Western China & Central Silk Route

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The Silk Road stems from the 1st Century BC, from a historic need for Chinese merchants to trade the treasures of the Han Empire, including silk, with civilisations further west. It began at the behest of Emperor Wu, by the great Chinese explorer Zhang Qian. Gradually the Chinese pushed further and further west into what is now Qing Shan. Still further west, was the great barrier of the Tian Shan Mountains and once the Torugart Pass had been mastered, the mountains and deserts of Central Asia, Persia and the Oxus River, opened up to Chinese traders and cultural interaction.

This is, therefore, the route that this trip, really concentrates on visiting all the great trading posts and historic cities, such as Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, along the way. We cross the great deserts and the vast mountains and witness the splendour of the civilisations along the way including the great city of Xi’an where it all started. We camp in remote deserts, stay with shepherds in the mountains and discover the religions and beliefs along the way.


Departure Date Return Date Availability Price
31/05/2020 25/07/2020 0 £4495.00
03/06/2020 28/07/2020 6 £4495.00
26/07/2020 19/09/2020 7 £4495.00
29/07/2020 22/09/2020 0 £4495.00
19/08/2020 13/10/2020 1 £4495.00
30/05/2021 24/07/2021 20 £4610.00
02/06/2021 27/07/2021 20 £4610.00
25/07/2021 18/09/2021 20 £4610.00
28/07/2021 21/09/2021 21 £4610.00
18/08/2021 12/10/2021 20 £4610.00

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