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Veloso Tours fuses their unique personal pespectives on local life, culture and the environment with the enthusiasm and expertise of their local guides and your own personal interests and preference to create intimate and authentic private itineraries. These aim to showcase both the highlights and take you behind the scenes to create memorable, informative and highly rewarding tailor-made journeys to Latin America and China, giving you greater context and a deeper understanding of the complexities of local life.

Throughout Latin America and China we find expansive histories brought to life in archaeological sites, palace complexes and temples. We find bustling local markets full of colour and small mountain villages living timeless ways of life. Towering snow-capped mountains, pristine lakes and powerful volcanoes contrast with exotic rainforest, misty limestone peaks and idyllic beaches. The Veloso Tours ethos is to share all of this with you, enriching your journeys with their passion and attention to detail and the passion of their local guides.

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