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Mali travel guide, including map of Mali, top Mali travel experiences, tips for travel in Mali, plus Festival of the Desert info

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Djenne in the afternoon

Marie gets her sense of wonder back in Mali's mud-brick marvel. Cleans sheets helped

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How not to ride on a motorbike

Content she's got to grips with travelling by bus in Mali, Marie discovers she's not so clued up when it comes to motorbikes

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The Sleeping Camel of Bamako

Marie discovers there's only one thing you can do when you check in at a hotel called the Sleeping Camel in Mali. Go to a pro-Gadaffi rally.

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Can around-the-world travel be glamour-less?

After a long trip from Mali to Burkino Faso, our intrepid traveller asks whether travelling around-the-world sounds a lot more glamorous than it actually is

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