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Veloso Tours fuses their unique personal pespectives on local life, culture and the environment with the enthusiasm and expertise of their local guides and your own personal interests and preference to create intimate and authentic private itineraries. These aim to showcase both the highlights and take you behind the scenes to create memorable, informative and highly rewarding tailor-made journeys to Latin America and China, giving you greater context and a deeper understanding of the complexities of local life.

Throughout Latin America and China we find expansive histories brought to life in archaeological sites, palace complexes and temples. We find bustling local markets full of colour and small mountain villages living timeless ways of life. Towering snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes and powerful volcanoes contrast with exotic rainforest, misty limestone peaks and idyllic beaches. The Veloso Tours ethos is to share all of this with you, enriching your journeys with their passion and attention to detail and the passion of their local guides.

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Experience The Rio Carnival In The Sambadrome

From: £2368.00

6 Night Itinerary - Experience the Rio de Janeiro carnival on a week long city break to the Marvellous City. Enjoy an in-depth tour and privileged Sambadrome seats for a great view of the world's g...

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Family Tour: Volcanoes, Magnificent Wildlife & Beaches

From: £2929.00

13 Night Itinerary - The active volcano at Arenal, rainforest, birdwatching and unique lodges and hotels, offer plenty of activities suitable for families. This tour will introduce you to national ...

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Argentine Patagonia, Buenos Aires & Lake District

From: £4279.00

14 Night Itinerary - Discover cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, the impressive Iguazu waterfalls, the icy waters of Tierra del Fuego and view Patagonia's glaciers at close range.

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7 Night Galapagos Cruise & Andes Culture

From: £5011.00

9 Night Itinerary - The essential tour of the Galapagos, and the quickest way to get to the islands to discover the wildlife.

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Amazon, Andean Markets & Wildlife Of The Pacific

From: £2378.00

13 Night Itinerary - We explore the exuberant rainforest from the comfort of a boat travelling on the Napo River. admire Andean landscapes and the Pacific coast with Isla Plata teeming with wildlife.

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Mysteries Of The Desert, Inca Citadels & Amazon Rainforest

From: £4006.00

21 Night Itinerary - Combine an Amazon adventure with visits to the Inca heartland in Peru and the island communities of Lake Titicaca and a flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines.

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Deluxe Amazon Cruise & Mountains Of The Incas

From: £9076.00

14 Night Itinerary - From the comfort of the luxury Aria Amazon riverboat, we explore the pristine rainforest of the Amazon, combined with Ancient Civilisations of the Andes.

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Colourful Weavings, Markets & Mayan Pyramids

From: £3793.00

12 Night Itinerary - Dotted with fabulous archaeological sites and picturesque colonial towns, we browse through the colourful markets and scale the magnificent, soaring pyramids set in the lush ju...

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Mayan Pyramids, Rich Culture & Exuberant Jungle Of Central America

From: £4682.00

21 Night Itinerary - Mighty Aztec and Mayan civilisations built sprawling cities with fabulous pyramids. Visit the markets, admire the weaving, witness the colonial influences and enjoy modern life...

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Inca Trail, Andean Communities & Condors

From: £3577.00

14 Night Itinerary - Active Tour of Peru, with day walks in the Colca Canyon, Sacred Valley, and finishing with the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

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Group Tour: Ancient Civilizations, Colonial Heritage & Caribbean Coast

From: £Contact us

15 Night Itinerary - Journey overland to admire the myriad of landscapes and cultures along the route. Peeling back layers to discover ancient Mayan and Aztec pyramids, combined with the colonial h...

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Group Tour: Patagonia's Mountains, Glaciers & Lakes

From: £Contact us

18 Night Itinerary - Andean landscapes of the Lake District across the mountains to explore Patagonia Glaciers and Tierra del Fuego. Cosmopolitan Cities with a modern lifestyle and excellent restau...

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Amazon Cruise, Exotic Culture & Iconic Sights

From: £4889.00

12 Night Itinerary - Experience Brazil's most vibrant cities, admire the stunning Iguassu Falls and venture deep into the pristine Amazon Rainforest on a four night expedition cruise.

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The Natural World In Brazil; Rainforest, Wetlands & Wildlife

From: £4285.00

14 Night Itinerary - Our Nature & Wildlife Tour of Brazil focuses on the prolific birdlife of the Pantanal wetlands, and the exuberant vegetation of the Amazon rainforest

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Rich Culture, Colonial Heritage & Pre-Aztec Pyramids

From: £1203.00

7 Night Itinerary - Travelling south we combine modern, cosmolitan Mexico City to explore the city, colonial heritage, markets and magnificent pre-Aztec pyramids.

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Highlights Of Chile; Deserts, Lake District & Patagonia's Glaciers

From: £4768.00

13 Night Itinerary - A thin ribbon of land stretching between the Andes and the Pacific. We visit the Atacama desert, the green lakes and mighty volcanoes of the Lake District and the glaciers of T...

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Cruise The Canal & Uncover Exotic Wildlife

From: £1174.00

4 Night Itinerary - Visit the famous Panama Canal and observe the working of the locks, Ocean to Ocean, between the Pacific and the Atlantic. Experience the pristine rainforest and lakes that provi...

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Galapagos Cruise, Volcanic Landscapes & Andean Culture

From: £6330.00

14 Night Itinerary - Visit the mountain villages with local markets, along the Avenue of Volcanoes, high in the Andes. Take a cruise in the Galapagos Islands to observe the abundant friendly wildlife.

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Family Tour: Rainforest, Colonial Cities & Andean Cultures

From: £3690.00

15 Night Itinerary - Family-oriented tour of Peru: Discover ancient cultures, mountain landscapes and the diversity of the Amazon rain-forest with your little explorers.

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Vibrant Cities, Colonial History & Beach Resort

From: £2250.00

11 Night Itinerary - Ideal for Honeymoons enjoy the sheer romance of Rio, the energy of Salvador before heading to your idyllic beach resort.

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Expedition Cruise To The Frozen Continent

From: £7218.00

12 Night Itinerary - Head straight to Ushuaia to embark on a classic ten night Sea Spirit expedition cruise to the remote South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula.

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Andean Culture, Inca Citadels & Galapagos Cruise

From: £5760.00

17 Night Itinerary - Cruise the Galapagos Islands and experience the culture and Inca heritage of the Andean region. Option to continue to Lake Titicaca, La Paz and the stunning setting of Rio de J...

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Volcanic Peaks, Exuberant Rainforest & Abundant Wildlife

From: £3778.00

14 Night Itinerary - Explore a wide variety of National Parks with diverse vegetation and habitats, beautiful landscapes and ideal for birdwatching. Admire an active volcano, follow forest trails a...

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Brazil's Landscapes, Cosmopolitan Cities & Cultural Heritage

From: £4846.00

20 Night Itinerary - Comprehensive tour exploring Brazil's colonial origins, rich cultural heritage and natural wonders and vibrant cities

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Exotic Cities & Cuba's Unique Society

From: £2532.00

10 Night Itinerary - Cuba projects a surreal mise-en-scene of classic cars, cyclists and derelict buildings, standing next to pristine, beautifully renovated colonial squares, palaces and turn of t...

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Inca Civilisation & Culture & Wildlife Of The Galapagos

From: £8113.00

17 Night Itinerary - Cruise the Galapagos Islands for close encounters with friendly wildlife, combined with the landscapes of the Andean mountains, colonial heritage and ancient Inca civilisation.

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Hidden Villages & Backroads Of The Yucutan

From: £2736.00

14 Night Itinerary - Journey the backroads to discover seldom visited corners of the Yucatan. History unfolds in the colonial splendour of the cities and the half-forgotten pyramids of ancient civ...

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Inca Heartland & Up Close With Condors

From: £3708.00

14 Night Itinerary - Our comprehensive journey through Peru. Discover Andean landscapes, ancient civilisations, stunning ruins and the magnificent islands of Lake Titicaca

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Colonial Heritage, Mexican Culture & Pacific Coast Beaches

From: £2389.00

10 Night Itinerary - Mexico City combines a modern lifestyle with colonial history and massive Aztec pyramids. Continue to glamorous Acapulco, made famous for the cliff divers.

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Behind The Scenes In Yunnan

From: £4668.00

14 Night Itinerary - Enjoy Yunnan's stunning landscapes and cultural experiences as you go behind the scenes on the old Tea Horse Road.

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Everest & The Mysteries Of Tibet

From: £4342.00

14 Night Itinerary - Buddhist monk debates, prayer flags fluttering below Himalayan peaks and the Dalai Lama's palaces on the Roof of the World.

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From The Atacama Desert To The Wildernesses Of Patagonia

From: £6299.00

13 Night Itinerary - Fascinating contrast of the Atacama desert landscapes of salt flats, Tatio geysers and high mountains, with a cruise along the Chilean Fjords with lush forests, hot springs and...

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Bahia Heartland & Landscapes Of The Interior

From: £2791.00

13 Night Itinerary - Discover a blend of African and Portuguese heritage in Salvador; hike the inland rivers and canyons of Chapada Diamantina, and unwind on idyllic beaches

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Group Tour: Mayan Pyramids, Rich Culture & Rainforest

From: £Contact us

14 Night Itinerary - The Mayan Civilisation self-destructed before the arrival of the Conquistadores. Today, we visit their legacy, massive pyramids and jungle strongholds, colourful markets and co...

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Wildlife & Wilderness Of The Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica

From: £15583.00

27 Night Itinerary - Combine a once-in-a-lifetime 19 night Sea Spirit expedition cruise around the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica with Argentina's Lake District and its stylish capital.

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Exotic Havana & Cuba's Cultural Blend

From: £1797.00

6 Night Itinerary - Explore the fascinating and surreal city of Havana. Enjoy the Caribbean climate and the relaxed pace of life, while learning about Cuba's dramatic history and its unique society.

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Towering Icebergs, Glorious Andean Peaks And Wildlife Encounters At The End Of The World

From: £13757.00

14 Night Itinerary - An epic adventure for adventurous travellers. Hike below snow-capped Andean massifs in Chile then fly to Antarctica for a memorable five night expedition cruise.

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Buenos Aires, Vineyards, Salt Flats & Cinematic Rock Formations

From: £3191.00

10 Night Itinerary - Explore Buenos Aires in-depth before discovering the vineyards and Andean scenery at Mendoza and the glistening salt flats and dramatic rock formations of the north-west.

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Civilisations Of The Andes And Rainforest Exuberance

From: £5921.00

14 Night Itinerary - Our Luxury Tour of Peru showcases the very best hotels and lodges on offer, while taking you to the most exclusive locations with immersive experiences

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The Tucano Tour Of Brazil

From: £5035.00

12 Night Itinerary - Discover the wonders of Brazil visiting Rio de Janeiro, the magnificent Iguassu Falls and colonial Salvador - plus enjoy a 4-night Amazon River cruise.

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Ancient Civilisations, Pyramids & Colonial Heritage

From: £3646.00

14 Night Itinerary - A land steeped in ancient history, colonial past and scattered with Mayan and Aztec pyramids. We include the stunning Chiapas region with villages nestled in mountains.

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Inca Citadels, Iconic Rio & Andean Communities

From: £4449.00

17 Night Itinerary - The stunning setting of Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana on the Beach and high on Lake Titicaca, with a luxury train journey across Andean mountain landscapes to Cusco, Sacred Valley...

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Amazon, Volcanoes & Galapagos Islands

From: £6354.00

19 Night Itinerary - Close encounters with friendly wildlife on the Galapagos Islands cruise and experience fascinating cultures in the exuberant rainforest and by the volcanoes on the Andean mount...

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Family Tour: Mayan Pyramids, Colonial Cities & Yucatan Peninsula

From: £2594.00

13 Night Itinerary - Experience the achievements of the ancient civilisation of the Mayas who built fortress cities with huge pyramids and were pioneers in the observation of the universe. After th...

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Andean Lakes & Fjords & Glaciers Of Tierra Del Fuego

From: £5627.00

15 Night Itinerary - Explore a land of glaciers and stunning landscapes at the southern tip of Latin America, combined with Andean landscapes of Torres del Paine, the glistening Lake District and c...

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Rainforest, Colonial Cities, Magnificent Waterfalls & Beach Life

From: £4398.00

15 Night Itinerary - Ideal for families, discover the exciting city of Rio, venture deep into the jungle of the Amazon, and relax on the soft white sands of Bahia and the golden beaches of Praia do...

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Amazon Cruise, Volcanic Peaks & Andean Culture

From: £4900.00

13 Night Itinerary - Immerse yourself in Ecuador's landscapes and local markets; cruise into the remote Amazon Rainforest, drive through the Amazon of the Volcanoes and ride a switchback train down...

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Amazon Cruise, Inca Citadels & Andean Culture

From: £6888.00

15 Night Itinerary - Combine an expedition cruise into the Ecuadorian Amazon with the colonial splendour of Andean cities and Peru's magnificent Inca citadels.

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Patagonia's Glaciers & Wildlife, Tierra Del Fuego & Buenos Aires

From: £4397.00

14 Night Itinerary - Explore a region of Patagonian glaciers and Andean landscapes of lush forests, pristine lakes and snow-covered peaks, plus the windswept islands of Tierra del Fuego.

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Rio In-Depth, Idyllic Beaches And Tropical Jungle

From: £2596.00

10 Night Itinerary - Explore Rio de Janeiro in-depth tour then journey along the lush Green Coast to colonial Parati and its rainforest trails and tropical islands. Unwind in style on the idyllic b...

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China For Families; Iconic Sights & Exotic Cities

From: £3166.00

13 Night Itinerary - Travelling to China with kids? We've made an unforgettable China family adventure - Great Wall, Terracotta Army, Pandas & Hong Kong!

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Imperial Palaces, Tibetan Monasteries & Iconic Sights

From: £5271.00

20 Night Itinerary - Palaces of the Dalai Lama and Chinese emperors, baby pandas, the Terracotta Army and Hong Kong beyond the skyscrapers.

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South America's Andean Landscapes, Iconic Cities

From: £4167.00

14 Night Itinerary - Magnificent waterfalls, cosmopolitan cities and Lake District landscapes. The stunning setting of Rio de Janeiro, modern lifestyle and cuisine contrasts with the classic feel o...

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Volcanic Peaks & Colonial Splendour

From: £2717.00

7 Night Itinerary - Local people are eager to show you the country's natural splendor, tropical forests, traditions and culture, incredible beaches, massive island volcanoes and beautiful colonial ...

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Colonial Splendour, Coffee Plantations & Exotic Landscapes

From: £3108.00

10 Night Itinerary - Abundant colonial wealth of silver and gold was shipped to Spain from Cartagena's massive fortress, where you stay in beautiful character hotels. Stay in vibrant Bogota and vis...

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Imperial Palaces, Great Wall & Exotic Hong Kong

From: £2227.00

7 Night Itinerary - Explore Imperial palaces, hike the Great Wall of China and enjoy Hong Kong's exotic beaches and local markets.

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Expedition Cruise To The Frozen Continent

From: £9924.00

18 Night Itinerary - Embark on a luxury expedition cruise across the Drake Passage to one of the world's true wildnernesses. Admire the towering glaciers, penguin colonies and breathtaking icescape...

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Antarctica Air-Cruise; Towering Icebergs, Remote Penguin Colonies & Cosmopolitan Santiago

From: £12431.00

11 Night Itinerary - Fly over the Drake Passage and enjoy an unforgettable 5 night Antarctica Cruise, in combination with Santiago, landscapes of the Andes and colourful Valparaiso.

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Cuba's Unique Society & Mexico's Mayan Pyramids

From: £3540.00

12 Night Itinerary - The proud, defiant traditions of Cuba contrast with impressive Mayan pyramids of the Yucatan, both sharing similar Spanish colonial heritage but very different modern history a...

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Colonial Splendour & Inca Ruins

From: £1685.00

7 Night Itinerary - Perched high in the Andean Mountains, Cusco, Machu Picchu and the "Sacred Valley of the Incas" tell the story of the Inca Empire and the colonial legacy of the Conquis...

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Mayan Pyramids, Caribbean Beach & Colonial History

From: £2596.00

14 Night Itinerary - Explore the austere and palatial pyramids of ancient Mayan civilisations, discover colonial cities, isolated Haciendas and unwind on beaches lapped by the turquoise clear ocean.

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Family Tour: Colonial Quito & Amazing Galapagos

From: £5126.00

13 Night Itinerary - Close encounters with tame wildlife are a unique experience for youngsters to develop an appreciation of the natural world. Doing so with family builds a bond for life.

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Colonial Haciendas, Mayan Heritage & Caribbean Beaches

From: £5031.00

14 Night Itinerary - The wealth of producing sisal is visible in the opulent country Haciendas, now converted into small luxury hotels for you to experience. Visit massive Mayan pyramids and extens...

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Buenos Aires, Wildlife Encounters & Self-Drive Through Diverse Landscapes

From: £6568.00

20 Night Itinerary - A grand tour of Argentina's diverse landscapes, from vast wetlands and tropical forests to arid deserts, glistening lakes and immense glaciers.

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Group Tour: Iconic Rio, Culturally Rich Cities & Magnificent Waterfalls

From: £Contact us

12 Night Itinerary - Enjoy cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, admire Iguassu magnificent waterfalls, explore the majestic setting, Royal history and vibrancy of Rio de Janeiro and discover Salvador's colon...

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Portuguese & African Heritage In Exotic Salvador

From: £1526.00

6 Night Itinerary - Explore the fascinating essence of Brazilian identity: a blend of Portuguese and African heritage, visible in the colonial architecture, Orixas, Capoeira, paintings and music.

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Mayan & Aztec Heritage, Indian Market & Colonial Splendour

From: £4642.00

15 Night Itinerary - Visit Mayan villages, colourful weavers and the massive pyramids built by powerful civilisations that mysteriously abandoned their cities to the encoaching jungle.

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Glaciers, Mountains, Deserts & Vineyards

From: £7184.00

14 Night Itinerary - Contrast the deserts of the north with the vineyards of Santiago and the glaciers and Andean peaks of Patagonia. Enjoy a three night expedition cruise through the Patagonian ic...

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Self Drive The Yucutan's Highlights & Hidden Gems

From: £1668.00

10 Night Itinerary - Explore the Aztec remnants of the past, stepping back in time at Calakmul for the pyramids of mighty civilisations, small villages, the walled city of Campeche and colonial Mer...

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Inca Citadels, Andean Culture & Inspiring Landscapes In Peru & Bolivia

From: £4490.00

17 Night Itinerary - The descendant of the Empire of the Incas maintain their identity and traditions blending with colonial history, in a setting of impressive mountains landscapes and the riches ...

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Cross Continent: Amazon Jungle, Inca Heritage & Magnificent Scenery

From: £10299.00

28 Night Itinerary - Cross the continent and cruise deep into the Amazon Rainforest. Enjoy cosmopolitan cities, colonial heritage, stunning Andean landscapes and the magnificent Iguassu Falls.

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Colonial Splendour In Central Mexico

From: £1402.00

7 Night Itinerary - The historic towns of Mexico City are hidden gems called Pueblos Magicos ( Magical Towns) with cobbled streets, colonial houses painted in bright colours and beautiful churches.

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Imperial Heritage, Local Life & Inspiring Landscapes

From: £4048.00

17 Night Itinerary - Be inspired by the stories behind epic Imperial wonders and Shanghai's forest of towers on a tour enriched with cultural insights and magnificent landscapes.

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Unique Society, Colonial Gems & Idyllic Caribbean Beach

From: £2629.00

10 Night Itinerary - Explore Cuba's rich culture and history and admire colonial facades in Havana and Trinidad, then relax on a white sand Caribbean beach.

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Galapagos Land-Based, Cloud Forest & Andean Culture

From: £6402.00

12 Night Itinerary - Combine the colonial splendour of Quito and the exuberance of the cloud forest with a deluxe island hopping experience in the enchanted islands of the Galapagos archipelago.

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Colonial Heritage, Aztec & Mayan Pyramids

From: £2182.00

12 Night Itinerary - Visit at a leisurely pace the modern cosmopolitan life and Aztec pyramids of Mexico City, and the Yucatan where colonial past of Merida blends with Mayan sites and villages, by...

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From: £985.00

7 Night Itinerary - This far-flung archipellago of rocky, windswept islands in the South Atlantic is home to a huge variety of wildlife, with Sea Lions, Albatrosses and Penguins. British heritage i...

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Yangtze Cruise & Iconic China

From: £3991.00

13 Night Itinerary - Cruise through the Three Gorges landscape in 5* style, experience China's Imperial age wonders and go beyond the skyscrapers to uncover the real Shanghai.

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Rainforest, Mountain Landscapes & National Parks

From: £2112.00

10 Night Itinerary - National parks offer large areas of dense tropical rainforest where birds abound and find refuge. There are good hotels, excellent lodges and birdwatching guides to led you thr...

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Andean Culture, Inca Heritage, Exotic Cities & Bolivian Heartland

From: £5497.00

21 Night Itinerary - A cross-continent odyssey from beaches to the high Andean mountains, via remote villages, cosmopolitan cities, Inca archaeology and dramatic landscapes.

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Group Tour: Inca Citadels, Andean Scenery & Rich Culture

From: £Contact us

17 Night Itinerary - Step back in time to explore landlocked Bolivia and the riches of Potosi. Cross mysterious Lake Titicaca perched at the top of the Andean mountains, travelling by train to Cusc...

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Uncover Peru's Inca Heritage

From: £2475.00

7 Night Itinerary - Our short tour of Peru focuses on Cusco, capital of the Inca Empire, and Machu Picchu, their lost citadel and ancient stronghold.

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Experience The Tango, Glaciers & Andean Condors

From: £3529.00

10 Night Itinerary - Combine in-depth Buenos Aires with pristine alpine and mountain scenery, endemic birds and the towering Perito Moreno glacier.

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Mysteries Of The Incas & Andean Communities

From: £2774.00

10 Night Itinerary - Our essential tour of Peru, including the most important sites of Cusco, Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas & Lake Titicaca

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Group Tour: Peru's Inca Citadels, Landscapes & Colonial Heritage

From: £Contact us

14 Night Itinerary - Explore the Inca Empire including the remote Colca Canyon and staying in the "Sacred Valley", taking the trains to Machu Picchu and along magnificent Andean landscape...

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Remote Salt Flats, Desert Vistas & Inca Heritage In South America

From: £6160.00

21 Night Itinerary - An expedition to the remote salt flats and flamingo-filled lagoons of the high Andes and the Atacama desert. Cross mountains and valleys to reach Machu Picchu and discover the ...

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Barrier Reef, Rainforest & Mayan Pyramids

From: £3279.00

12 Night Itinerary - Home to dense tropical rainforest with rivers and shallow waterfalls, mountain pine ridge with fern undergrowth, Mayan sites and a large Barrier Reef with excellent resorts on ...

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Mysteries Of The Desert, Andean Mountains And Amazon Rainforest

From: £4419.00

14 Night Itinerary - Discover Peru's diverse landscapes and history, from the Coastal Desert, the altiplano and high peaks of the Andes, to the lush Amazon rainforest.

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Iconic Rio, Glorious Vistas & Royal Heritage

From: £1734.00

6 Night Itinerary - Explore this vibrant exotic City in a stunningly beautiful setting. Enjoy Copacabana beach, visit the statue of Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf mountain and discover its Royal h...

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Group Tour: Costa Rica's Diverse Landscapes & Bird Life

From: £Contact us

10 Night Itinerary - The central mountain range between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, creates a huge variety of habitats where National Parks protect the forest for excellent birdwatching while ...

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South America's Glorious Landscapes, Inca Heritage & Exotic Cities

From: £5769.00

22 Night Itinerary - A cross-continent adventure with alpine and Andean scenery, tropical beaches, cosmopolitan cities, magnificent waterfalls and colonial and Inca heritage.

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Mayan Pyramids, Colourful Markets & Barrier Reef In Central America

From: £3173.00

14 Night Itinerary - Visit colourful markets with beautiful weavings in towns with typical colonial architecture, impressive Mayan pyramids in dense rainforest and unwind in the Caribbean on the Ba...

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Iconic Rio, Amazon, Glorious Iguassu & Exotic Culture

From: £3186.00

12 Night Itinerary - An introduction to the best of Brazil in a two week journey including cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro, the magnificent Iguassu falls and Amazon rainforest, and colonial Salvador

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Classic Gardens, Ancient Canals & Misty Peaks

From: £3441.00

13 Night Itinerary - China by Bullet Train, with no internal flights. Enjoy Imperial wonders, classic gardens, ancient canals and spectacular mountains.

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Voyage To The Pristine Heart Of The Amazon

From: £2937.00

8 Night Itinerary - Explore areas of rainforest rarely visited and seek out life in the wilderness, in some of the most untouched areas.

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Ancient Culture, Iconic Sights & Magnificent Scenery

From: £3806.00

14 Night Itinerary - Delve into China's Imperial past and hike the Great Wall away from the crowds. Discover Hong Kong beyond the skyscrapers and meet the iconic Terracotta Army.

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Self-Drive Amid Mountains, Volcanoes & Vineyards

From: £3051.00

12 Night Itinerary - Magnificent journey through stunning mountain scenery of majestic volcanoes, lakes and picturesque villages, for you to explore, driving on your own, making stops and detours.

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Vibrant Cities, Vineyards & Trendy Beach Resorts

From: £1508.00

6 Night Itinerary - Cross the River Plate leading to Colonia with ancient cobbled streets, picturesque vineyards, the modern and artistic cities, the trendy beach resort of Punta del Este and wild ...

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Amazon Rainforest, Andean Culture & Enchanting Galapagos

From: £9112.00

14 Night Itinerary - This tour includes the Amazon rainforest, a Galapagos cruise to experience the stunning friendly wildlife and an insight into the colonial charm of Quito, high in the mountains.

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