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Wild Rhino Adventures offers tailormade and group tours to North East India, the newest adventure travel destination of India. The tours offered carefully blend local experiences with expectations of the discerning traveller. 

The travel arrangements include home stays, tribal festival tours, treks into higher reaches of Eastern Himalayas and wildlife tours with access to experts and dedicated local guides. 

We take personal charge of the planning and completion of tours paying attention to every detail in order to provide and enriching experience to our guests.

We have our own local outfit takes care of all logistics and ground operations.

The tours on offer are well researched and accommodations personally quality checked to provide a seamless and outstanding experience. We offer many tours to tribal regions and to ensure that interactions are always respectful and welcoming during these visits, guests are escorted by articulate English speaking local guides. 

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Our top 8 trips

15 Days North East India: Living Root Bridges, Rhinos, Tea & Tribes

From: £2450.00

Discover the magical land of North East India and its icons- the Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya, endangered Rhinos of Kaziranga, a tour of where your Assam Tea comes from and the Naga tribes.

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North East India Tour: Central Arunachal Pradesh Animist Tribes Tour

From: £1950.00

Tour the Eastern Himalayas of Arunachal Pradesh and meet the Tribes practicing animist culture

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Kaziranga National Park Wildlife Tour

From: £1750.00

Wildlife tour of Assam- visit the Kaziranga National Park, home to two thirds of the endangered One Horned Rhino population.

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North East India: Battlefield Tour of Imphal and Kohima

From: £2500.00

World War II: Battlefield Tour of Kohima and Imphal

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A tour of Tawang and its Sacred Monasteries

From: £1600.00

Visit Tawang Monastery- the largest Buddhist Monastery in India for a spiritually reviving experience

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Eagle's Nest Birdwatching Tour-North East India

From: £1950.00

Birdwatching in North East India's Eagle's Nest, one of the topmost birding destinations of the world

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North East India: Aoling Festival Tour

From: £2250.00

Aoling Festival of the tattooed headhunting tribes of Nagaland

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Assam River Brahmaputra Tour

From: £3127.00

Small Ship Cruise on one of India's major and wild rivers- Brahmaputra

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