Inca Empire & Patagonia Explorer

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Run by: Dragoman

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Overlanding is the best way to see South America by far! Dragoman have been leading the way in South American overland expeditions since 1990, so take advantage of our years of experience and come with us as we include all the must-see attractions as well as heading to some unique hidden gems, well away from the usual tourist trail. Starting at the hectic Peruvian capital of Lima, we head down the coast to the magical dunes of Huacachina, and then overland to the mysterious Nazca Lines. We’ll then climb up into the highlands to visit the colonial city of Arequipa and the breathtaking Colca Canyon, before staying at a local Quechua village stay on our way to the phenomenal city of Cuzco. Cuzco is our base for one of South America’s best highlights, the Inca Trails and a visit to the legendary ruined city of Machu Picchu. After Cuzco, we will head south to the serene shores of Lake Titicaca and its sacred Inca island of Isla del Sol, and then move on to the thriving Bolivian city of La Paz. From La Paz we head to our local community stay in Livichuco and the famous mining town of PotosÍ, before arriving in one of the continent’s most spectacular natural wonders - the phenomenal salt flats of Salar de Uyuni. From here we will overland€ross the other-worldly scenery of the Bolivian Altiplano into the incredible Atacama Deserts of Chile, and then cross the Andes into the beautiful arid regions of Argentina and the wonderful town of Salta. We will make our way south through the wine regions and highlands of northwest Argentina before arriving at a very special highlight of this trip - our unique estancia stay for two days of horse riding on an idyllic country ranch. From here we make our way to the spectacular town of Mendoza, under the shadow of the Andes’ highest mountains, before finally crossing the Andes again to arrive in the Chilean capital of Santiago. We will continue south from Santiago into the Chilean and Argentinian Lake District to enjoy the wealth of optional€tivities and beautiful scenery in PucÓn and Barlioche. We will then journey down the spectacular Carretera Austral to arrive in the fabled land of Patagonia, famous for its hauntingly desolate scenery, its huge glaciers near El Calafate, the phenomenal mountain scenery of El ChaltÉn and Torres del Paine, and the chance to get out trekking, climbing and horse riding! We will then arrive in the remote outpost of Ushuaia, the most southern town in the world.Join Dragoman for this wonderful and unforgettable trip!


Departure Date Return Date Availability Price
29/12/2018 02/03/2019 1 £3555.00
01/01/2019 05/03/2019 0 £3640.00
13/01/2019 17/03/2019 0 £3595.00
11/03/2019 13/05/2019 -1 £3570.00
21/08/2019 23/10/2019 17 £3575.00
24/09/2019 26/11/2019 15 £3575.00
26/10/2019 28/12/2019 19 £3575.00
14/12/2019 15/02/2020 16 £3615.00
24/12/2019 25/02/2020 18 £3710.00
23/01/2020 26/03/2020 19 £3615.00
02/03/2020 04/05/2020 22 £3615.00
10/04/2020 12/06/2020 22 £3615.00
23/08/2020 25/10/2020 22 £3875.00
30/08/2020 01/11/2020 20 £3875.00
08/11/2020 10/01/2021 22 £3875.00
15/12/2020 16/02/2021 19 £3930.00
26/12/2020 27/02/2021 20 £3910.00
08/03/2021 10/05/2021 22 £3910.00
12/04/2021 14/06/2021 19 £3910.00

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