The Great White Shark Project

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Situated in Gansbaai, The Great White Shark Project makes its home in one of South Africa's prime locations for shark spotting. Thrillseekers and animal lovers alike arrive on Gansbaai's shores each year in the hopes of witnessing Great Whites in abundance, and on this project, we aim to make the most of this touristic influx!

The Great White Shark Project invites volunteers and tourists alike to adjust their perceptions of perhaps the most misunderstood species on earth: the great white shark. During the project, you will assist staff members in raising awareness of the Great White, providing tourists and school children with knowledge of the local environment and the importance of living peacefully alongside South Africa's marine life. From data collection to cage diving, seamanship to community assistance, this project offers you the perfect opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of Great Whites, as well as providing the most fearless of individuals with the ability to come face-to-face with the predator itself!


Please note that the following activities are just a guideline and are subject to change, particularly as a result of weather conditions!

Cage Diving

It's fair to assume that anybody seeking a position on The Great White Shark Project is doing so with a desire to come face-to-face with the animal itself, and during this project you'll have the ability to do just that! Enter a specially-designed cage before becoming submerged into the deep blue (no more than 1 metre down) and take observations of the sharks, recording information such as sex, size, and behaviour.

Data Collection

You'll learn how to collect data on free-swimming Great Whites, with this element of work taking place both above and below the water's surface. You'll gain information on shark behaviours as they interact with/around the boat, all while learning more about the need for shark research.

Basic Seamanship

One of your primary roles on this project will be to work with visiting tourists, meaning you'll have to have a good grasp on boat safety and maintenance! Cage deployment, general safety, and anchor deployment are all necessary parts of crew practice, and once you've proven yourself to be an excellent shipmate, you'll be rewarded with a certificate of accomplishment!

Assisting At The Swop-Shop

You will assist at the Swop Shop once a week, working to promote the idea of recycling and environmental awareness to the local children. Through a 'points' system, you will instil a sense of responsibility and pride in the children, with rubbish collected and recycled resulting in more points!


It's important to recognise that weather conditions can affect your itinerary, so on days where the waters are too risky, you'll embark on an on-land excursion with your team. You could do anything from wine tasting to penguin-watching - no matter what you do, you're sure to enjoy yourself!

This project takes place on the 14th and 30th/31st of each month. Please enquire for details.

This trip has no fixed departures but restrictions may apply - check operator website

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