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Solar Eclipse in Antarctica

From: £23649.00

A 24-day itinerary to explore the Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands before heading to the Weddell Sea and witness a total solar eclipse in the great white continent!

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Arctic Discovery

From: £8599.00

Discover the staggering beauty of the world’s largest fjord, see gigantic calving glaciers and Zodiac cruise around towering icebergs.

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Wild Antarctica

From: £11699.00

This expedition offers the opportunity to discover the awe-inspiring vistas of one of Antarctica’s most exceptional regions, the Weddell Sea, famed for its tabular icebergs and Shackleton's voyage.

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Crossing the Antarctic Circle

From: £9349.00

Celebrate in style with a toast as you cross the Antarctic Circle, the ultimate polar geographical milestone! En-route, Zodiacs provide opportunity for you to deeply immerse with the wildlife.

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Iceland Circumnavigation

From: £6649.00

An 11-day itinerary to circumnavigate Iceland, in this incredible journey, you will explore jaw-dropping landscapes from thundering waterfalls to majestic fjords and volcanoes.

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Antarctic Explorer by Aurora

From: £7819.00

With only one crossing of the Drake Passage, these ‘fly & sail’ itineraries allow more time for exploration to discover Antarctica.

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Inuit Arctic & Beyond

From: £9899.00

From the geysers of Iceland to the deep fjords of Greenland, through to the rugged wilderness of Canada; this trip has it all. Spot whales and polar bears and you may even see the Nothern Lights.

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Svalbard Odyssey

From: £8999.00

Discover the secrets of magical Svalbard, deeply exploring magnificent fjords abundant with wildlife. Zodiac cruise past enormous glaciers and spot beluga whales surfacing in the crystalline waters

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Iceland Jan Mayen and Svalbard

From: £4799.00

This expedition explores 3 wildly unique and captivating destinations. Discover the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland, the seldom-visited Jan Mayen Island and Svalbard the land of the polar bear.

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Arctic Complete

From: £9299.00

On this spectacular 25-day voyage you’ll explore the Arctic’s stunning coastlines, sailing past calving glaciers, towering bird cliffs and pack ice, spotting walruses, reindeer and polar bears.

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Patagonia and Chilean Fjords

From: £6999.00

You will explore some of South America's most spectacular and diverse scenery, and immerse yourself in Chile’s fascinating culture and history.

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West Greenland Explorer

From: £7699.00

West Greenland is a thrilling adventure playground, the Patagonia of the North boasts the Ilulissat Icefjord, one of the few glaciers through which the planet’s second largest ice cap reaches the sea

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