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Wildlife Conservation in Laos

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Starts Dates are every Wednesday and Sunday of every month. 

Based just 60km north of Vientiane, in a humble Buddhist country, this sanctuary sits as a beacon of hope for Laos’ vulnerable wildlife. Unfortunately, Laos is used as a major gateway in South-East Asia for illegal wildlife trading and thousands of protected and endangered animals are smuggled in and out of the country every day. 

In 2015, the Laos Wildlife Sanctuary was established to rescue and rehabilitate animals caught up in the illegal wildlife trade. The sanctuary ground is based upon Laos Zoo which, unfortunately, had gone without certain expertise for many years. Now fully transformed into a wildlife sanctuary, the aim is to care for and hopefully release the new arrivals, as well as to provide healthy natural lives for the original residents and the animals who sadly cannot be released due to injury or disability.   

As a volunteer on this project, you’ll help to build a future for rescued wildlife whether that’s out in the wild or in the sanctuary. You’ll leave a lasting impact on these animals and Laos as a whole by helping to transform the old zoo grounds into a renowned rescue and education centre! 


Animal Feeding

With over 500 animals and more rescues every day, volunteers are kept busy with the preparing and serving of food to a whole host of animals. With elephants, sun bears, leopards and so many more incredible animals there are around 1000 portions of food that need preparing each day!  

Animal Enrichment 

Volunteers will help to create enrichment for the animals to reduce stress and encourage natural behaviours. By encouraging natural behaviours, you’ll help animals suitable for release prepare for their lives in the wild. For the long-term animal residents, enrichment helps them live the most natural lives possible.

Enclosure Cleaning

Ensuring all the animals have suitable, clean surroundings is extremely important at the sanctuary! As a volunteer, you’ll help to make sure they feel right at home and ensure their living spaces are fresh and comfortable.


As a volunteer, you’ll assist in the construction of new enclosures and enrichment structures including swimming pools and climbing towers. The sanctuary is fairly new so there’s a lot of work to be done to help broaden the lives of the animal residents!

Free Time

With Sunday’s usually being the elected day off, volunteers take a trip to a local resort where they can swim in the pool for a small fee and enjoy the cheap food and beer. There is a market located in a small village just 200 metres away from the sanctuary and a handful of restaurants for you to experience the local cuisine. 

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