town of Churchill in October and early November waiting for the sea ice to freeze.

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Spirit of the Yukon - 10 Night Canoe Expedition

From: £1195.00

The 370 km tour (including approx. 170km on the Yukon River) through the solitude of the Teslin River is one of the most popular canoe adventures and it is especially suitable for the novice canoeist.

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Spirit Bear Lodge - British Columbia

From: £2250.00

Spirit Bear Lodge in Klemtu is a lovely new addition to British Columbia's bear viewing. It is built in the spirit of Canada's First Nations heritage with guests' comfort in mind.

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Grand Summer Tour of Quebec

From: £Contact us for price

Starting in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal, discover the beauty of historic Quebec City, the stunning Gaspe Peninsula, the whales of Tadoussac, the magnificent Saguenay Fjord and much more!

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Tundra Buggy Lodge at Polar Bear Point - 4 Nights

From: £4270.00

This polar bear viewing holiday gives you the chance to spend three nights out on the tundra at Tundra Buggy Lodge, a series of Tundra Buggies joined together to create comfortable accommodation.

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Peru and the Galapagos Islands Tour - 17 Nights

From: £Contact us for price

Combine two fascinating destinations and enjoy wildlife and history in one exciting trip.

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Ivvavik National Park, Yukon

From: £3655.00

Located 30 minutes northwest of Whitehorse at a wilderness base camp, you can enjoy the simplistic beauty of yurts.

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Great Ice Bear Tour In Churchill - 6 Nights

From: £6922.00

The Great Ice Bear Tours take place in October and November – prime polar bear viewing season. During this time the bears congregate in large numbers on the coast of Hudson Bay for their annual hunt.

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Magnificent Newfoundland Tour - 16 Nights

From: £1500.00

The Lighthouses of Newfoundland are symbolic of the rich history, ties to the sea and enduring spirit of the people of Newfoundland.

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National Parks of the Maritimes - 20 Nights

From: £Contact for prices

Picturesque fishing villages, rugged coastal landscapes, wildlife & the Scottish, Native & Arcadian heritage of the region makes Atlantic Canada perfect for outdoor activity, wildlife & sightseeing

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Yukon Quest Adventure - 7 Nights

From: £2040.00

Every other year the Yukon Quest switches between Whitehorse, Yukon and Fairbanks, Alaska.

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The Canadian Canoe Route Ontario - Drive, Canoe & Raft

From: £1720.00

Be immersed in the Canadian Canoe Culture as you travel along the Canadian Canoe Route. Spend time discovering the forests and lakes of Keene and learning to paddle on the Madawaska and Ottawa Rivers.

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Torngat Mountains National Park

From: £4545.00

The Torngats are a wild place where polar bears, wolves and caribou survive in a habitat that is breathtakingly spectacular.

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