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Wild Rhino Adventures specialises in offering tours to India and Bhutan. Slightly off the beaten track and authentic experiences are what best defines our tours. Our extensive travels to the sub continent backed by excellent local knowledge helps us come up with best quality bespoke tours. We believe that travel should be about making a meaningful connection and immersive experiences. We provide special interest tours like birdwatching andwildlife tracking, festival and tribes, heritage and battlefield tours and all the while with access to only the best. 

Our team is passionate about creating exceptional tours by crafting unique  experiences, handpicking accommodation, choosing the most enthusiastic andpassionate guides and partnering with the very best. From the time you get in touch with us, you can relax in the knowledge that your travel will be taken care of by people paying attention to every detail and who care about you going back with happiest memories.

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Our top 14 trips

Eagle's Nest Birdwatching Tour-North East India

From: £1950.00

Birdwatching in North East India's Eagle's Nest, one of the topmost birding destinations of the world

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North East India Tour: Central Arunachal Pradesh Animist Tribes Tour

From: £1950.00

Tour the Eastern Himalayas of Arunachal Pradesh and meet the Tribes practicing animist culture

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15 Days North East India: Living Root Bridges, Rhinos, Tea & Tribes

From: £2450.00

Discover the magical land of North East India and its icons- the Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya, endangered Rhinos of Kaziranga, a tour of where your Assam Tea comes from and the Naga tribes.

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Tigers of Central India and Rhinos of Assam

From: £2795.00

Explore the wildlife of India spotting Bengal tigers in the parks of Central India and the one horned rhinos in Assam

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Ladakh: Snow Leopard Tour

From: £3450.00

Track the most elusive of big cats, the snow leopard in one of the harshest habitats of extreme cold and high altitude.

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Bhutan Festival Tour and Rhinos of Assam

From: £3250.00

Travel to the mystical kingdom of Bhutan during one of the local festivals and also visit neighbouring Assam in India to see the one horned rhinos.

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A tour of Tawang and its Sacred Monasteries

From: £1600.00

Visit Tawang Monastery- the largest Buddhist Monastery in India for a spiritually reviving experience

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North East India: Aoling Festival Tour

From: £2250.00

Aoling Festival of the tattooed headhunting tribes of Nagaland

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Nagaland Sekrenyi Festival Tour

From: £2350.00

North East India Tour during Nagaland Sekrenyi Festival

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Central India Tiger Safari Tour

From: £2576.00

Visit India's top National Parks for sure short tiger sighting

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Kaziranga National Park Wildlife Tour

From: £1750.00

Wildlife tour of Assam- visit the Kaziranga National Park, home to two thirds of the endangered One Horned Rhino population.

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Tour of Assam and Nagaland during Hornbill Festival

From: £2350.00

In this 15 Day trip, visit Nagaland and Assam during the colourful Hornbill Festival

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Assam River Brahmaputra Tour

From: £3127.00

Small Ship Cruise on one of India's major and wild rivers- Brahmaputra

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North East India: Battlefield Tour of Imphal and Kohima

From: £2500.00

World War II: Battlefield Tour of Kohima and Imphal

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