Tucan Travel

Tucan Travel is an award-winning, worldwide tour operator established in 1987 by passionate adventure travellers.

With a range of 300 adventures to 70 countries in five unique travel styles, the independently British/Australian owned company offers genuine travel experiences in destinations around the world, including Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Tucan Travel’s international offices in London, Sydney, Toronto and Cuzco are staffed by experienced travellers who are dedicated to sharing their love for the diverse cultures and landscapes of the world with every customer.

The company proudly guarantees the quality of its group tours because it operates 95% of them itself and as a result of its commitment to customer satisfaction, the company has a strong reputation in the adventure travel industry and a loyal fan base of travellers around the world.

Tucan Travel group tours offer a safe, exciting and hassle free way to explore the world. The company’s clients range from young backpackers off to see the world for the first time, to professionals looking forward to an€tion-packed adventure during their annual break, to solo women wanting a secure and social way to visit exotic destinations, to retirees off on a world tour.

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Our top 146 trips

Mexico, Belize And Guatemala

From: £1469.30

Experience highlights of Central America on this two week adventure. Enjoy traditional Mexican food as you start your tour in Mexico City, before getting under the skin of the country by visiting a...

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Baltic Capitals

From: £440.30

This whistlestop tour of the Baltic Capitals captures the history of this less discovered corner of Europe. In a week you will wander the old towns of each of these capitals arriving in Warsaw wher...

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In-Depth Galápagos 1

From: £3891.30

Discover the natural wonders of the Galápagos Islands on this fabulous adventure. Encounter strange and wonderful bird and animal species perfectly adapted to the unique conditions of these island...

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Best Of Jordan & Israel

From: £1866.75

Journey through the Holy Lands of Jordan and Israel on an 11 day adventure as you experience incredible highlights including UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the rose city of Petra and the Biblical...

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Budapest To Dubrovnik

From: £1013.35

In two weeks combine a number of countries travelling from Hungary to Croatia. Starting in the cultural city of Budapest, we include fortress tours and tranquil boat rides. Visit the bizarre landsc...

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Andes To Jungle

From: £1123.85

No trip to Peru is complete without a guided tour of Machu Picchu, a visit to the depths of the Amazon Jungle and a boat trip on Lake Titicaca. This tour combines all three into the perfect 11 day ...

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Transylvania Tale

From: £1052.35

Turn back time and descend in to the dark ages on this tour of Dracula's country. Medieval castles stand beside heavily fortified towns frozen in time. From ancient Byzantine churches in one town t...

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Inca Trail & Jungle

From: £1346.95

Starting in Lima combine the Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu with two special nights in the Amazon Jungle. You can also enjoy an exploration of the Sacred Valley of the Incas on this 12 day tour in...

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Asia Experience

From: £1424.25

From the bustling streets of Bangkok to the spectacular limestone caves of the Blue Lagoon in Vang Vieng Laos, take off on an Asian adventure across four incredible countries. When travelling throu...

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Cuba & Central America

From: £1769.25

Start your holiday on the lively island of Cuba where you will visit tobacco farms, take salsa lessons and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of colourful Havana. Spend time in Caye Caulker in Belize bef...

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Patagonia Highlights

From: £1006.85

Patagonia is every nature lovers dream destination. Spread across two countries, the sheer size and wilderness of the rugged landscape will make you feel on top of the world. Starting your adventur...

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Egypt Adventure

From: £668.85

Discover the ancient treasures of Egypt and learn more about one of the most fascinating and oldest civilizations in the world. Kicking off in the vibrant capital of Cairo, you will journey to some...

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Patagonia Adventure

From: £1949.25

Nature lovers are in for a treat as you will feel on top of the world. Immerse yourself among majestic glaciers, mountains and lakeside views on a tour that takes you across the highlights of Patag...

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Rio Carnival On A Budget

From: £493.35

Be a part of the world's biggest and most colourful street party! Our Rio Carnival Budget Experience will take you to the heart of the Rio and the centre of the Carnival action. Watch the famous pa...

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Southern Japan

From: £1559.35

Conflict, peace perseverance and prosperity have each shaped the history of Japan, which you can discover for yourself on this fascinating journey. From the early imperial palaces, traditional temp...

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Kigali To Nairobi

From: £1130.35

Beginning in Kigali, discover how Rwanda has flourished in the last few years before heading to Lake Bunyonyi where your search for mountain gorillas begins. Spend an hour with a family of these in...

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Budapest To Bucharest

From: £741.30

Discover some of the wonders of Hungary and Romania on this nine day adventure. Combining ancient architecture, rural towns and imposing castles, you can enjoy a historical journey from Budapest to...

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Mexico & Cuba Adventure

From: £1829.25

Combine the highlights of two of the most vibrant countries in Central America. Explore the ancient sites of Teotihuacan and Chichén Itzá and taste your way around Oaxaca. Moving onto Cuba, immerse...

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Northern Morocco

From: £799.00

Experience the very best of Northern Morocco on this 10 day adventure. Starting in the vibrant Marrakech, visit four Imperial cities as you journey to Rabat, Meknes and Fes. Lose yourself in the hu...

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Japan Highlights

From: £1104.35

From technologically advanced Tokyo teeming with people, to the beautifully preserved old town of Takayama set in a mountain landscape, Japan is a land of fascinating contrasts. Enjoy an authentic ...

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South America In 3 Weeks

From: £2781.35

Experience four countries and their highlights on this three week adventure through South America. Get under the skin of Colombia before journeying to Peru where you will come face to face with Mac...

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Safari & Beach

From: £1917.30

A perfect adventure combining some of east Africa’s best safaris with a couple of nights on the paradise island of Zanzibar. Packed with game drives, fascinating cultures and delicious cuisine, thi...

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Dubrovnik To Budapest

From: £1260.35

Combine some of the most picture perfect parts of Eastern Europe on this two week tour. This adventure include some of Croatia’s most beautiful islands, as well as some fascinating portions of Bosn...

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Rajasthan Explorer

From: £740.35

Exotic, colourful and unique, India is a land where romantic palaces and impregnable fortresses make an impressive footprint on the rugged desert landscape. Starting in the capital, bear witness to...

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Classic Antarctica

From: £4899.30

Join us for this amazing tour to Antarctica! For over two centuries, the remote White Continent has attracted scientists and explorers and now this frozen land has opened its doors to adventure tra...

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Nazca, Huacachina & Ballestas

From: £461.30

Etched into the desert landscape on the coast of Peru, the strange and mysterious Nazca Lines are one of Peru’s star attractions. Visit some of the world's highest sand dunes at Huacachina Oasis, t...

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Peru, Bolivia, Chile & Argentina

From: £4791.75

In 33 days see the very best of South American nature while experiencing the vibrant city life of Lima and Buenos Aires. Spend two days in the Amazon Jungle, searching for some of the most unique s...

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Sri Lanka Experience

From: £753.35

Natural wonders and religious sites dominate this short, nine day tour of Sri Lanka giving you a glimpse of the small island with so many treasures to uncover. Visit quiet, historic temples and bus...

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Rwanda To Masai Mara

From: £1474.85

From one exhilarating experience to the next, this tour aims to make memories for life. You can get moments away from a family of gorillas in the wild on the Gorilla Trek, meet local pygmy villager...

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Morocco In A Week

From: £699.00

From the souks of Marrakech to the Sahara Desert, get under the skin of Morocco on this 8 day adventure.

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Serengeti To Zanzibar

From: £1385.30

A perfect nine day tour combining some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in east Africa with a few days on the beaches of the paradise island of Zanzibar. Enjoy lodges inside the Serengeti...

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Colombia Express

From: £597.35

Say hola to Colombia on this short tour, done on comfortable private transport throughout. Enjoy a coffee tour through the leafy plantations and discover the buzzing highlights that have made this ...

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Georgia & Armenia Experience

From: £1560.30

Journey through Georgia and Armenia on a culture-filled adventure across two countries bursting with untouched nature, breathtaking views and an ancient heritage spanning centuries. Start your adve...

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Southern Africa Adventure

From: £2638.35

An extensive adventure from Pretoria to Cape Town, visit wildlife rich national parks, home to powerful predators and spot endangered rhino through Zimbabwe’s bush. Glide through peaceful deltas an...

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Spiritual India

From: £694.85

Let your senses be tantalised and your spirit lifted as you embrace the colourful mosaic of cultures and religions that India embodies. Delhi can be chaotic and dazzling in its intensity, while the...

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Southern Sri Lanka

From: £714.35

Visit areas of stunning natural beauty, national parks boasting some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in all of Asia and wander through bustling towns and cities. Southern Sri Lanka has m...

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Rwanda To Zanzibar

From: £2694.30

A diverse adventure through four countries, begin your tour in Kigali and learn about Rwanda's turbulent history. You will be then whisked to Lake Bunyonyi, the base for our Gorilla Trek where you ...

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North Galápagos

From: £2309.30

With a wealth of wildlife viewing opportunities on offer, this carefully planned itinerary covers the main highlights of the Galápagos Islands. You will enjoy a flexible programme that offers seve...

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Cuba In A Week

From: £559.00

Lush beaches, Caribbean flavours and an electric atmosphere; Cuba beats to its own rhythm. The colours of Havana meet the valleys of tobacco fields and the music pulses through the island. Experien...

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Vietnam To Bangkok

From: £876.85

Mix up the highlights with some fascinating under-rated destinations on this two week adventure holiday. Explore the museums of Ho Chi Minh City, kick back and relax on the beaches of Sihanoukville...

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Costa Rica Encompassed

From: £961.35

This is the ultimate tour for nature lovers who want to experience Costa Rica’s complete spectrum. From outstanding national parks to volcanoes, exceptional beaches, coral reef and a plethora of wi...

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Buenos Aires To Rio Express

From: £764.25

If you want to discover two of South America's most vibrant cities then this is the tour for you. Combine the best of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro and discover the majestic Igauzu Falls in betwe...

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Easter Island

From: £545.30

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui as it’s also known, is one of the most mysterious and isolated islands on Earth, famous for its iconic moai head statues scattered across the eerie landscape. Explore arc...

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East Africa Circuit

From: £1572.35

Three countries sitting close together but packed with so many differences it is easy to tell the moment you cross borders. In two weeks, hike through the Ugandan rainforest to spend an hour with t...

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Machu Picchu Trek - Lima Start

From: £799.00

Start your adventure in Lima before flying to Cusco where you will learn about the vast history of the Incas on a guided tour of the Sacred Valley. Then get your boots ready for taking on a section...

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Safari, Gorillas & Beach

From: £3009.30

An extensive journey through east Africa, head straight to Rwanda to learn about the country’s recent history and the lengths it has gone to to implement change. From Uganda, spend an hour with the...

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Mara To Victoria Falls

From: £3441.75

If you are looking for wildlife, this is a tour for you. A photographer’s dream, spot herds of zebras scattered on the vast plains of the Masai Mara, see big cats stalk their prey in the Serengeti ...

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Highlights Of Africa

From: £5942.30

The ultimate adventure for anyone travelling to Africa, spend 53 days travelling from Nairobi to Cape Town. Packed with iconic sights, amazing safaris and jaw-dropping landscapes, it is the perfect...

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Colombia & Galapagos

From: £3411.85

Experience an in depth journey through the highlights of Colombia, from beautiful colonial towns to the aroma of local coffee, before getting your camera at the ready for some of the best wildlife ...

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Andes & Coastal Highlights

From: £2133.45

Travel south from Peru’s capital on the Pacific coast into the high Andes, where the forces of nature have created some truly breath-taking landscapes including salt flats that extend to the distan...

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Mexico To Costa Rica

From: £2904.30

Get under the skin of Central America on this in depth adventure holiday. Starting in Mexico City, journey through the vibrant country of Mexico before experiencing the diverse cultures of Belize a...

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Peru, Bolivia & Chile

From: £1949.25

Jumping from one country to the next, this short tour takes in three countries in just two action-packed weeks. From Cuzco’s historic centre to the Salt Flats of Uyuni and the modern metropolis of ...

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Bangkok & Thai Beaches

From: £349.30

In seven days see the contrasting sides of Thailand as you immerse yourself in the vibrant city of Bangkok before travelling south and experiencing some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. ...

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Magic Of The Incas

From: £1791.75

Discover the highlights of Peru and sample a taste of Bolivia on this two week tour. Search for wildlife in the depths of the Amazon Jungle, hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and spend some time ...

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Prague To Istanbul

From: £1623.30

This 20 day tour will take you through seven different countries in Europe, all widely different from the last. Start in the lively city of Prague before crossing into Austria, where you will have ...

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Balkans Encompassed

From: £2477.30

The Balkan countries of south eastern Europe have been dealt a generous hand by nature, with imposing mountain peaks blanketed in deep green forests, crystal clear seas fringed by long white beache...

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Highlights Of Argentina And Brazil

From: £1484.25

Sample world class cuisine and wine on this short but sweet tour flying across South America’s principle gastronomic region. After action-packed days in beautiful cities, you can watch dancers tang...

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Best Of Egypt & Jordan

From: £1819.30

Experience the best of Egypt and Jordan on a culture-filled 16 day adventure. Journey through Holy Lands on a guided excursion across these two incredible countries.

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Coastal Peru

From: £1052.35

Travelling down Peru's coast, say hello to sea lions at the Ballestas Islands before heading to Nazca where you can discover the Nazca Lines. Your tour takes you to the highest navigable lake in th...

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Baltics Adventure

From: £1343.30

Starting in the quaint city of Tallinn, get under the skin of three former Soviet states as you explore Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Compare beautiful Old Towns, medieval castles and gothic churc...

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Japan Discovered

From: £1773.85

Discover how Japan has managed to retain its charm and culture despite devastation and destruction on this 11 day tour from Tokyo to Nagasaki. Learn about Geisha customs and Japanese rice wine. Wan...

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Cambodia Highlights

From: £311.35

Take in the wonders of Cambodia and Vietnam, rich in history and home to stunning natural landscapes. Visit iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the mighty Angkor Wat, learn about Cambodia’s ...

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Best Of Belize And Guatemala

From: £746.85

Starting in the sunshine paradise of Playa del Carmen, experience the highlights of Belize and Guatemala on this 8 day adventure. Channel your Caribbean flare as you relax on the island of Caye Cau...

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South America Express

From: £3494.25

Travel across South America from Lima to Rio de Janeiro. Take a guided tour of Machu Picchu, admire lunar landscapes in the Atacama Desert and wander the walkways of Iguazú Falls. Not to mention sa...

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Best Of The Balkans

From: £1259.30

Discover the beauty of the Balkans on this adventure starting and ending in Sofia. Cruise through the Matka Canyon, explore the history behind the Dubrovnik City Walls and marvel at Stari Most. Enj...

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Peru & Galapagos

From: £4646.85

Experience the highlights of Peru and the Galapagos on this captivating 26 day tour. Starting in the city of Quito, enjoy 5 days of wildlife in one of the most untouched areas on earth - the beauti...

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Rio Carnival City Experience

From: £837.85

Our Rio Carnival City Experience will place you right in the heart of Rio Carnival's buzzing atmosphere. You will be a stone's throw away from the best street parties and blocos, as well as getting...

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Chile, Argentina & Brazil

From: £2339.35

Experience true Latin American culture and tradition as you explore the vibrant cities of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, enjoying everything from tango dancing to some of the best beaches on the ...

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Thailand In A Week

From: £307.30

In a short seven days compare three of Thailand's most interesting destinations. Start the adventure in Chiang Mai, the charming Rose of the North and haven for foodies due to its diverse range of ...

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Southeast Asia Trail

From: £2526.75

On this in depth adventure holiday compare bustling cities, lush rice paddies and quaint colonial towns as you journey from Hanoi to Singapore. Sail through the magical Halong Bay, explore the nigh...

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Bolivia, Chile & Argentina

From: £1709.25

This two week adventure takes you through some of the most spectacular scenery found in South America. Start in La Paz, the highest capital in the world, before experiencing the magical Uyuni Salt ...

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Amazon Jungle Tour

From: £195.30

Spend two days in the heart of the Amazon Jungle, enjoying guided walks and learning all about the flora and fauna that call it home.

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Jewels Of Sri Lanka

From: £1123.85

Explore Sri Lanka’s land of hidden temples and caves, sacred Buddhist sites and Hindu shrines. Venture into the British tea plantations, nature reserves and botanical gardens of the hill country. V...

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Andes & Amazon

From: £1364.35

Discover some of Peru's most loved highlights on this 16 day tour. Enjoy spotting wildlife on a boat trip in the Ballestas Islands, watch condors swoop over the Colca Canyon and discover the world...

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Inca Highlights

From: £1199.25

Learn about the ancient Andean history on this tour through Peru. Starting in Lima you will be whisked into the Amazon Jungle before heading to Cusco, which preserves a huge amount of Inca history ...

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Cambodia Adventure

From: £623.35

Get under the skin of Cambodia and explore some of the main attractions as well as charming riverside towns. Try and spot the rare Irrawiddy dolphin in Kratie, and enjoy a trip on the bamboo railwa...

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Mara & Serengeti

From: £1567.30

A short ten-day tour packed with safaris and wildlife viewing opportunities, this group tour takes you to three of east Africa’s most well-known national parks and conservation areas. Home to the a...

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Coast To Cusco

From: £1526.85

From Lima to Cusco combine some of the highlights of Peru. This tour takes you to the Huacachina Desert Oasis as well as the jaw-dropping Colca Canyon. You will visit the floating Uros Island at La...

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East Galápagos

From: £2309.30

Stilts, ducks, penguins, boobies, iguanas and seals are just some of the fascinating wildlife that you will be treated to on this wonderful cruise of the Galápagos archipelago. Your adventure will...

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Tallinn To Prague

From: £853.30

Just to the west of Russia the three former Soviet states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania offer an exciting, off-the-beaten track travel experience. Beginning the tour in Tallinn, with its Unesco-...

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Bangkok To Singapore

From: £769.30

Starting in the vibrant city of Bangkok, immerse yourself in Thai culture from the markets to the food. Spend time soaking up the sun in Phuket, exploring nearby islands and swimming in the crystal...

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Eastern Europe Adventure

From: £3284.25

Experience Russia's two fascinating and contrasting capitals. Delve into the country's turbulent political past with visits to the Kremlin and the Red Square in Moscow and admire the canals of eleg...

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Egypt, Jordan & Israel

From: £2582.30

Explore three incredible countries on a 19 day adventure. Marvel at the great pyramids of Egypt, visit ancient temples and sail across the Nile on a traditional Felucca before making your way throu...

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Tortuguero Costa

From: £558.35

Swim in warm waters, relax on sandy beaches and observe some of the richest wildlife in the world. Costa Rica is covered in protected national parks with an abundance of wildlife, active volcanoes ...

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South America Highlights

From: £4401.75

This whistle-stop tour across South America stops at the most popular and famous highlights in the region in an action-packed month-long adventure. From the Amazon Jungle to Iguazú Falls, this grou...

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Myanmar & Thailand

From: £1234.35

In a little over two weeks experience two very contrasting countries of Southeast Asia. Starting in Mandalay, you will see the highlights of Myanmar including a bike ride around the stunning temple...

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Best Of Morocco

From: £929.00

Discover the magic of Morocco’s minarets and medinas on this North African adventure tour. Marrakech offers Djemaa el-Fna square with snake charmers, mystics and musicians vying for attention. Head...

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Thailand In Two Weeks

From: £828.30

Get under the skin of Thailand as you tick off all the highlights on this two week adventure. Starting in the charming and ancient city of Chiang Mai, explore local markets and indulge in an abunda...

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Highlights Of Nepal

From: £545.35

The beautiful Annapurna region of Nepal offers some of the world's most spectacular vistas and picturesque trails. The incredible Himalayan scenery includes fresh water lakes, rivers, waterfalls an...

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Vietnam Experience

From: £675.35

Immerse yourself in the highlights of Vietnam on this in-depth tour of the country. Enjoy hearty bowls of pho in Hanoi, snorkel in turquoise waters in Nha Trang and cruise through the majestic lime...

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Morocco In Two Weeks

From: £899.00

Experience the highlights of Morocco on this small group tour.

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Machu Picchu, Amazon & Galapagos

From: £3398.85

Combine culture, ancient ruins, colonial towns and unique wildlife on this all encompassing two week tour. Starting your adventure in Cusco, admire the stunning colonial architecture before setting...

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Machu Picchu By Train - Lima Start

From: £799.00

Enjoy the sights of Lima before jetting off the Cusco where you will enjoy a tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, before taking the train to witness beautiful Machu Picchu in all its glory.

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South America Trails

From: £5744.25

Start your adventure in Lima before embarking on a two day wilderness excursion to the Amazon Jungle, getting up close and personal with the unique wildlife that call it home. Roam the ruins of Mac...

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Thailand & Malaysia

From: £622.30

In two weeks experience the beauty, culture and culinary delights of both Thailand and Malaysia. Start the adventure in Bangkok where you can admire the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and charming markets, ...

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Complete Southeast Asia

From: £4259.00

Dive head first into the ultimate South East Asia adventure. Starting in the tantalising city of Hanoi, experience the unique beauty and charm of Vietnam as you swim beneath limestone caves in Halo...

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Colombia Encompassed

From: £1754.35

The scent of coffee gently drifts through the breeze and the rhythmic sounds of Afro-Colombian music can be heard in the distance. This immersive private transport tour through Colombia will awaken...

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Wonders Of India And Nepal

From: £1000.45

This is a truly diverse adventure, from a camel safari in the deserts of northern Rajasthan to trekking in the Annapurna foothills and everything in between. Explore decadent forts built by tribal ...

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Nature Trails

From: £597.35

Take a tour through captivating Costa Rica and experience the natural beauty this Central American wonderland is famous for. Witness the Arenal Volcano then take a dip in the hot springs nearby. In...

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Iconic South America

From: £7784.25

See the very best of South America on this all encompassing adventure ticking off the highlights of this beautiful continent. Starting in the vibrant Cartagena, see the highlights of Colombia befor...

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Laos Highlights

From: £258.30

Immerse yourself in traditions dating back centuries and experience the hidden gem of Southeast Asia on this one week tour of Laos. Starting in the capital city of Vientiane, witness the French inf...

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Japan Adventure

From: £2378.35

This tour holds a light to the mysterious face of Japan, revealing bold bright cities, beautiful lakes, deep woodlands and the glory of Mount Fuji. Gain insight into Japan's turbulent history and l...

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Russian Highlights

From: £468.30

Compare Russia’s exciting capitals during this brief tour for a unique insight into Russian culture. Explore Lenin’s mausoleum, then wander the Kremlin’s red brick towers and gaze over the city’s i...

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Highlights Of Mexico

From: £713.30

A whirlwind adventure through the highlights of Mexico, this 8 day tour will introduce you to true Mexican culture and some of the best sites in the country. Experience Maya ruins, ancient Aztec ci...

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Southeast Asia Express

From: £2196.75

From Bangkok to Singapore, see the best of Southeast Asia on this action packed adventure. Wander the captivating Grand Palace, search for hidden gems in the markets and immerse yourself in the hus...

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Buenos Aires To Rio Carnival

From: £1679.25

Starting in Buenos Aires, get a taste of South America as you explore Argentina's capital, from the craft markets to the magical tango shows. Experience the breathtaking Iguazu Falls as you stand u...

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Journey To Jordan

From: £749.25

From its staggering landscapes to sacred sites, this country of Arab wonders may be small but has plenty to offer keen travellers around the world. Our 8 day adventure to this gem of the Middle-Eas...

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In-Depth Galápagos 2

From: £3891.30

Spend 11 adventure-filled days cruising the clear waters of the unique Galápagos Islands on a journey that you will never forget. On land you will climb over unique volcanic formations and through...

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Salt Flats To Sugarloaf

From: £2489.25

Admire the endless expanse of the Salar de Uyuni and the peaceful quiet that encompasses it. Pass alien landscapes on the way to Santiago, where you can admire incredible views of Chile’s capital. ...

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Croatia & Balkans

From: £2477.30

Spend a month in some of the lesser-known Eastern Europe countries. Enjoy the popular highlights and hidden gems off the main tourist trail, including modern cities with historic old towns, fairyta...

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Vietnam Highlights

From: £384.30

Welcome to beautiful Vietnam. Wander through an ancient land filled with an unforgettable history, kicking off in Southern Vietnam and ending in Hanoi. Experience the hospitality of local people th...

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Best Of Cuba

From: £679.00

Spend 10 days getting under the skin of this beautiful Caribbean Island. Immerse yourself in the rich history, relax on the golden beaches and marvel at the unique culture. Wander through Havana's ...

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Inca Trail Trek

From: £1129.00

Approach the awe-inspiring ruins that are Machu Picchu in the most authentic way possible trekking through the land of the Incas. The Inca Trail Trek will take you over high Andean passes and acros...

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Mexico Beach To Costa Rica Jungle

From: £1611.35

From the stunning sandy beaches of Mexico and Belize to the jungle of Costa Rica, see the best of Central America on this 16 day tour. Starting in Playa del Carmen, spend two days soaking up the ad...

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Central Europe Highlights

From: £937.30

A turbulant past, a captivating present and a continuously changing future, we visit countries that were once hidden behind the Iron Curtain. Learn about the Holocaust at Auschwitz, visit Vienna, o...

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Complete Peru

From: £1949.35

The ultimate, in-depth tour for anyone wanting to lift the lid on Peru. See the biggest highlights including Machu Picchu and the Amazon Jungle. View condors swoop over the Colca Canyon, discover t...

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Highlights Of Morocco

From: £749.00

An adventure to Morocco provides an exotic, beguiling experience. Uncover medieval ruins in Fes before riding camels deep into the Sahara desert to stay at a Berber camp. Admire how the colours cha...

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Balkans In Two Weeks

From: £1259.30

Start and end your tour in Dubrovnik. In just 15 days this tour includes highlights from seven diverse countries. Visit four UNESCO sites including the Stari Most Bridge and take a boat ride around...

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Cambodia & Vietnam Highlights

From: £573.30

Sample some of the highlights of Cambodia and Vietnam on this 15 day adventure. Wander around the complex of Angkor Wat on an optional full day tour before heading to Vietnam where you can explore ...

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Incas And Amazon

From: £730.95

From Cusco, enjoy a quick adventure of Peru’s highlights. You will stay in the heart of the lush Amazon Jungle, enjoy a guided tour of Machu Picchu and discover the Sacred Valley of the Incas. In j...

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Ultimate South America

From: £10139.25

Starting in Cartagena, this ultimate 55 day adventure ticks off all the highlights of South America. Explore the hidden gem that is Colombia, before setting off for the Galapagos Islands to watch s...

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Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand

From: £1448.85

In just under a month explore these fascinating countries of Southeast Asia. Travelling from Hanoi to Bangkok, highlights include Halong Bay, Hoi An, the Mekong Delta and the stunning complex of An...

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Windhoek To Cape Town

From: £631.95

This whirlwind adventure whisks you through Namibia and South Africa stopping at sensational sights and jaw-dropping landscapes. Visit the unique town of Solitaire, speckled with vintage cars, and ...

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Sacred Valley & Train To Machu Picchu

From: £689.00

See the beauty of Machu Picchu on this four day excursion. Enjoy a guided tour of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and learn all about this fascinating civilization before taking the train to the mag...

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Road To Budapest

From: £1924.30

This fascinating journey takes you from the dazzling capital of Russia through the little known Baltic states and countries once hidden behind the Iron Curtain to Budapest, Hungary's charming capit...

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Eastern Europe Discovery

From: £5166.85

This tour through Eastern Europe takes you from Russia via the little known Baltic and Balkan states to Turkey. Enjoy the popular highlights and hidden gems including modern cities with historic ol...

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La Paz To Santiago

From: £959.25

Combine Bolivia and Chile on this 8 day tour. Start in La Paz, fly to Uyuni where you can explore the jaw-dropping Uyuni Salt Flats. Spot flamingos at Laguna Colorada before driving across the Atac...

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Sacred Valley & Trek To Machu Picchu

From: £689.00

Enjoy the sights of Cusco before learning all about the Incas on a guided tour of the Sacred Valley. Following this you will enjoy a part of the Inca Trail as you take on the one day trek to witnes...

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East Africa Trail

From: £2372.30

Take in East Africa's highlights as you travel from Kigali to Arusha on this unforgettable tour. Unspoiled landscapes await and hoards of wildlife will be seen, as you discover some of the most fam...

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Mara To Cape Town

From: £5025.30

An incredible trip through the wilds of Africa, we will visit some of the continent's greatest natural wonders, most endearing cultures and a selection of the national parks that have helped build ...

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West Galápagos

From: £2785.30

The Galápagos Islands are truly unique due to the diverse inhabitants of flora and fauna. The archipelago is alive with birds and animals which have evolved away from their continental brethren to...

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Laos & Thailand Highlights

From: £861.75

Starting and finishing in bustling Bangkok, we travel first through Laos, a diverse country with much to be explored. From it's emerald rice fields, amazing waterfalls and ancient temples this tour...

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India In Depth

From: £889.85

From its elaborately decorated havelis, to the gigantic desert fortresses, Rajasthan presents a fascinating view into the vibrant heritage of India. During this tour your eyes will be dazzled by bl...

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Myanmar Highlights

From: £831.35

Visit all the main highlights of Myanmar on this nine day tour. This adventure includes a bicycle tour around the famous temples of Bagan as well as a scenic train journey through the Shan mountain...

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India To Nepal

From: £863.85

Experience the diversity of India’s white marble palaces, stately homes and ancient forts. Admire the Taj Mahal, Varanasi and taste some of the most wonderful foods to ever tantalise your taste-bud...

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Kruger To Vic Falls

From: £1026.35

In two incredible weeks travel from Pretoria to Livingstone. Head to one of the smallest countries in Africa, Swaziland and learn about the cultures that define the country. Spot herds of zebra and...

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Highlights Of Asia

From: £1124.25

Dive right into the heart of South East Asia on a group adventure tour that covers not only the most talked about destinations, but the bucket list experiences that come with them. From cycling thr...

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Peru In Two Weeks

From: £1773.85

If you only have two weeks to visit Peru this is the tour for you. Starting and finishing in Lima you will discover Lake Titicaca, visit the Sacred Valley of the Incas, hike the Inca Trail to Machu...

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Moscow To Prague

From: £1399.30

Enjoy the popular highlights and hidden gems as you journey from Moscow to Prague on this epic group tour through Eastern Europe. Explore fascinating capital cities, witness the sheer size and scal...

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Peru Explored

From: £1149.85

Combine beautiful desert landscapes, hoards of wildlife and local communities with the rich Inca history found in Peru. You will see some of the biggest highlights from the Ballestas Islands to Lak...

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Classic Colombia

From: £1162.85

A feisty country with some of the most stunning landscapes, adventurers have been drawn to Colombia for many years. This two week tour, all done on comfortable private transport and four internal f...

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Delta & Deserts

From: £1396.45

A journey through some of southern Africa’s most popular countries, ending in the diverse and exciting Cape Town, nestled under Table Mountain. Feel the spray of the thunderous Victoria Falls, watc...

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South Galápagos

From: £2785.30

One of life’s must does is an adventure to the natural wonders that are the Galápagos Islands. This cruise offers you all the natural highlights that can be found here in abundance. Whether it is ...

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Botswana & Namibia

From: £1033.45

Get the very best from Botswana and Namibia on this whirlwind adventure. Drift down the Chobe River in time for sunset before heading into the Okavango Delta on a traditional mokoro. Enjoy game dr...

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Moscow To Warsaw

From: £979.30

Experience the ambiance of two contrasting capitals, elegant St Petersburg and hedonistic Moscow. Explore the charming Old Town of Riga and the winding cobbled streets of Vilinius, marvel at modern...

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Vietnam, Laos & Thailand Express

From: £1161.75

In three weeks see the highlights of Vietnam, Laos and Thailand as you journey across South East Asia. Starting in Ho Chi Minh City, get under the skin of Vietnam as you explore the magical and lan...

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