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The Aurora Zone is the UK’s original Northern Lights holiday company, dedicated solely to helping you achieve your goal of seeing the Northern Lights. We offer exceptional holidays across Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland and Canada combining carefully planned nights of Aurora hunting with unforgettable daytime activities such as dog sledding and snowmobiling.

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Our top 19 trips

Saariselka – Autumn Lights Tailor Made

From: £1115.00

Saariselkä, located 250km above the Arctic Circle surrounded by stunning wilderness, has a fantastic Northern Lights record.

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Senja - Islands Auroras

From: £1435.00

The island of Senja showcases many of Northern Norway’s highlights and this short break is designed to encapsulate them all.

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Northern Lights Iceland Cruise and Island Highlights

From: £2765.00

Explore the best of Iceland in autumn and search for the Northern Lights by sea and on land.

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Tromso - Autumn Auroras And the Crystal Lavvos

From: £690.00

Following the period of the Midnight Sun, darkness returns to Norway and Auroral displays re-emerge in the starry skies.

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Nangu - Northern Lights short break

From: £1525.00

Spend three nights of activities by the shores of Lake Inari this winter. A short trip should never compromise on activities, so we have included all our favourite experiences in your itinerary.

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Luosto - Searching for the Autumn Lights

From: £1355.00

Autumn can produce Auroras to match any in the winter months so we have designed a trip for those who want to hunt for the Northern Lights, ahead of both the crowds and the coldest winter months.

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Menesjarvi - Wilderness Auroras during the Finnish Autumn

From: £1545.00

Menesjärvi is an isolated place at the heart of the Aurora Zone. The surrounding wilderness means that there is little light pollution, and as the skies become darker, the Aurora begins to re-emerge.

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Rovaniemi - Aurora Hunting at the Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge

From: £1395.00

Just 20 minutes outside of Lapland’s capital, the Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge is a nature lover’s dream.

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Reykjavik, the Golden Circle And the Northern Lights Inn

From: £1275.00

This four-night break, features some of the best of Iceland. The ‘Golden Circle’ tour will take you to the country’s famous geysers, the ‘Golden Waterfall’ of Gullfoss, and Thingvellir National Park.

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Rovaniemi - Aurora Adventure at Apukka

From: £925.00

Close to the city of Rovaniemi, Finland but with nature right on your doorstep, the Apukka Resort offers a true Arctic adventure and the chance to tick off some amazing bucket list experiences.

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Brändön Lodge - Aurora Highlights at Christmas

From: £2070.00

Located on the shores of the frozen Bothnian Bay in Swedish Lapland, this four-night Christmas break has a truly amazing setting.

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Tromsø - Northern Norway and Aurora Glamping

From: £2095.00

The city of TromsØ has much to offer, but once you escape the lights and head into the countryside there is a huge potential for witnessing the Northern Lights.

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Rovaniemi - Arctic Aurora hunt at Apukka

From: £1185.00

The Apukka Resort is the ideal place for an Arctic experience and just a short drive from the city of Rovaniemi.

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Rovaneimi - Aurora short Break at the Arctic Circle Wilderness Lodge

From: £885.00

The Arctic Circle Wilderness lodge, complete with its traditional Finnish log cabins and stylish Panorama Huts. Surrounded by stunning nature, you’ll be in awe both day and night.

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Tromso - Autumn on Sommarøy

From: £1045.00

This autumn short break combines Tromsø, the cosmopolitan ‘Capital of the Arctic’, with the peaceful island of Sommarøy, two very complementary yet contrasting experiences.

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Inari - Autumn in the Sámi Heartlands

From: £1075.00

Autumn in Finnish Lapland is a fascinating time to explore, with the vibrant colours of September making way for the first snow of the year later in October and November.

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Saariselkä - Northern Lights Village - Tailor Made

From: £1165.00

A tailor made holiday at the Northern Lights Village creates the remarkable possibility of witnessing the Aurora Borealis from the comfort of your own bed.

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The Grand Aurora Tour

From: £3295.00

This really is it, the ultimate grand tour in search of the Northern Lights! This tour combines the unique highlights of Sweden, Finland and Norway in a handcrafted itinerary.

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Torassieppi - Aurora Glamping Betwixmas Break

From: £1695.00

Many people feel stuck in limbo between Christmas and New Year. Why not fill this gap with something extraordinary and visit Finnish Lapland?

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