Highlights Of Southern Africa

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When you put the word “highlights” in the name of a trip, you better be confident that it lives up to the hype. This trip does.€ross 30 epic days, you’ll go round-trip to Cape Town via Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Namibia — a new spin on one of our most popular routes — taking comfortable touring vehicles as well as staying in a mix of hotels and campsites for a well-rounded experience. Wildlife sightings and cultural moments come standard here — everything from searching for the "big five" in national parks to enjoying meals with local families. You’ve got memories made for a lifetime.

Day 1 Cape Town

Arrive at any time.

Day 2 Cape Town (1B)

Enjoy a full day in Cape Town with the option to visit Table Mountain, choose to explore Cape Point, or embark on a wine tour around Stellenbosch. In the evening, opt to join your group for meal at one of Cape Town’s many great restaurants.

Day 3 Cape Town/Johannesburg (1B)

Take a short flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. In the afternoon, travel to Soweto for a bicycle tour and learn more about its important history and significant role in bringing the issues of segregation to the forefront.

Day 4 Johannesburg/Hazyview (1B, 1D)

Take the Panorama Route into the Kruger National Park area. In the evening, enjoy a traditional dinner and dance experience.

Day 5 Kruger National Park (1B, 1D)

Enjoy a full day wildlife safari drive in the Kruger NP (own vehicle). Keep an eye out for elephants, lions, rhinos, leopards, and buffalo—Africa’s famed Big Five.

Day 6 Hazyview/Letaba Ranch (1B, 1D)

Head north to the Letaba Ranch, for a guided nature walk along the Great Letaba River.

Day 7 Greater Kruger Park/Morning Sun Nature Reserve (1B)

Opt for a morning safari drive, or soak up the atmosphere in the camp, before traveling to the next lodge, in the Morning Sun Nature Reserve. Free afternoon to relax by the pool, or opt to take one of the hikes in the surrounding Soutpansberg Mountains.

Day 8 Morning Sun NR/Great Zimbabwe Monument Area (1B, 1D)

Get an earlier start and cross the border into Zimbabwe. Continue on to the Great Zimbabwe Monument.

Day 9 Great Zimbabwe Monument Area/Matobo National Park (1B)

Start the day with a visit to the Great Zimbabwe National Monument, Africa’s most significant ruins site south of Cairo. Learn the history of the ruins and climb to the citadel for a view over the site. Continue on to Matobo National Park.

Day 10 Matobo National Park (1B)

Wake up early and opt to explore ancient cave paintings, visit the grave of Rhodes, hike the unique and stunning landscape, or hang out by the pool. In the afternoon, enjoy an included rhino walk, with the opportunity to get up close and personal with this endangered species.

Day 11 Matobo National Park/Hwange National Park (1B)

Travel to Hwange National Park for an opportunity to spot more wildlife. Opt to enjoy an evening wildlife safari drive in a safari vehicle.

Day 12 Hwange National Park/Victoria Falls (1B)

Continue on to Victoria Falls. Marvel at the spectacular falls from the Zimbabwean side, then enjoy free time in the afternoon to explore further.

Day 13 Victoria Falls (1B)

Spend the day exploring your beautiful surroundings. Opt to visit Victoria Falls, go whitewater rafting, or take a helicopter flight over the falls.

Day 14 Victoria Falls/Kasane (1B)

Cross the border into Botswana, and stay in Kasane, just outside of Chobe NP. Try to spot the elephants, crocodiles, and hippos this region is famous for during an optional sundowner cruise or photo river safari.

Day 15 Kasane/Nata (1B, 1D)

Opt to rise early for a sunrise safari on the Chobe River. Travel to Nata. Opt for a bush walk or sunset wildlife safari drive in the area. Watch elephants drink from the camp’s watering hole at night.

Day 16 Nata/Maun (1B)

Prepare for a 1-night/2-day journey into the delta. Opt to take a scenic flight over the delta.

Day 17 Okavango Delta (1B, 1L, 1D)

Enjoy wildlife walks, traditional mokoro excursions, and birding. Learn the ways of the bush from the local polers.

Day 18 Maun/Kalahari Desert (1B, 1D)

Traverse the Kalahari Desert. Learn fascinating survival skills of the local San Bushmen on an optional walk and choose to enjoy a traditional bushmen dance in the evening.

Day 19 Kalahari Desert/Windhoek (1B)

Travel to Windhoek, the German-influenced capital city of Namibia.

Day 20 Windhoek/Etosha National Park (1B, 1L)

Visit the G Adventures supported Penduka Village Restaurant & Shop, just outside of Windhoek, to pick up a tasty packed lunch, then continue up to Etosha National Park. Enjoy an afternoon wildlife safari drive in our touring vehicle, then opt to explore more on an open vehicle night drive.

Day 21 Etosha National Park

Enjoy another wildlife safari drive in our touring vehicle and keep your eyes peeled for some of the famous wildlife.

Day 22 Etosha National Park/Swakopmund

Drive to the historical city of Swakopmund.

Day 23 Swakopmund

Spend a day exploring all the area has to offer. Optional€tivities include sandboarding, skydiving, and a township tour.

Day 24 Swakopmund/Namib Desert (1D)

Travel into the beautiful Namib Desert, stopping at Walvis Bay on the way.

Day 25 Namib Desert (1B, 1D)

Visit Sossusvlei Dunes and Sesriem Canyon. Opt to climb up breathtaking Dune 45.

Day 26 Namib Desert/Fish River Canyon (1B)

Continue on to the Fish River Canyon area. Opt to relax in the hotel’s pool while enjoying the beautiful scenery

Day 27 Fish River Canyon/Orange River (1B)

Visit Fish River Canyon, the largest canyon in Africa, and take in its majestic beauty. Continue on to the banks of the Orange River with time to swim or just relax. Enjoy the beautiful scenery in this part of the country.

Day 28 Orange River/Lambert’s Bay (1B)

Cross the border into South Africa and continue down the coast to Lambert’s Bay, stopping along the way. Opt to visit Bird Island or stroll through this charming town.

Day 29 Lambert’s Bay/Cape Town (1B)

Continue on the last stretch of the trip to lovely Cape Town. Stop at the G Adventures supported !Khwa ttu San Culture and Education Centre along the way, then get ready to explore the vibrant streets of this scenic coastal city.

Day 30 Cape Town

Depart at any time.


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