The Great Projects

With responsible travel company ‘The Great Projects’, the overall mission and goal is to help save some of the planet’s most endangered animals through their volunteering and ecotourism projects.

With over thirty five award-winning volunteer projects and eco tours in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe; you'll be able to get up, close and personal with some of the world's most iconic species - including orangutans, great white sharks, tigers, and even whale sharks!

What’s more, through their donations to projects (up to a third of the price each time someone volunteers) and sustainable initiatives, you will be confident that your travel really does help to make a difference to not only conserving and protecting wildlife but also to the local communities which live amongst them.

So, whether you dream of following tiger trails in India, engaging in underwater ballet with a graceful manta ray, intrepid experiences deep within the Peruvian Amazon or helping to release infant turtles into the wild in Sri Lanka - the extensive roster of conservation projects offered by The Great Projects will not disappoint! 



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