Where's My Wanderlust?

Update on the status of myWanderlust by Editor in Chief, Lyn Hughes

Dear myWanderlusters,

Over the August bank holiday weekend (26-28 August), we will be moving over to our exciting new-look website. There are a host of improvements and it will be a fully responsive site which will work on your tablet and your phone, as well as your laptop. The site will also be a lot more secure and there’s some great improvements to Trip Finder and other sections of the site.

However, this will mean the end of My Wanderlust in its current form. We do aim to bring back some elements over the next few months, but they won't be in Phase One.

Why have we done this? Well partly it’s because of the steady decline of My Wanderlust (despite other parts of the site booming) and partly because social channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have taken over the role of sharing photos and holiday tales with family and friends. We also have a problem with spammers - myWanderlust takes a lot of monitoring as spam is put up nearly every single day.

So, we will look at which elements we should bring back, and how we ensure they are for genuine members of the community.

Meanwhile, all your great Experiences, Photos and Just Back From’s will be safe though and we’ll be emailing each of you a link to a zip file containing all your content so that you can download and keep it.

If you have any concerns or queries, email website@wanderlust.co.uk